Hat-A-Long Hat #2: Bad Wolf

Heres my next hat! I cast this on on October 1st, took it with me to school, then finished it on October 2nd. So, technically, this was my first hat ;-P


This is the Sugar Maple Hat by Katie Mack, which is a free pattern (wooo!). Its such a great pattern – its just a basic hat, with all the math done for you, haha! It also has so much room for modifying it and making it your own. Maybe a cable, a couple rows of lace or colorwork. You can use crazy colorful yarn and let it do all the work! Or you can use handspun (which is what I did) and bask in the glory of knitting with your own handspun.


This fiber I spun right before school started back up, and I spun it in about day, haha. The colorway name is Rose Tyler from Woolen Mills St. Yarns. Heres the blog post I wrote about it! . So, because of the colorway name, this is my Bad Wolf hat.

This was kind of a spontaneous project, haha! I was headed to my girl’s small group with the A&M RUF group, and didn’t have anything small that I really wanted to knit on. So, I grabbed this skein, caked it up in about 5 minutes (hallelujah for swifts!), grabbed the needles read the pattern, and left!

Its super simple, but that way the random striping can shine.

Another really amazing “cast on, knit a couple hours, bam! You’re done!” hat… Perfect for Christmas knitting!


Handknit Socks

So, I recently got a pair of Sperry’s boater shoes. They are quite thebomb. com.

Besides being really adorable and comfy, they also look really amazing and work really well with hand knit socks. ^_^


I made these a year ago, in May. The yarn is from Ladybug Fiber (who I highly recommend, those yarns are absolutely amazing!) I love these colors, it reminds me of Doctor Who ^_^

This has inspired me to work on my sock abilities. Maybe expand to an actual pattern sock for once. See what its like.. and if it doesn’t suit, I’m totally okay with knitting plain vanilla socks. That’s what stripes are for ^_^

Do you have a simple sock pattern that you always go to? I’m thinking about Hermione’s Everyday Socks. I’ve had those in my queue, despite the fact I knew I probably wouldn’t make them. Its the thought that counts ^_^ But now, it’ll probably happen! I really want it to happen, anyway, haha!

One of the problems that I’ve found when I look at the patterns for these kinds of socks is that the size is always way too big for my foot. If theres one knitting pet peeve, it’s baggy socks, haha! I like mine to be tight and won’t slip around.

So, that’s always kind of detered me, because I knew the patterns were written for bigger feet. Though this doesn’t let me completely off the hook; I could have figured out the math, haha. But me and math have never been amazing friends, if you know what I mean ;-P

One of my high and lofty goals is to knit a pair of socks (vanilla or patterned, either one) out of handspun. That’s definitely not now, but in the future that’s what I hope to and plan on doing ^_^

In other news, I did finish the first sleeve of my Audrey in Unst cardigan, and knit the entire sleeve cap last night. It was a surprise, haha! I got a ton of homework done in the afternoon, took an amazing nap, then was ready to conqure the evening. it was quite a success, haha!

I did get pictures, but when I went to edit them my computer was like “Noooo, you can’t do that. No.” and I was like “…wat”. Which is major sad. So, I’ll be working on that trying to figure out whats wrong… this hasn’t happened before. But until then, I might have to use my Instagram pictures, thowwie thowwie. But Instagram pictures are better than no pictures, right? I shall preval, my computer’s reluctance shall be figured out ^_^

I’m also heading to Dallas this weekend for my sister’s wedding shower that my sister-in-law and I are hosting. It’ll be awesomeeee! I was in charge of making the gift bags, and they turned out so well. I made pompoms to go on with the tags. I’m uber happy with them ^_^ picture definitely will be posted.

Lots of knitting time, though. We leave from school tomorrow, fun stuff! So, I have to have everything ready to go on Thursday night, ready to just throw in the car.

I’m usually okay with packing, doesn’t worry me.. but what does worry me?

What if I don’t bring enough knitting? *shudders at the thought*

Good thing I know there’s an awesome yarn store (or several, haha!) near my sister ^_^

FO! – Cabled Bookmarks

Ah, my first semester of college is over. I can’t believe it… it feels like just yesterday I woke up at 5:00am in order to go to my first class. (Which was at 7:00am, hence getting up at 5:00, haha)

I don’t know if college was what I was expecting, only because I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew it would probably be challenging at times, I knew that I would be able to do it. I knew that I would meet lots of interesting people. I knew that I could get some bad teachers and some good teachers. And in that respect, college was exactly that.

It was an uber amazing experience, and despite all the hard work and lack of sleep, I know next semester will be just as cool as this one. I hope, haha.

I had amazing support while I was slogging my way through, haha. My family and my friends. My knitting and the Doctor, Sherlock, and Inspector Detective Foyle (if you have not seen Foyle’s War, and love and adore mysteries, I HIGHLY recommend Foyle’s War. Some of the best mysteries I have ever seen. Plus, series 1-6, all of them, are on Netflix Instant, woot woot! Go give it a looksie :-P)

So, the semester has come to an end, my finals are over. I needed something little to give a couple of my teachers as a thank you for being so awesome. Upon looking through the amazing selection of Ravelry, I found this Cabled Bookmark by Lesley Raymond


And I am extremely happy with how they turned out. I ended up making three – all of them out of stash! Woot woot, haha! Two of them were out of Knit Picks Palette in the heather grey and Eggplant colorway (sadly, I didn’t get a picture of the eggplant one :-/) and the last one was made out of Koigu Painters Palette…


They blocked so nicely, it was quite amazing. I was able to knit one up in about 3 hours. Upon which, I’d give it a little bath in some Soak, then pin it to a towel, and hang it in front of a fan, so it’d dry in time for my class the next day, haha.


