Christmas Mission – GO!

Christmas Mission: Hat for someone, who shant be named lest this person read this blog.
Progress: about 50%
Pattern: Ariosa Pompom Hat by Hannah Fettig (direct link to the pattern!)
Yarn: Berroco Vintage
Needles: US9 and US10.5
Mods: none… well, I might not do the pompom, haha.

(on a very random, and definitely not-related note, my hair is growing fast, hallelujah! Holy cow, I miss my long hair, haha. Anyways, moving on :-P)

Started this hat last night, after searching Ravelry for awhile. Finally found it and it was like “BINGO. Let’s go get the needles.”

It’s moving on extremely fast. Which is no surprise because its on size US10.5, and the yarn is already pretty… bulky. Well, technically, it’s worsted, but because of the needles.. yeah. It bulks up.

But yeah, I think the recipient will like this hat :-P

Moving along with my gifts… I keep finding more and more people I want to knit for, and I’ll eventually have to face reality and accept that not everyone I want to give something to will get something… on Christmas.

Now, *after* Christmas.. that’s a totally different story :-P


Leaflet is alllllmost done… kinda…

Woot woot! Got both sleeves done!

So all that’s left is blocking it, and weaving in the ends (though.. weaving in the ends will come first, haha.)

On a completely un-related topic… I had the bestest weekend in the entire world. it was so amazing. And I’ll go into detail later, for I must run soon.

There was dancing, so much laughter (which means a lot of calories were burned. Booyah! hahaha :-P) probably about a billion+ smiles, music was played, hugs all around. It was so epic, it wasn’t even funny.

and I miss the Ballingers soooo much, that’s also not even funny. But hopefully, I’ll see them again in the hopefully near future :-)

Day 11 + 12 of 14 Days of Thankfulness – Movement and Dance

I love to dance. Actually, I don’t just love it… I adore it. I love to move. I love to be able to do graceful things with my movements…

(Credit: pinterest) (haha, this is not me. I wish it was though, hahaha :-P)

Dance is just so extremely amazing. It’s like playing music, creating some amazing painting, or even knitting. It’s this fun outlet that people can express themselves… with movement in a graceful beautiful way.

Movement is probably one of those things that we take for granted, and it’s a total shock when we aren’t able to move, or we don’t have the ability to move as much. It’s like just a natural thing. Everyone moves. Everyone breaths.

I have no idea what I’d do if I didn’t have the ability to dance… life would be terrible…

I am thankful for the ability to dance and to move.

Day 1 of 14 Days of Thankfulness

I’m thankful for my ballet shoes. My flats, in particular. Or soft shoes, whatever you wanna call them, haha.

They’ve… been through a lot… haha

And these are definitely not my first pair, haha.

I have no clue how many pirouettes they’ve been through…or balances, grande jetes, performances.

But it’s been a lot, haha.

So I’m thankful for these shoes. and my past ballet flats.. and my future ones as well, haha. They’re extremely important, and making dancing a whole lot easier :-P

Confused about the 14 days of thankfulness? Read this post here, and you’ll find out :-P

Butterflies, Dancing, and Best Friends…

My knitting…Soay is going amazingly well…

I got so much done during the week…haha

Jeeves approves….whole-heartedly, haha :-P

I do apologize for not posting at all last week…in fact, I think I completely missed a Quotable Friday…how horrible of me. But, I had so much fun the entire week…

We made key lime pie. And due to the fact that lime juice either isn’t in season or we couldn’t find it, meant that we had to…hand squeeze all the limes.

Like…a lot of limes. But was it worth it..? Ooooh yes, haha.

Then there was the ball… and I’m just going to say that that was MORE THAN AMAZINGLY AWESOME, because I don’t think I can actually…describe how amazingly awesome it was. It was *that* awesome…

One of the days, we went to Museum of Natural Science in downtownish/Museum District. We saw the gems (which no matter how many times I see, I always enjoy them…) we saw the Texas exhibit…which was definitely interesting. And we saw the butterflies. Which…was so cool.

Because…because it was so warm that day, all the butterflies were up and about…there were millions flying everrrrywhere. Never seen that before, and it was uberly cool.

Haha, this is just a small glance at all the amazingly awesome things we did …And so many more fun things happened, so many inside jokes were created (like so many, I can’t even remember all of them…)

But then we had to drop them off at the airport…and it was sad. But all more than amazingly awesome things must come to an end….unfortunately…

*who cares about the probably bad quality of the picture. it needs to be posted, shared, and loved.*

In other words, I have some of the bestest friends ever. And I stinking loved having them come visit. I’m sad that they’er gone…and I hope that they either come back…or we go visit them soon :-)

Another knitting knote…

I finished those socks :-)

<3 Little Hearts <3

You know spring is here when you’re able to bring fresh cut flowers and put them on the kitchen table for everyone to enjoy. …and take pictures of :-P

A gift for a friend’s birthday (if you’re that friend, helloooooo :-P) was needed and I had just seen that the Sweatshop of Love had recently published this new pattern for a little heart.

In the picture on the pattern, I think the girl had it sewn on her shirt. But I decided to stick it on a headband :-P

It’s so easy, I made my first one in about…15 minutes at the most. I’ll most definitely be making lots more in the future :-P And I’ve already been brainstorming other ideas of what to do with them and where to put them :-P

*contented sigh* it’s 75 today. I’m heading out to a fun party thing. There’s a ball practice tonight.

Life is awesome. :-)

No Superbowl, but rather Ballet Competition

Yaaaaay, knitting post!!

Upon sitting down to take the picture, I found I had helper, haha.

He was very…happy to help, haha

Haha, annnyways, here is my first store sample update :-P

I was able to finish the back yesterday morning during the amazingly free day, haha.

And I was able to get relatively far (but extremely far from finishing, haha) on the front, which was extremely happy.

The yarn is so smooth and soft, I’m enjoying it soooo much! Haha, it is extremely slippery though, which often causes a tangled ball of yarn when it’s almost gone.

Haha, and I still can’t get over the fact that these balls of yarn come in little packages. It’s too weird! Though, I do have to say, a pile of little packages is waaay more satisfying that a pile of ball bands :-P

So, the Superbowl is tomorrow…and I’m not planning on watching it. Er, at least, not that I know of anyway, haha.

I am planning on watching a live broadcasting of a ballet competition over in Lausanne, Switzerland. That’s in the morning, rather early. I’m pondering if I really want to wake up at 8, or earlier….but I think it’s totally worth it :-P

One cool thing about that, is that two out of three of the students from the Ben Stevenson Academy of Ballet in Houston, were qualified for the finals. Last year, all three students that went made it to the finals…one finished in first place, another one in…3rd or 4th, I believe. And then the last one in 10th. Or something like that, I’m most likely wrong :-P

There is a dance practice this evening!! And, to say the least, I am SO STINKING EXCITED. Last time I danced was…at the beginning of December, haha. Someone calculated it out and it was something like 72 days…haha. That’s definitely waaay too long :-P

I hope your weekend is/was/will be amazingly awesome, and next week will be the same :-P