What a week at Lone Star…


It’s been a crazy week. If you’ve seen any kind of news anywhere, you’ll know that there was a stabbing at Lone Star, Cy-Fair college on Tuesday. That’s where I go to school, actually. It was a really intense day. There were so many factors that God put in my brother’s, my mom’s, and my way that protected us from being in the mix of all the insanity.

My accounting teacher wasn’t feeling well on Tuesday, so she let us go an hour early. If she hadn’t, we would have been walking across the hallway to our lab – right around the same time the guy was running through our building, attacking. Then we were able to leave the campus right before the lockdown. As we were driving away, we saw the guy being patted down by the police. That’s definitely an image I won’t forget.

Going back to school on Wednesday was really creepy and hard. It was cloudy, which didn’t help, haha. Everyone was on edge and really wary of everyone else. Lots of shifty eyes.

This kind of feeling, I had no idea what it would be like. I mean, you hear about these kind of tragedies all the time, and it’s so horribly sad that we live in a world where this happens on a regular basis. But, I didn’t know how terrifying it actually was. Hearing about something is one thing… actually experiencing it is another.

So, that kind of engulfed my whole week. Ever since Tuesday, there’s been this morbid and gloomy haze over the campus. I’m always really glad to get home. God was so merciful to protect my mom, my brother, and myself. There are still so many people who were even more affected than I was – I can’t even imagine. Please pray for those who are healing from their wounds, and for peace and comfort for everyone else. God has His plan, and He will use these circumstances for good things. “God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing. All you need is faith” ~ Joel 2:25

Sorry for the speech, but that kind of stuff needs to be talked about :-)

Knitting wise!

I pulled out my Audrey in Unst again… It was nice to have knitting to come home to and be able to just kinda go into zen mode.


I’m *this* close to being done with it. If I just dedicate maybe a week… a week and a half, I’ll get it done. I’m so close!


I love the combination of my yarn and the pattern. I’m glad I saved this yarn for that special sweater. I got this yarn at Patricia Roberts in London. I love the green… besides my Acer Cardigan, I don’t have any other green sweaters. I think that the Audrey will be a really nice staple piece that I’ll be able to pull on over shorts or jeans to a little sun dress.


I cannot wait to finish this so I can wear it, and love it to bits ^_^ Any ideas for buttons? I’m thinking either wood or black…

It’s been a weird week, I’m glad its over. Its been kind of up and down, good moments and really really bad moments. But I’m ready to rest over the weekend, and greet next week with a smile of determination on my face. Only 3 more weeks. Only 3 more weeks.

Midterms = No knitting mojo


Bertie and I are quite sad that I haven’t posted in like a week and a half. Thats crazy, I’ve never done that before… and I hope I don’t do that again, haha.

What was I doing? School got extremely crazy, midterms right and left.. non-midterms that had to be done.. Homework and tests were coming out my ears. Plus, I wasn’t really feeling that amazing, so that didn’t help. Oh, the joys of college.

So because of all hectic school and being tired all the time, my knitting mojo went waaaaay down.

“Wat, Grace, how can your knitting mojo have gone down? You’re always knitting!” you may be thinking.

This is true, but I wasn’t like bouncing off the walls about what I was knitting, and wasn’t really motivated to talk about it. (This is not to say that I’m not knitting awesome things, I am. I’m so excited about all the things on the needles. Just at the time, I was so tired I didn’t even feel like knitting. It was a bummer, haha!)

During one of my study breaks, my mom and I watched Diane of the Knitabulls podcast, episode #102 from March 14th entitled “Knitting What Makes Me Happy”.

Diane is so adorable and sweet, if you enjoy knitting podcasts, I definitely recommend hers… check it out! But in this episode, she talked about how this year she was only going to knit on things that made her happy! She wasn’t going to be pressured to finish things she cast on, if they had become a little tedious or boring to work on.

I love that. I don’t consider knitting (and all crafting) as something that I have to do in order to get a sweater or a hat the end… because I need a sweater or a hat. I do it because I *love* to knit. The things I knit are fun, and I’m excited about how they’ll turn out.

That kind of got lost amongst all my school, and knitting wasn’t quite as excited as it had been without the school. I didn’t want to knit on something half-heartedly then throw up a blog post without the passion behind the project, if that makes sense.

