Currently, Me

I did this kind of post back in February, and thought it’d be cool to do it again :-P Maybe it should be like a monthly, every-other-month type thing.

Obsessing over…

Loop Batts, if I had the money, I’d buy every single one of them. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Also, Lollipop sock yarns.. I’ve heard so much about this yarn, but never was online during the shop updates. But I saw one was happening a week ago, or something, and quickly scootered over there and got me and my mom each a ball. I’m saving mine for traveling knitting *and* I’m planning on trying my first Afterthought Heel by Laura Linneman (ravelry link :-P) from The Knit Girllls (one of my favoriteest podcasts)

Working on…

Well, at the moment, the projects that are front and center are..

The Wispy Cardigan (my KAL with Hannah ^_^)

The Featherweight Cardigan (just an inch and half left on the collar)

Various little iCord headbands

The Mysterious Unnamed Sweater (a.k.a. the one I’m designing :-P)

and tons of other stuff ^_^

Spinning wise, I’m working on finishing my Mom’s birthday batt, which is happy happy happy ^_^

Thinking about…

Graduation! Major major graduation, the first one is only a week away! And the second one is 2 weeks away. It’s getting closer every day! Lots of stuff needs to be done. I’m also thinking about all my amazing friends and family who are helping me stay sane and happy while we all work together. They’re seriously the best <3


Haha, more graduation stuff. Starting junior college in the fall, with a busy schedule. Knitting in class ^_^. Ballet recital. Piano recital. Getting to go back to the town I grew up in and graduate with pretty much everyone I grew up with. Working this summer. Getting my driver’s license. Lots of stuff, haha.

I’m also looking forward to the happiness of Tour de Fleece and the Ravelympics! It’s going to be epic!!

Listening to/bands I’m addicted to…

Allie Moss! Paper Aeroplanes! Jenny and Tyler! JJ Heller! Mumford and Sons! The list is endless ^_^


I’m craving some chocolate chip cookies.. but alas, they are not to be had. I think I must fix this problem :-P


That it would rain, haha. More time for various things like knitting, spinning, reading, and focusing on the blog. That I could take another trip over to London, Dublin, and Edinburgh.. it’s almost been a year, and I miss it :-P Missing friends and wishing they didn’t live so far away.


10 thoughts on “Currently, Me

  1. anjig says:

    Wow, you are busy!!!! And the Lollipop yarn, how awesome! I’ve heard good things about it but I haven’t managed to score any.

    • Grace says:

      haha, I can’t wait to start the socks! I’ve heard that once you start using Lollipop yarns, you can’t go back to anything else. And from the colors I’ve seen, I’d totally be okay with that :-P

  2. deepbluerenegade says:

    I am knitting the featherweight too!

    Exciting changes are coming. Graduation always is that way.

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