Yarn acquisitions and a Brown Betty

Two things happened yesterday.

(well, in actual fact, lots of things happened yesterday, but I’m about to tell you about two of them v^_^v)

I got a Brown Betty teapot.


Which you may recognize from many different places. One of which, that I remember from my childhood is the one that Wallace and Gromit used all the time. I always wanted to have tea with them, haha.

This is for my flat (because thats what it is most like – a friend reminded me of that at church today, haha) in College Station.. because tea is important and definitely a necessity in life. It cannot be done without!

So, I’m making plans on knitting a tea cozy. I am quite excited about this. Because… the possibilities are endless.

I am quite enamored with Churchmouse Yarns and Tea’s two patterns… X x X Anniversary Tea Cozy and their Ribbed and Ruffled Tea Cozies. Both would be gorgeous in handspun, I think. Or anything, haha.

Second thing…


Yarn acquisitions! Waaaaat! I couldn’t help myself… My mom ordered a copy of Botanical Knits when it came out, and the book recently arrived… full of all it’s Fall-ish goodness. Full of inspiration and tantalizing knits calling to be cast on immediately.

Sooooo, I got some yarn with some of those new patterns in mind ^_^

The blue on the right is Madtosh Sock, and its destiny shall be the Ivy Trellis Mittens… which I think are absolutely gorgeous.

The stuff in the middle is Madtosh Chunky will be made into the Twin Leaf Loop. I realized that my inventory of cowls is significantly smaller than my shawls… And I don’t have any dark cowls either. When I saw it, a lightbulb went off and it had to be gotten, haha. Plus, the pattern only takes 2 skeins and is knit on size 11s. Can’t go wrong there ^_^

The TARDIS colored stuff on the left is Cascade 220 Superwash… and I’m not quite decided as to what that’ll be. I’m leaning towards Gyllis by Stephen West, which I’ve wanted to make ever since it came out. The time has come!


Musical Monday!!

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I loved this movie when I was growing up. I know a lot of people who didn’t like this movie, but I really enjoyed it. It was fun, there was music that I could sing along to, there was a little bit of scary, and it was all about candy, haha.

I also thought Grampa Joe was like the coolest grandfather ever (but I think mine is better) and I loved singing the Oompa-loopma song…for some reason, that that was one of my favorite songs from the movie :-P

Summer Book Recommendations ~ Part 1

The summer is coming. People, hopefully, have free time. More free time than normal, anyways, those who were in school. Unless you’re doing summer school, then you’re probably not as free as you’d like. Anyways, I digress.

The summer is coming, it’s pretty much here. I’ve completed *both* graduations. I’m officially a college student now (got my student ID, whaaaaat) I’ll be at our local community college this fall, and then after that I’ll make the big decision of which major university I’ll go to. Once again, I’m digressing.

THE SUMMER IS COMING. And you know what this means? Besides more knitting time, heh heh. More reading time!

I know I’ll have lofty goals of reading at the beginning, and it’ll actually come down to me reading probably only 5 out of the like 20 book list that I come up with. But hey, it’s 5 more than I was able to manage during the school year.

I’m really… not going very far with this post, it’s kind of just… rambling, haha. But that’s this blog is, right? The Ramblings of a Knitting Goddess, haha.

Long story short, I’m going to give you some book recommendations. Just one, right now, in this one post. But there’ll probably be more coming.

I will be re-reading, for probably the 15+ time, the Emily of New Moon series by L.M. Montgomery.

I know I’ve expressed my love and adoration for this particular series and this author many many times. But it’s just one of those things that has to be done every so often… because I love these books and this author so stinking much.

Why do I like these books? Why do I like L.M. Montgomery in general?

Her writing is so personable. It’s real. It’s full of amazing descriptive-ness of everything and anything. But not in a flowery, over-the-top way. Her characters, in all her books, aren’t perfect. Which bugs me, when authors start off with their characters, who obviously aren’t perfect, then slowly they become more perfect, till it’s kind of silly and it’s like “wat”.

I don’t really find that in L.M. Montgomery’s writings. They have their problems, and they still have their problems at the ends of the books. Obviously, some problems are fixed, but they go through hardships and trials. They’re very believable. And I like that. These characters have dreams, passions, goals, and strive to reach those goals.