So here I am again! Because I took Diane’s idea to heart, and cast something new on because I could and because it’d make me feel good, haha! Despite the fact that I have several sweaters going, a couple shawls going and a wall full of yarn.

Over spring break, my family and I made a crazy fast road trip in one day… Houston to College Station to Austin, then home. In one day. But it was AWESOME. In Austin we stopped by the Hill Country Weavers (Oh my goodness. One of the best yarn stores I’ve ever been in. If you have a chance to go there, GO THERE. NOW.)

and we saw their shelf of Brooklyn Tweed… both Loft and Shelter. My mom and I squee-ed a bit, haha :-P

We came prepared though! A couple days earlier I had found a Pomme de Pin cardigan by Amy Christoffers that had been done in Loft! It was absolutely gorgeous…(you can check it out here!) and that sold both my mom and I on making one. Before we had been kinda like “ehhh, it’s so cute. But I don’t know about what yarn”. Loft is the yarn.

So we came home with several skeins of Loft, in addition to many other things (eh heh. It’s nearly impossible to go in there and not want to buy everything. I challenge you to go in there with something in mind, and not come out with at least one thing extra, hahaha!)



This is my color… and it’s so beautiful. I love the little flecks of black that show up. So yes, I cast on on… Sunday. Then today after my last class, I was almost done with the first lace repeat. Holy banana, it’s so gorgeous! And squishy! And it smells good!!

My mom got the Almanac colorway, which is that bright blue… but yet subtle enough so it’s still really classy. It’ll be adorable.

What else did we get? Well, I ended up getting a couple skeins of various MadTosh…


The ones closest to the bottom are Merino Lite, the other three are DK. I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing with them… but I know that whatever I do… it’ll be EPIC.



Bertie approves too ^_^

So, I’m back, knitting upon things that make me happy. I do apologize for my absence – I missed blogging!

Lots of Yarn Acquisitions

I got a box from Knit Picks yesterday. It was quite a happy day ^_^ (also because I had a blast at work, taught a beginning knitting class, and ended up coming home with three skeins of Malabrigo lace in some of the most amazing colors EVER. more on that to come, haha.)

Anyways, back to the Knit Picks shipment… I had birthday money. So, technically, that makes all this yarn.. part of my birthday happiness/celebrations. Woot!

So what did I get?

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to make the woodsy association mitts by Tiny Owl Knits. Which you can get through Knit Picks, and it uses their Palatte in wonderfully neutral and delicious colors…


Basically, you have the list of colors you need for all of them, and just get one ball of each… and you’ll have enough to make all of them! And have a fair amount left over, I should imagine, haha.


I seriously cannot wait to get started on them… they are SO ADORABLE! Plus, the little charm that hangs off the side… too cute. I don’t know if I’d attach them to the mitts themselves, but I’d totally make a pair of antlers and turn them into earrings or something. Or a keychain for my backpack. Totally!

More yarn acquisitions, heehee :-)


This is going to be a gift for a friend, so no names. But this is my second Selbu hat (my first one, you can see over in this direction ^_^) and I’m really excited about this one. I love how the white and the maroon look together. Once it gets given to the recipient, more information about it will be released ^_^

But wait, there’s more! (Every time I get the opportunity to use that phrase, I’m always amused. Hahaha :-P)


This is their Wool of the Andes yarn in the Onyx Heather colorway. With it, I have plans to make “Quay” by Veera Valimaki. I think it’s so adorable, I can’t wait to cast it on. Though, I do plan on shortening the sleeves to 3/4 length. Other than that, it’ll be perfect I think ^_^

I did get more yarn that was not Knit Picks yesterday. But that’ll be for another post ^_^

Three Year Blogging Anniversary ^_^

Might have noticed something different? Layout change! WOOT!!

I’ve been planning this for a really long time, and I’m so excited that I can show you guys what I’ve been dreaming/thinking/working on for the past couple of months :-) The About page has been updated, and there’s now a Contact Me page, with all that snazzy information. I’ll slowly be adding more things to the brand new look ^_^

And there’s actually an occasion that goes along with this makeover.

I’ve been blogging on The Ramblings of a Knitting Goddess for three years now.

