I am a knitting MACHINE

I came into my room about 2 minutes ago, and found Jeeves sound asleep on my bottom bunk. So, me being the cat-loving person that I am.. I had to take a picture :-P Bertie was also there sleeping as well.

I’ve made major progress on the Wispy cardigan though ^_^ Though it’s technically not *that* much from Wednesday… But it’s the little victories ^_^ *knits like the wind*

Got past the sleeve, and have about… 4ish more inches till I do the little fake seam thing in the back. *yaaayyyyyness* I’m *loving* knitting with this yarn, holy cow! It’s kinda like I’ll knit a row, and think to myself “Ahhh… just one more row. Please. Okay, good idea.” and I do that a lot… so it’s going by really quickly, which is always a nice thing, haha ^_^

My mom helped me measure my back last night, and it ended up being 20″ across my shoulders, which is between the Child size 8/10 (19.5″ across the shoulders) and 12/14 (22 inches across the shoulders) Thank goodness this is an easily adjustable pattern ^_^



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