Whats been happening?

So, its been awhile since I’ve written. Which I know I said I’d get this back up and running again, my last post and that was forever ago. Total fail on my part, I know. But… this time, I’m serious about getting things working again. I have some things up my sleeves that are pretty exciting!

Whats been happening in the mean time? SO MUCH. Its one of those things where you don’t realize how much has happened in a span of time until you sit back and think about what all has happened. But in this case… there are two huge ginormous wondrous things that overshadow everything else, haha.

  1. I finally graduated from Texas A&M University!! I have a BA in International Studies with a minor in Business and a minor in French (but no, my French isn’t incredible, haha). To everyone who’s stuck with my blog, patiently waiting while I worked on school and occasionally wrote posts, thank you thank you thank you. You are amazing.

    My family came to College Station to see me walk the stage, bright and early in the morning (it started at 9am, eek! Thank goodness for dads who are willing to do starbucks runs for everyone ;) We then headed back to Houston for even more exciting things which will make more sense after I talk about thing #2

  2. On July 10th, 2017, my boyfriend proposed! Which is such a fun story. I’ll be telling on the blog sometime in the near future, don’t worry!

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    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes ❤️

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    Theres so much I could say about this – I cannot wait to start the next chapter of my life with my best friend. I realize since I haven’t written in a long time, not everyone might have known I was even dating someone, haha! This was not the first time Sam and I had dated, interestingly enough, but thats another story!

    Our wedding date is January 14th, 2017 – just 149 days away! But who’s counting ;) We have a lot of big things already taken care of – mainly the venue, my dress (!!) and the photographer! With leads on almost everything else, so the planning is going very nicely!

Now I’m focused on wedding planning and not on class lecture notes, essays, and making sure I have enough scantrons for my classes! Which is a wonderful trade, I couldn’t be happier!!

I’m making a comeback! As a little idea of what I have in mind for my blogging and fibery future, it might include a podcast (whaaaat, yes a podcast!) and maybe some hand dyed yarn! But I’ll still post about my knitting projects, wedding plans, baking/cooking adventures and whatever else might pop up in my mind!

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[color] [big things ahead]

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Hope everyone is doing well, thanks for sticking around! Keep your eyes peeled for new posts and exciting new things!


Up to my ears in Christmas knitting

Hello, again! I’m back! The month long hiatus was definitely not planned, it just kinda happened, haha. But while I was taking more pictures for this post (and future posts) and editing them I remembered how much I love doing this.

I have two weeks (ish) left of break before I head back to school. This coming semester is going to be crazy. So, I can’t make any promises in regards to blogging during the semester (curse you, school! Why must you take up so much time?!) But.. I’m still on break. And I want to get back into the swing of things!

Lots of stuff to show you… WIPs, FOs, lots of enabling (cause Christmas can do that to you ;-P) Heres just a little bit right now, because I don’t want to overload everything and everyone. That might be a bit much, haha.

Where to begin?! How about Christmas presents! (Though, sad day, I only have pictures of three of the 6ish I made. But I have more to make that didn’t have to be ready for Christmas. Definitely going to try and get pictures of those!)


This hat was for my younger brother! It’s Eno by Jared Flood out of Drops Alpaca in the… grey mix colorway, I believe.

Super fun knit! Went pretty quickly… and I think my brother will enjoy wearing it on campus to keep out the cold (it gets cooold! Walking across campus in the wind and wet and cold. Yay for knitwear d^_^b) This was my first finished Christmas present of the season, haha. Got it done back in November, I believe. Ohh yeah.


Note: This was finished late late on Christmas Eve. *cue victorious music* It was finished. Haha!

This was for my dad, it is the Antler Hat by tincanknits (which is a free pattern, btw! Yay!!) out of Drops Nepal in dark grey.

Hats as quick gifts… you really can’t go wrong there. (Unless the recipient doesn’t wear hats, but you still have millions of options, haha!) If I just worked on this, I’m sure I would have had it done in 2 days, 3 at the most. Or less, who knows. Its an amazing pattern, the cable pattern was really really easy to memorize and keep track of! Which I always have problems with when doing cables, haha. I didn’t need to carry around the pattern after one 6-row repeat.


Now this one… sadly, did not get finished in time. But this was for my mom (who is also an avid knitter!) So, she completely understood when she saw my project bag with a name tag taped on it, haha. Yay for gifting WIPs still on the needles in the project bag, haha.

This one is a little bit more special because its knit with some handspun!