When I read that the flash came, and I took a sheet of paper. . .and I wrote on it: I, Emily Byrd Starr, do solemnly vow this day that I will climb the Alpine Path and write my name on the scroll of fame.
― L.M. Montgomery, Emily of New Moon

Another thing is that the romance that she writes is just perfect. Like, oh my goodness, I love it. Sure, I like that kind of stuff. I’m not afraid to say that I am :-P

The books are some of the most quotable books as well. There are so many good lines and paragraphs, it’s almost ridiculous. In a really really good way, of course :-P

These are also the kinds of stories that once you start them, you have the hardest time putting them down. They pull you in, and you’re then part of the story. You live and breathe the characters and their adventures.

Plus, another reason why I love these books is that they remind me of when I was younger. I remember what I was going through when I read different parts. I remember learning lessons from the stories, and then rediscovering what I learned. Then discovering brand new things I didn’t see before.

These books, especially the Emily of New Moon series, are full of treasures for everyone of any age.

*end rambling-rant-whatever-you-wanna-call-this*

I know I didn’t really like say what the Emily of New Moon series is about, but I’ll just say that they’ll make you laugh. They’ll make you cry. They’ll make you cling on to the nearest cat due to scary situations. You will love these books.

Don’t know what to read this summer? Read these books, you definitely won’t regret it. :-)

Loop is addicting.

I spent all of yesterday evening spinning. No knitting, just all spinning. Which, I guess isn’t that weird. But spinning Loops batts is like… SO ADDICTING! Theres so much color, so then there’s the bling, which we all know I love and adore :-P

I’m just getting started on the light pink.. and after that color, there are… two more colors, I think. So, I’m almost done, ish… but, that’s ok.. because my second batt for the club came in, and then my mom wanted some fun yarn for her birthday… so she picked out a batt for me to spin. And I may or may not have gotten one for myself at the same time, eh heh ^_^

Also, I have to come up with various pictures for graduation…

and it’s so much fun going through old pictures, haha. So much fun :-)

Musical Monday!!

Do not be shaken by the length of this video. It is extremely worth the time.

One cool thing…er, something that I think is cool, is that this was performed at Rice University. Which is just plain awesome by itself.

annnnd, this song always reminds me of Anchors Aweigh with Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Kathryn Grayson and Jose Iturbi. …one of my most favorite movies as a kid. Yes, even then I was obsessed with…musical type movies.

And to some people, it might remind them of Tom and Jerry…like it reminded my mom.

I had totally forgotten about it, until we went to go see the 5 Browns, and they played this! It reminded me of my love for this song. And what it was called.

But yes, this song is just PURE AWESOME. I <3 it. And wouldn't it be amazing to be able to play this one day…

(and as a really small side note. I love who the pianist ends the song. Physically, I mean. Flailing of arms… just the general feel of "This is amazing. I just played it. And it's over. And….this is amazing."

Probably not that…exactly. but the main idea of "I just finished this, I'm done now. Yessss."

Haha, :-P

Anyways, I hope your Monday is/was/will be amaaaazingly awesome! And the rest of your week continues to be the same! :-)

FO: Sushi!!

I feel so accomplished. It’s done. Annnnd…it’s pretty stinking awesome.

The Beginning Sushi is there, if you so care to read about that. And..here is the Blocking of Sushi .

(we could pretend this picture is me expressing my utter joy of finishing the project. But no. I was told that my eyes could not be seen due to my bangs. Joy…)

I’m so happy with it…

I’ve done a sweater with the same construction before (like, a bunch of different pieces that are put together. Like…how the back in the above picture is…funny looking, haha. That’s two different pieces. )..

Where was I….OH, so I’ve done something with the same construction. Annnnd, it didn’t turn out so well. It looked really really bad, haha.

So, to prevent the same problem with Sushi, I practically blocked the life out of it so it’d turn out nice…and not really bad looking.

I <3 <3 <3 <3 it :-)

On a very random side note: today's Plinky's question today is…

“Describe the town where you grew up…” (Do you still live there? Why or why not?)

I lived in the same town, Ponca City, Oklahoma, till I was 12 and 1/2 or 13…then we moved to Houston, TX.

Ponca City…it’s population is 25,919 according to the Ponca City page on Wiki. It’s just a small little town. One small, amazingly awesome town. Downtown was definitely the best, there were so many little hole-in-the-wall stores (sadly, a lot of them are closed now :-(…), there were fun restaurants, there are a lot of really old and reallllly cool houses.

And the main reason why Ponca City is so stinking amazing, is because of all the amazing people who live there :-)

So, living in a 25,919 population…town…and moving to Houston, which has…*looks* 2,257,926 people.