Thanks to everyone’s wonderful and utterly *amazing* support, I’ve been inspired and excited about blogging – always wanting to come up with the very best. Without you guys, I definitely wouldn’t be the blogger I am now.

Which is totally mind-blowing. Three years ago, I would have laughed at the idea of having a blog that people would actually want to read, let alone have a big readership.

Other very important people who have been extremely supportive of my blogging career is my family, especially my parents. My mom taught me how to write well, how to put my ideas together. My dad helps me out when I see a blogging ecourse that looks absolutely amazing. Both of them are extremely encouraging, and I love them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your support, comments, suggestions, and kind words, it really means a lot and makes me strive to be a better blogger. I love getting to write about things I’m passionate about, it’s such a cool experience.

You guys are amazing.

It’s the small victories…

So, a little more than a year ago (it was a year in May) I cut my hair so it was a little bit above shoulder length. Bit of change, it was awesome. But I’m now in the process of wishing it would grow faster, because I miss having long hair, haha.

But, it’s getting there. I realized that I can do french braids, and it actually works.. and nothing falls out.

It’s like “Yesssssssss”. Which sounds silly… nothing I can really do about the length of my hair, haha.

(yeah, I can never get an even part. But who cares, haha. And they look a little funky from the back… BUT. the point is is that I can do them. And it’s awesomeness ^_^)

I don’t normally do posts like this, but it’s a small victory. And I wanted to share with the world. That my hair is longer. It makes me happy ^_^

Special Footwear

Sooo, I got these really awesome shoes. They’re adorable. They’re uber comfy. They’re legit moccasins. They’ll be the shoes I wear all the time. Awesome walking-around-campus footwear.

But they do something funny… which I don’t mind at all. But I always have a little laugh when it happens…

They dye my feet, haha. Which I find amusing. Cause it obviously doesn’t dye every part of my feet. Why I’m amused by this, I’m not entirely sure, haha. But yes. Funny shoes are funny ^_^

Prairie Fire, woot woot!!!

So, I’ve kinda been talking a lot about this vacation I went on. Anyone confused? Yeah, sorry about that :-P I’m here today, everyone, to clear things up. And share awesome pictures, remember amazing memories, feel so extremely blessed that I have such amazing friends, and tell you a condensed version of what went on :-p

On the 18th of May. My parents and I woke up at 4:30 AM to get on an airplane to fly to Oklahoma City, to then head to Ponca City (my hometown, woot woot!!) where I would then graduate (for the second time, oh yes) on Saturday.

Graduation happened, things were awesome, I can’t even begin to tell you how many amazing people came and so extremely sweet and generous. There was a dance, it was SO EPIC, oh my goodness. Dancing… definitely the best way to celebrate graduation ^_^

We then flew home on… Monday morning, early early, for I, in fact, had my last ballet recital on Monday night (yeah, we were so uberly busy. We became biffles, even more so, with Southwest, haha :-P) The recital was so amazing, like really. A few tears were shed, but they were bittersweet tears. I’ll be back to take classes, oh yes, I’ll be back.

Then, on Wednesday, the 23rd of May, we all hopped back onto a plane and flew directly to Branson, MO. Where then began an amazingly amazingly awesome week with some wonderful friends, where many jokes (many many many) were created, so many calories burned (thanks to the laughter) so many calories were had (thanks to the good food, but the laughter balanced it out, it was all good ^_^) and a certain (EPIC) bluegrass band, Prairie Fire, won *3rd* place at the Silver Dollar City Youth Bluegrass competition.

What’s really awesome, is that Prairie Fire has a facebook page, where you can check out band pictures and various videos they’ve posted. Head on over there, and give it a like, you definitely won’t regret it :-P

Here’s the video of their performance on the second day.. Which is absolutely amazing and epic. I am proud to be their friend :-P

And you can watch their performance on the first day on their facebook page and their youtube page.

The competition ended on Sunday, and after that till Wednesday, we just partied up a storm. Sardines till 1:30 almost every night. Lots of good food. Singing in the car. Silver Dollar City. Chips and salsa (that was dubbed the food of the trip, haha. We basically inhaled chips and salsa, haha)

Then, alas, the time came to an end. And we had to go back to our homes, which sadly are extremely far apart (silly distance. Silly silly distance.)