I got the fiber and spun it up super duper quick, worried I wasn’t going to even get it spun up it time (once again, school. Why do you get in the way of so many things??) But I got that done! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my step-by-step progress, haha! I got the fiber from Three Waters Farm. Its a mixture of Merino, Silk, and Bamboo. In other words… insanely soft, haha! The colorway name is Frost.

I’m making the September Circle cowl by Melissa LaBarre, which from the ones I saw on ravelry, it looks amazing in handspun. Definitely a pattern I’ll be going back to! Plus, it goes pretty quickly.

I have plans to get pictures of various gifts on the various recipients, we’ll see if that works out :-P

In addition to those gifts, I made the Angles Shawl by Rose Jordan for my sister, Boyfriend by Lucinda Campbell for my brother-in-law, and my second Big Snowy Owl from the Purl Bee for my brother and sister-in-law. Then other things on my list that haven’t gotten started yet that are for non-related people. Phew!

Anyway, so thats it for now. I still have lots more pictures, and I’m sure I’ll have to take more tomorrow ;-P More stuff to come! Thanks to everyone who’s been waiting patiently for me to climb back out of my little hidey-hole. I know I don’t like it when my favorite bloggers disappear for no reason!

No blog fading, people

*crawls out of the cave that is called school, blinking into the sunlight wondering what happened while I was away*

Sadly, this is not the end of that. I have three weeks left of my 2013 Fall Semester here at Texas A&M. It may or may not be kicking my butt, but college does that to people. No getting around that.

That being said, I am most definitely NOT blog fading. That’s not happening, people!

I have lots of pictures and lots of stuff to talk about, its just finding the time to sit down and dedicate some time adding words to the pictures.

My knitting time hasn’t increased with my class time… but hasn’t decreased either. Though, I’ve now kicked into Christmas knitting full swing and thats all I’m working on at the moment, haha.

It was kind of a bummer this morning, in my 8:00am Shakespeare class, I pulled out my Christmas knitting bound and determined to figure out I was doing wrong with the pattern and why it wasn’t working.

That didn’t happen, haha. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the charts or whatever. I have no clue why… its just not clicking with my brain. So, I’m picking out something else, haha.

Which sounds terrible – I shouldn’t be giving up on a cabled scarf (yes. Its a scarf, haha) because its a scarf and its just cables and I could totally figure it out!

But my brain was completely dead this morning (like its been the past couple of weeks, haha) and I decided it probably wasn’t worth straining my mind even more to figure the pattern out. Its nothing wrong with the pattern though, its all my fault.

Life is too short to knit on things that frustrate you. Especially when you have to deal with lots of other frustrating things, like school, haha!

Got several BIG finished items that I can’t wait to show you guys! I just wanted to let everyone that I haven’t disappeared for forever, haha! I’m not sure how much I’ll get to blog over the next three weeks. But afterwards… hellooooo, Christmas break!

Happy Knitting, everyone!

What a week at Lone Star…


It’s been a crazy week. If you’ve seen any kind of news anywhere, you’ll know that there was a stabbing at Lone Star, Cy-Fair college on Tuesday. That’s where I go to school, actually. It was a really intense day. There were so many factors that God put in my brother’s, my mom’s, and my way that protected us from being in the mix of all the insanity.

My accounting teacher wasn’t feeling well on Tuesday, so she let us go an hour early. If she hadn’t, we would have been walking across the hallway to our lab – right around the same time the guy was running through our building, attacking. Then we were able to leave the campus right before the lockdown. As we were driving away, we saw the guy being patted down by the police. That’s definitely an image I won’t forget.

Going back to school on Wednesday was really creepy and hard. It was cloudy, which didn’t help, haha. Everyone was on edge and really wary of everyone else. Lots of shifty eyes.

This kind of feeling, I had no idea what it would be like. I mean, you hear about these kind of tragedies all the time, and it’s so horribly sad that we live in a world where this happens on a regular basis. But, I didn’t know how terrifying it actually was. Hearing about something is one thing… actually experiencing it is another.

So, that kind of engulfed my whole week. Ever since Tuesday, there’s been this morbid and gloomy haze over the campus. I’m always really glad to get home. God was so merciful to protect my mom, my brother, and myself. There are still so many people who were even more affected than I was – I can’t even imagine. Please pray for those who are healing from their wounds, and for peace and comfort for everyone else. God has His plan, and He will use these circumstances for good things. “God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing. All you need is faith” ~ Joel 2:25

Sorry for the speech, but that kind of stuff needs to be talked about :-)

Knitting wise!