Yeahhhhh. Big change. Haha :-P

Knitting & Yumyumyum notes: Knitting, well…this is actually crocheting! I’ve started making little Amigurumi (which I STILL don’t know how to pronounce. Do YOU know how it’s pronounced? Pleaseeee tell me :-P) Annnd. they’re pretty awesome. I made a little bear with a pink dress…and a little flower. My mom requested a little basket of fruit, so I’m working on a pear right now…next will be an apple. But I don’t know what other piece of fruit I’ll do. SO, in other words….look out for an amigurumi focused post soon :-P

And the yumyumyum note is…I made scones on…Saturday! Cranberry (technically crasins, but that’s ok…) and Orange scones. And they are amazing, if I say so myself. I’ll post pictures soon :-) The recipe was from the book I made the biscuits out of. They were made in the food processor… sooo easy.

…I think I need one…Hmmmm. and maybe a cup of tea :-P

Haha, hope your Sunday is/was/will be amazingly awesome, and the beginning of next week will be the same :-P

Random…But a Good Random :-P

Dear everyone:

I do sincerely apologize for not posting…the past two days.

But as Christmas draws closer, knitting deadlines must be met.

Haha, you all can guess what I’ve been doing.

Out of the 3 fair isle hats (which is actually gone down to 2, which I’m really happy about), 2 cowls (the hat number went down, but the cowl number went up. Which is totally ok with me, cause cowls are so easy. Yessss), one sweater, and…2 scarves.. (and I think the scarf number went up as well. Maybe? Maybe not, haha)

So, out of all that…both cowls are done. The sweater is about 85% complete…and one of the hats is a little more than half way done. That leaves the other hat, and two scarves.

What I think will end up happening is that on Christmas Eve, I’ll end up staying up late into the night, working and trying to finish something. Again.

This has happened before. And it was really worrying me. BUT I got it done! I was so proud of myself, haha. I think I stayed up till like…2:30 or something. Not that that matters or anything, haha…but yeahhh. I remember I was also listening to Wuthering Heights by Charlotte Bronte (which is amazing. Holy cow.)

This is a post of randomness, yaaaaayyy!

This is what I see out of my window…

And I’m sure, the non-Houston people are thinking…”O.O Palm trees?!?!??!”
and the Houston people are thinking…”RED trees?!?!?!”
Or you could be both (…or not…?) and think either neither or both.

And I invite you to imagine that beautiful tree in that picture as uberly bright red with many oranges mixed it. Alas, I am not smart enough, and can’t get the colors right…on the camera, haha.

Haha, it’s still really green near the bottom and on the inside. So it kinda looks like…one of those strawberries dipped in chocolate…cause part of it…doesn’t…have chocolate on it…

…but not. Hm. Yeahhhh.

Haha, anyways, I’m just really happy to see some variegation in our tree colors. Usually it’s just greeeeeen.

Random thing #2
Oh my, there’s a ladybug on my window.

….that wasn’t what I was going to say, haha. But I looked up and there was a …ladybug on my window, haha.

what I was going to say, is that tomorrow evening, we are going to go see the Houston Ballet (one of the best ballet companies in the WORLD, in my opinion. There are many others, haha) put on the Nutcracker.

I am so STINKING EXCITED. But I’m always excited about going to go see…any ballet. Or anything in downtown Houston for that matter, haha.

So, long story short, seeing the Nutcracker is a family tradition. And I absolutely adore it, haha.

Random note #3
I’ve been rather obsessed with the old Pokemon series. You know, like…Pikachu. And…Squirtle…Slowbro. Yeah.

Don’t judge me.

This is not my first time to have the Pokemon…bug thing. When I was younger, Joey and I would rent the VHSs (holy cow, that’s a loong time) from the library. and be entertained for hours.

And now, I’ve found them…a lot more funny than they were before, haha.

And it is my opinion that Charmander

is the cutest Pokemon EVER. Either Charmander, or Pikachu. Soooo cuuute!! but this will probably change. I’m only on episode 23, so yeah.

Haha, it’s great to watch while knitting. Because it…the show…doesn’t require a lot of thought. haha :-P

Not-so-random note #4
Dude, Christmas is like…really soon! Craaaazy!

Haha, so the whole point of this post was to say that I might not post as much during the days leading up to Christmas, due to cramped time…with knitting deadlines, haha.

I must leave now…and go knit another 30 inches. On one project. Pokemon, here I come!!