(woot woot for the Hobbit!! I cannot WAIT to see it, wheeheeeee ^_^)

They’re not too thick, and you can make them as long as you want.

These are definitely a perfect Christmas gift!

Socktoberfest Socks Pair #2

started and finished my first sock of the second pair of socks for the 2012 Socktoberfest. Woot woot!!

This is Lollipop Yarns in the “Purple Pizzaz” colorway. It’s such a happy experience to knit it. So soft and squishy!

I’m knitting in every spare moment at school. And as a result, haha, I’m getting a lot done :-P Plus, socks are quick and easy. Definitely a happy plus.

(It’s a day to be proud to be a Whovian, wear a Doctor Who shirt today! :-P)

Annular by Wooly Wormhead

So, if you’ve been online in the knitting world, you will know that Wooly Wormhead’s brand new book, Classic Wooly Toppers, was released recently. It’s quite an amazing book… all the hats are brilliantly adorable!

Plus, she has uber amazing tips on what hats look best on what face shapes and with long/short hair. Which is pretty handy!

So, I may or may not have cast a hat on. In my favor, I *did* wait like… a week. A week and a half maybe, before casting one on. But I had a bad week…I had the yarn…so I went ahead and did it ^_^

This is Annular! It’s slouchy, and happy. And red. Which I love. I don’t have any red hats… or anything red red, that I’ve knit, actually.

I’m using Ella Rae Lace Merino on size US 5s for the body, and used US 4s for the ribbing.

The pattern calls for a DK weight yarn, and mine is a fingering. But I’m liking how it’s turning out… just adding a little bit of length so it’ll look like the picture, haha. But because of the difference in yarn, it’s a little more lightweight.

(wearing it like this, while it’s still on the needles and won’t really fit on my head.. it reminds me of a fez, kind of. The Doctor would be proud. :-P)

It’s a fun little knit, I’ve knit upon it in class, so it’s definitely not a complicated pattern. Mostly purling with a few twisted stitches thrown in there :-P So adorable!!

Whovian Inspired

It’s Friday. I just got done taking a big history test. My dad is taking the day off today, so he came with my mom and I to school, which resulted in…

a Starbucks stop for a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino (which if you haven’t tried yet, you MUST. It is heavenly)

It gets better. He also offered to take my mom and I to a yarn store this afternoon to get some yarn for whatever.

Yes, I do, in fact, have the best dad *ever*.

So that’s just an automatic “my day is AMAZING”…

But wait! There’s more! (sorry, I had to throw that in there. I couldn’t resist, haha :-P)

Seems like a regular cozy with a bow on it, right? Wrong! Well, half-right, haha. It is a bow, but not just *any* bow. It’s a Doctor Who bow tie. Molly, a friend from Ponca City (who has a blog, you should check it out), posted a picture of something like this on my wall, and it inspired me to get out my grandmother’s old hooks and crochet a little bit.

It was a bit frustrating a the beginning, because I couldn’t get the size right, so I had to keep ripping out. BUT! I did not quit. And it turned out just how I wanted it to. Plus, it took like half an evening. It was so awesome.

I’ve been using it every day on my thermos that I carry to school… and I’ve gotten so many compliments, haha. “Oh my goodness, that’s so cute!! I love the bow!” or “Wow, did you make that??” Yes, I am quite proud of what I have made ^_^

What else is happy? When I have a free moment, or I need to cleanse my mind of endless studying, I sit down to read a few pages of..

No matter what mood I’m in, if I read some of the hilarious dialogs of Bertie Wooster (the person, not the cat, haha), things become a lot happier and life is awesome. (But if you didn’t know, that’s who Bertie, my cat, is named after. Their personalities match quite perfectly, actually, heehee ^_^)

AND! There’s still more.

I’m about 15 rows away from casting off the second sleeve of my Celestite Cardigan. Which leaves that really little shawl collar, and… a button. And tada! One more sweater, completed ^_^

Which, counting all the sweaters I’ve made so far in 2012, and including Celestite and Manu (which is 98% done), I’ve knit 10 sweaters. 10 ENTIRE SWEATERS. And I have even more sweater plans before the year is out.

Will I make it past 12? Will I knit 12 sweaters in 2012? Or will I go above and beyond the goal? Aaah, the suspense.

iCord Bind-Off and Buttonholes

Haha, remember the Sardine Sweater that I started way back in May? It’s been one of those projects that I never feel like working on unless I feel really guilty, then it comes and out and I work on it non-stop, haha.

I am *this* close to being done. *THIS* close. It has been a good project though, I’ve learned how to do pleats, i-cord bind-off, i-cord buttonholes, and I perfected my short rows. And soon, I’ll be working on my pocket skills.

I’m almost done with the i-cord bind-off around the entire edgings of the sweater (which, from what I’ve heard about the i-cord bind-off taking forever and a day, I got more than half of it done in one evening. True, I had knitting podcasts and a Doctor Who to watch, but still, haha :-P)

I’m planning on finishing up the bind-off this afternoon, then get started on the pockets. I got buttons on… Wednesday, I think. They are *perfect*.

Also, this evening we’re going to go hear the Houston Symphony perform their “Best of Brahms”. Which I am quite excited about, Brahms is one of my favorite composers.

And even better? If I take a couple of pictures and show them to my music appreciation teacher? I get extra credit on my big test on Tuesday. Major major win.

And of course, I’ll be knitting the whole time ^_^