I pulled out my Audrey in Unst again… It was nice to have knitting to come home to and be able to just kinda go into zen mode.


I’m *this* close to being done with it. If I just dedicate maybe a week… a week and a half, I’ll get it done. I’m so close!


I love the combination of my yarn and the pattern. I’m glad I saved this yarn for that special sweater. I got this yarn at Patricia Roberts in London. I love the green… besides my Acer Cardigan, I don’t have any other green sweaters. I think that the Audrey will be a really nice staple piece that I’ll be able to pull on over shorts or jeans to a little sun dress.


I cannot wait to finish this so I can wear it, and love it to bits ^_^ Any ideas for buttons? I’m thinking either wood or black…

It’s been a weird week, I’m glad its over. Its been kind of up and down, good moments and really really bad moments. But I’m ready to rest over the weekend, and greet next week with a smile of determination on my face. Only 3 more weeks. Only 3 more weeks.

Day 8 of the 9 Days of Thankfulness!!

Today, I am thankful for my readers! The people who keep coming back to read my posts :-)

You guys mean quite a lot to me, without you guys, I would definitely not be where I am today.

Everyone gives such good advice. You give me feedback when I ask. You leave sweet comments, encouraging me in my knitterly adventures :-)

I’ve had the joy of gaining so many new friends through my blog, it’s such an amazing thing.

So today, I am thank for you, reader. You are quite amazing :-)

Three Year Blogging Anniversary ^_^

Might have noticed something different? Layout change! WOOT!!

I’ve been planning this for a really long time, and I’m so excited that I can show you guys what I’ve been dreaming/thinking/working on for the past couple of months :-) The About page has been updated, and there’s now a Contact Me page, with all that snazzy information. I’ll slowly be adding more things to the brand new look ^_^

And there’s actually an occasion that goes along with this makeover.

I’ve been blogging on The Ramblings of a Knitting Goddess for three years now.

Thanks to everyone’s wonderful and utterly *amazing* support, I’ve been inspired and excited about blogging – always wanting to come up with the very best. Without you guys, I definitely wouldn’t be the blogger I am now.

Which is totally mind-blowing. Three years ago, I would have laughed at the idea of having a blog that people would actually want to read, let alone have a big readership.

Other very important people who have been extremely supportive of my blogging career is my family, especially my parents. My mom taught me how to write well, how to put my ideas together. My dad helps me out when I see a blogging ecourse that looks absolutely amazing. Both of them are extremely encouraging, and I love them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your support, comments, suggestions, and kind words, it really means a lot and makes me strive to be a better blogger. I love getting to write about things I’m passionate about, it’s such a cool experience.

You guys are amazing.

Currently, me.

Obsessing over

Doctor Who yarn, fiber, AND stitch markers. Stitch markers for the 10th Doctor (David Tennant, EEEEEE!!) too. Even better. Good thing my birthday is 14 days away ^_^

Working on…

Heehee… well. You all know my UFO bin, to some degree. It seems like a huge bottomless pit to me, haha. But at the moment, I’m working on…




and Mitered Cross Blanket

Haha, of course there’s tons more, but that’s what I’m working towards finishing at the moment :-P

Thinking about…

School, graduation, life after graduation, blog post, and how many stinking exciting things I have coming up in the near future ^_^ Holy cow.


Those exciting events that’ll be happening. I can’t can’t can’t wait for them to.. happen, haha. Graduating, that’s definitely something that I’m anticipating, haha. Also, finally getting through all those UFOs, and being freeeeee of the guilt of starting something new when I know I should be working on something I already have going :-P Teehee ^_^

Listening to…

a shuffle of Sarah Harmer, Joshua Radin, JJ Heller, and Honey Trees Pandora stations. That’s happiness, right there.


Nothing at the moment, haha, but tea time should be happening soon ^_^ Om nom nom!


Lots of stuff, haha. Wishing various places where my friends live weren’t so so far away from Houston/Texas in general, because that makes me sad. Wishing for more time to work on blog stuff, knitting time, and spinning time. For long hair, haha.

Also, just btw. I got new glasses ^_^ My old ones looked like Harry Potter glasses (oor Molly, the American Girl Doll, however you wanna look at it :-P) and now they’re different ^_^ These, I’d definitely go out in public in. And not be afraid of people being like “OH MY GOODNESS. THOSE LOOK LIKE HARRY POTTER’S!!” which there’s nothing wrong with that… hahahahaha :-P But it gets kinda old after awhile, hahahaha :-P

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