I love these girls, they mean so much to me. Our girl talks are such a blessing. They love me despite my flaws (which are big) they listen, give me advice, make me laugh no matter what.

They are my sisters. Both in Christ, and in spirit and heart. <3 <3

Yep yep, no doubt about it. I have such amazing friends, who have definitely impacted my life in so many good ways, and influenced who I am today. I’m sad distance is a problem that we have to deal with (547+ miles, which is around 10 hours driving. Yeah, it’s a problem) but that only makes the friendship sweeter when we’re together. And apart, because… distance really isn’t that big of a problem (even though it may seem like it, haha). We’ll be best friends, no matter how far away we are from each other :-)

<3 <3

FO!!: Embers Cowl

I’m back! I took a little vacation with some ammmmazing people… like these girls

but I’ll write more about that later :-)

For now… I have a FO that I get to share with you guys ^_^

This is the Embers Cowl designed by Amy Hendrix for Madlinetosh (which you can head on over to their website and buy the pattern for 6.00$ ^_^)

On said vacation, we may or may not have taken an (EXTREMELY AMAZING) trip to a yarn store, A New Yarn, in Springfield, MO. (which I really recommend, they have lots to choose from ^_^)

and I may or may not have gotten… a lot… of yarn. For… various.. things. Like sweaters. But, the sweaters… One is not for myself (HA! So there. It’s justifiable. Heehee ^_^) and the other two are on like size 9/10 so, they’ll go quickly. I have my reasons, they are logical (kind of, haha) and it makes it all okay.

I also got two skeins of Madelinetosh DK for the Embers cowl. They had the pattern at the store, and I couldn’t resist, haha.

The cream color was “Antique Lace” and the blue was called “Baltic”. On the vacation, many discussions were had about how much fun it would be to be able to just have a job of where you name colors. How cool would that be??

Speaking of jobs, I actually have EXTREMELY exciting news about my job this summer. But I’m going to be a bad person, and save that for another post, heh heh.

That was a big and random statement, but more about the whole cowl deal.. Did I have any mods?

Yeah, I kinda had a big major mod. I was planning on doing the smaller size, which where you cast on something like 132 (that’s not the number, but it’s somewhere around there) and then do the pattern for 18″.

18″ is like a ton. It’s.. really really long. And not very practical for Houston. So I majorly shortened it, and only made it about 10.5″/11″ I think. (which happens to be the length of the size where you cast on more stitches.)

Another mod was that I cast off in the contrasting color (which would have been Baltic. Agh, I love that color/name. Sooo much ^_^ *cough* cause it may remind me of the TARDIS. Just a little bit *cough*) to be different. I like being different, haha. Plus, I like the way it looks… which is always a good thing, haha.

I think I had a bigger needle size as well… yeah, so there were a lot of mods, kinda. Depends on your definition of “big” but.. yeah. I don’t want to ramble too much, haha.

It’s uber uber soft and squishy, and I’ll get good use out of it while I walk too and from classes this fall. When it hopefully gets cold, haha. Woot college!

Summer Book Recommendations ~ Part 1

The summer is coming. People, hopefully, have free time. More free time than normal, anyways, those who were in school. Unless you’re doing summer school, then you’re probably not as free as you’d like. Anyways, I digress.

The summer is coming, it’s pretty much here. I’ve completed *both* graduations. I’m officially a college student now (got my student ID, whaaaaat) I’ll be at our local community college this fall, and then after that I’ll make the big decision of which major university I’ll go to. Once again, I’m digressing.

THE SUMMER IS COMING. And you know what this means? Besides more knitting time, heh heh. More reading time!

I know I’ll have lofty goals of reading at the beginning, and it’ll actually come down to me reading probably only 5 out of the like 20 book list that I come up with. But hey, it’s 5 more than I was able to manage during the school year.

I’m really… not going very far with this post, it’s kind of just… rambling, haha. But that’s this blog is, right? The Ramblings of a Knitting Goddess, haha.

Long story short, I’m going to give you some book recommendations. Just one, right now, in this one post. But there’ll probably be more coming.

I will be re-reading, for probably the 15+ time, the Emily of New Moon series by L.M. Montgomery.

I know I’ve expressed my love and adoration for this particular series and this author many many times. But it’s just one of those things that has to be done every so often… because I love these books and this author so stinking much.

