Audrey in Unst – My NaKniSweMo

My Audrey in Unst cardigan is moving along, but alas, has been put on the backburner for right now. Christmas knitting takes higher priority over it. *sniff* *sniff*

Haha! But I love knitting Christmas presents, so it’s a win-win situation ^_^

I am pretty far though…

All I have left is the back, which I don’t expect to take me too long. Then the sleeves. Annnd then the edgings. Not that much, right?

But alas, I think it is too much to be able to get done before the end of November. So, I shall not be able to meet my NaKniSweMo goal. I was close! I had good intentions! I just started my Christmas knitting a little later, heh heh :-P

It’s the thought that counts, right? I’ll get this baby done, ohhh yes. Just not in November, haha!


Christmas Knitting

More Christmas knitting gets done, and I feel extremely accomplished, haha.

These are Vancouver Fog by Jen Balfour (free pattern, woot woot!) and I’m doing it Rowan’s Lima. Which is uberly incredibly soft… After Christmas is over, and I’m done on these presents, I want to make myself something with Lima.

Truth be told, that picture is a little out of date, and I finished that last night, wheehee ^_^ So now I’ll start on the second one, and get going, haha.

Haha, I didn’t realize this until recently… pretty much all the Christmas presents that I’m knitting have cables. Which, I love.. after doing the Ash Cardigan (totally my fault though. The pattern is really awesome), it’s nice having cables that I like doing, and they end up looking amazing, hahaha!

Life Knitting Skills – My Life is Changed

I learned a learned a new lifetime skill. I will always be able to use this skill for forever and ever now. My life is changed because of it.

I learned how to cable in a movie theater in the dark. Yes, I speak the truth.

I did that. In the dark. While watching Skyfall (James Bond, woot!) the day after Thanksgiving.

When I heard that we’d be going to see a movie during break, I knew I had to find a project to work on during the movie. Otherwise… it would have been sad, haha. So I got the scarf cast on, happy days. Knit the 75 rows, it was cool.

My plan was to get the cables done *before* the movie, so I would just have another 75 rows of 2×2 rib, that’d be easy peasy. But alas, it didn’t work out that way.

So, sitting in the movie theater, I was frantically getting out a cable needle and trying to memorize the cable pattern before the point of no return, and I couldn’t look at my phone anymore. (Truth be told, I may have sneaked a few glances at my phone, just to be extra sure I was doing the right thing. …during the movie ^_^, haha)

It was a little sketchy a couple of times, I was terrified I’d mess something up. But I trusted my inner knitter, and just kept going. If I messed up, I’d just take it out when I got home. But I HAD to keep knitting. My hands HAD to be doing something.

So I did ^_^

Lots of progress has happened on this since I cast it on, on Thanksgiving…early morning-ish. I’m quite happy with this. It’s going to be my future brother-in-law’s Christmas gift. It’s Meadowbrook by Stephen West. Quite awesome, if you ask me.

My yarn is Sublime’s extra fine merino wool DK. The pattern called for 3 colors all together, but I didn’t think the recipient would have liked that, so I’m sticking with grey for the whole thing. It’s soooo soft.

The pattern also called for a size US4 needle, but I went up to a US6 for various reasons. 1) I knew that the size 4 would make a more dense fabric, and I didn’t want that. 2) using a 6 would go wayyyy faster. and 3) I couldn’t find a 4.

True, reasons 2 and 3 are lame. But, reasons are reasons, right? :-P I really do like it better with the 6, though. It’s perfect. My sister saw my progress over Thanksgiving, and kept saying “ooooo” and “that’s perfect!” So I’m quite happy with it :-P

So, never again will I balk at doing cables in a movie theater in the dark again. Lace and Fair Isle, probably won’t be able to do that in the dark. But I mean, who knows, haha.

Surprise, surprise. There’s that photo-bombing cat again.

Westknits ChoreoKAL – Geysir Stretch

This color is quite neon, isn’t it? I love it, haha. It’s so awesome. And obviously, Bertie loves it too, haha.

This is going to be Geysir Stretch from Stephen West’s ChoreoKAL that he’s doing from November 16th – December 7th. You can find out more about that on his facebook page...

It’s a pattern every Friday between those days, Geysir Stretch being the first one (the 16th). Next one, Aurora, is coming out on Friday, the 23rd.