Why do I like these books? Why do I like L.M. Montgomery in general?

Her writing is so personable. It’s real. It’s full of amazing descriptive-ness of everything and anything. But not in a flowery, over-the-top way. Her characters, in all her books, aren’t perfect. Which bugs me, when authors start off with their characters, who obviously aren’t perfect, then slowly they become more perfect, till it’s kind of silly and it’s like “wat”.

I don’t really find that in L.M. Montgomery’s writings. They have their problems, and they still have their problems at the ends of the books. Obviously, some problems are fixed, but they go through hardships and trials. They’re very believable. And I like that. These characters have dreams, passions, goals, and strive to reach those goals.

When I read that the flash came, and I took a sheet of paper. . .and I wrote on it: I, Emily Byrd Starr, do solemnly vow this day that I will climb the Alpine Path and write my name on the scroll of fame.
― L.M. Montgomery, Emily of New Moon

Another thing is that the romance that she writes is just perfect. Like, oh my goodness, I love it. Sure, I like that kind of stuff. I’m not afraid to say that I am :-P

The books are some of the most quotable books as well. There are so many good lines and paragraphs, it’s almost ridiculous. In a really really good way, of course :-P

These are also the kinds of stories that once you start them, you have the hardest time putting them down. They pull you in, and you’re then part of the story. You live and breathe the characters and their adventures.

Plus, another reason why I love these books is that they remind me of when I was younger. I remember what I was going through when I read different parts. I remember learning lessons from the stories, and then rediscovering what I learned. Then discovering brand new things I didn’t see before.

These books, especially the Emily of New Moon series, are full of treasures for everyone of any age.

*end rambling-rant-whatever-you-wanna-call-this*

I know I didn’t really like say what the Emily of New Moon series is about, but I’ll just say that they’ll make you laugh. They’ll make you cry. They’ll make you cling on to the nearest cat due to scary situations. You will love these books.

Don’t know what to read this summer? Read these books, you definitely won’t regret it. :-)

Currently, Me

I did this kind of post back in February, and thought it’d be cool to do it again :-P Maybe it should be like a monthly, every-other-month type thing.

Obsessing over…

Loop Batts, if I had the money, I’d buy every single one of them. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Also, Lollipop sock yarns.. I’ve heard so much about this yarn, but never was online during the shop updates. But I saw one was happening a week ago, or something, and quickly scootered over there and got me and my mom each a ball. I’m saving mine for traveling knitting *and* I’m planning on trying my first Afterthought Heel by Laura Linneman (ravelry link :-P) from The Knit Girllls (one of my favoriteest podcasts)

Working on…

Well, at the moment, the projects that are front and center are..

The Wispy Cardigan (my KAL with Hannah ^_^)

The Featherweight Cardigan (just an inch and half left on the collar)

Various little iCord headbands

The Mysterious Unnamed Sweater (a.k.a. the one I’m designing :-P)

and tons of other stuff ^_^

Spinning wise, I’m working on finishing my Mom’s birthday batt, which is happy happy happy ^_^

Thinking about…

Graduation! Major major graduation, the first one is only a week away! And the second one is 2 weeks away. It’s getting closer every day! Lots of stuff needs to be done. I’m also thinking about all my amazing friends and family who are helping me stay sane and happy while we all work together. They’re seriously the best <3


Haha, more graduation stuff. Starting junior college in the fall, with a busy schedule. Knitting in class ^_^. Ballet recital. Piano recital. Getting to go back to the town I grew up in and graduate with pretty much everyone I grew up with. Working this summer. Getting my driver’s license. Lots of stuff, haha.

I’m also looking forward to the happiness of Tour de Fleece and the Ravelympics! It’s going to be epic!!

Listening to/bands I’m addicted to…

Allie Moss! Paper Aeroplanes! Jenny and Tyler! JJ Heller! Mumford and Sons! The list is endless ^_^


I’m craving some chocolate chip cookies.. but alas, they are not to be had. I think I must fix this problem :-P


That it would rain, haha. More time for various things like knitting, spinning, reading, and focusing on the blog. That I could take another trip over to London, Dublin, and Edinburgh.. it’s almost been a year, and I miss it :-P Missing friends and wishing they didn’t live so far away.