My yarn is Manos Wool Classica (the cream and the grey) and Manos Maxima (for the neon pink, haha). And I’m doing it on size 10s. (partly because I wanted it a bit more open, and partly because I couldn’t find size 9s ^_^)

At the moment, I’m almost done with section 2, which is repeat of 8 rows. As you can guess, since it’s a shawl, the rows are getting extremely long. But I’m NOT going to give up. No. I’m going to get it done!

Which is why I’m bringing it to school today to work on, haha.

There’s something about the yarn that makes Bertie go yarn-happy (or, basically how he acts when he’s on catnip, haha). Maybe there’s a sheep smell in the Wool Classica…That usually gets him pretty happy, haha.

My college gets out Wednesday, at 4:30 (when the schools close)… True, I’m done with classes by 9:00am, haha. But still, that’s pretty late! Anyone else getting out really late??

Day 8 of the 9 Days of Thankfulness!!

Today, I am thankful for my readers! The people who keep coming back to read my posts :-)

You guys mean quite a lot to me, without you guys, I would definitely not be where I am today.

Everyone gives such good advice. You give me feedback when I ask. You leave sweet comments, encouraging me in my knitterly adventures :-)

I’ve had the joy of gaining so many new friends through my blog, it’s such an amazing thing.

So today, I am thank for you, reader. You are quite amazing :-)

Day 7 of the 9 Days of Thankfulness!

Today, I am thankful for not only my family and friends.

Though this may be one of those cliche Thanksgiving things, it’s so true. I have the best family, I have the bestest of friends. And I couldn’t be happier with them.

My family loves me and puts up with me when I’m cranky for whatever reason (stupid or not, haha). They support my passions, they encrouage me, and they willingly wait while I try and decide what color of yarn I should get. Plus many many other amazing things. They are the best and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

My friends? Could they get any better? I don’t think so. They are pretty stinking amazing the way they are, and I’m so blessed to have them. Like my family, they love me despite my shortcomings. They laugh at my stupid jokes (whether it’s “AAAAHHHHH! *stretches arms*” or “Be pure. Like a lightbulb!”) and faces(and at me when I laugh at myself, haha :-P). They are so extremely amazing, holy cow. Though many of them may live way way wayyyyy too far away for my liking, when I do see them, I can’t even begin to tell you how sweet the fellowship is.

So today, I’m thankful for my family and friends.

In other news!

Man, school is really hectic, trying to keep on top of things, preparing for finals, getting enough done, so I can have a relaxing Thanksgiving break. Phew, do pardon my slowness for posting the past couple of days.

I’ve gotten a ton of knitting done, it’s quite amazing, haha, considering the school I have to do. But I’m steadily working on the NaKniMo/NaKniSweMo, and it’s going along beautifully. I finished the left front today, so all that’s left is the back and two sleeves. I doubt I’ll get it done before Thanksgiving, but who knows! Optimism, right?

Christmas present yarn was gotten, and gifts are started. Yes, I am insane for starting them *this* late, on top of me being in college. But without that kind of adventure, life would be not quite as exciting. I like to live life on the edge. Really really really close to the edge, apparently, haha. *crosses fingers*

Day 2 of the 9 Days of Thankfulness!

Today, I’m thankful for Ravelry.

It’s a portal to not only creativity and inspiration, but also amazingly awesome people!

If you don’t have a Ravelry, and you knit and/or crochet and/or craft with anything fiber, you really need one.

I’d call it kind of like a Facebook for knitters… minus the newsfeed of statuses. It’s a fiber-related social networking site. I didn’t know this, but it even has it’s own Ravelry Wikipedia page…How cool is that?

It hit a huge mile-marker on February 29th, 2012; they got 2 million members. Sooo many people!

I really recommend getting an account (it’s free, woot woot!) if you’re on the lookout for knit/crochet patterns, free and paid. The selection of patterns and amazing designers is absolutely endless, I find new things every day!

Also, I’m making huge progress on my Audrey in Unst cardigan, that I’m doing for NaKniMo and NaKniSweMo. Moving along very quickly ^_^ Will I make it before Thanksgiving? Will it get finished? Agh, we’ll just have to wait and find out, haha :-P