FO: Aujourd’hui

I’m going to start this off by saying two things.

1) Instant gratification knitting projects are amazing.

2) Malabrigo’s Rasta is also amazing.


This is the Aujourd’hui cowl by tante ehm, and I used Malabrigo Rasta in the Pagoda colorway!


This was such an instant gratification knit…


I took the yarn and needles with me on a weekend retreat with RUF during the semester, and finished it within a day.

(I’d like to say that this is not a face of disgust or disapproval, haha. It was very sunny!)

Joey took these pictures for me, which makes them really special to me. He took them on his nicer camera, but changed the settings for me so he wasn’t shooting in RAW, which I don’t like working with. He’s the best.


Out with the old, in with the new…

So, my last post was on October 20th? Which I feel like doesn’t even count because it was a Musical Monday. After.. another Musical Monday.

Crazy things have happened.. My first semester of junior year began and ended; passed all my classes, even French, despite my worries; everything that has happened with my younger brother, Joey. These past couple weeks have been a whirlwind, haha. So many good things happened this past semester as well.. too many to list, haha.

Christmas is over! 2015 is here! Did I get all my Christmas knitting done in time? No. Did I get any of my Christmas knitting done in time? No. Thats okay, haha. The events of the past couple of weeks have caused knitting to fall lower on the priority list, and thats fine. There were more important things to be done!

In the mean time, while I get back on track with FO posts and such, here are a couple pictures, in no particular order, that I took during the semester with full intention of blogging about them, but never got around to it. Silly school! ;-)

















It was a full year. It was a full semester. Its a full life! I have no clue what 2015 holds for me, but I know that its going to be good. Christmas of 2014 held some of the worst moments of my life.. but also some of the absolute best. I also received the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten. We had a Christmas miracle this year… God showered not only His mercy and blessings on us, but also His peace and strength.

I hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas and end of 2014, I know I did.

Up to my ears in Christmas knitting

Hello, again! I’m back! The month long hiatus was definitely not planned, it just kinda happened, haha. But while I was taking more pictures for this post (and future posts) and editing them I remembered how much I love doing this.

I have two weeks (ish) left of break before I head back to school. This coming semester is going to be crazy. So, I can’t make any promises in regards to blogging during the semester (curse you, school! Why must you take up so much time?!) But.. I’m still on break. And I want to get back into the swing of things!

Lots of stuff to show you… WIPs, FOs, lots of enabling (cause Christmas can do that to you ;-P) Heres just a little bit right now, because I don’t want to overload everything and everyone. That might be a bit much, haha.

Where to begin?! How about Christmas presents! (Though, sad day, I only have pictures of three of the 6ish I made. But I have more to make that didn’t have to be ready for Christmas. Definitely going to try and get pictures of those!)


This hat was for my younger brother! It’s Eno by Jared Flood out of Drops Alpaca in the… grey mix colorway, I believe.

Super fun knit! Went pretty quickly… and I think my brother will enjoy wearing it on campus to keep out the cold (it gets cooold! Walking across campus in the wind and wet and cold. Yay for knitwear d^_^b) This was my first finished Christmas present of the season, haha. Got it done back in November, I believe. Ohh yeah.


Note: This was finished late late on Christmas Eve. *cue victorious music* It was finished. Haha!

This was for my dad, it is the Antler Hat by tincanknits (which is a free pattern, btw! Yay!!) out of Drops Nepal in dark grey.

Hats as quick gifts… you really can’t go wrong there. (Unless the recipient doesn’t wear hats, but you still have millions of options, haha!) If I just worked on this, I’m sure I would have had it done in 2 days, 3 at the most. Or less, who knows. Its an amazing pattern, the cable pattern was really really easy to memorize and keep track of! Which I always have problems with when doing cables, haha. I didn’t need to carry around the pattern after one 6-row repeat.


Now this one… sadly, did not get finished in time. But this was for my mom (who is also an avid knitter!) So, she completely understood when she saw my project bag with a name tag taped on it, haha. Yay for gifting WIPs still on the needles in the project bag, haha.

This one is a little bit more special because its knit with some handspun!


I got the fiber and spun it up super duper quick, worried I wasn’t going to even get it spun up it time (once again, school. Why do you get in the way of so many things??) But I got that done! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my step-by-step progress, haha! I got the fiber from Three Waters Farm. Its a mixture of Merino, Silk, and Bamboo. In other words… insanely soft, haha! The colorway name is Frost.

I’m making the September Circle cowl by Melissa LaBarre, which from the ones I saw on ravelry, it looks amazing in handspun. Definitely a pattern I’ll be going back to! Plus, it goes pretty quickly.

I have plans to get pictures of various gifts on the various recipients, we’ll see if that works out :-P

In addition to those gifts, I made the Angles Shawl by Rose Jordan for my sister, Boyfriend by Lucinda Campbell for my brother-in-law, and my second Big Snowy Owl from the Purl Bee for my brother and sister-in-law. Then other things on my list that haven’t gotten started yet that are for non-related people. Phew!

Anyway, so thats it for now. I still have lots more pictures, and I’m sure I’ll have to take more tomorrow ;-P More stuff to come! Thanks to everyone who’s been waiting patiently for me to climb back out of my little hidey-hole. I know I don’t like it when my favorite bloggers disappear for no reason!

Lots of Progress of All Sorts

Road trips are perfect for productive knitting. You can get such an insane amount done, its… amazing, haha! If you’re not the one driving, that is :-P

I’m like..98% done with my Pomme de Pin cardigan!!!


I blocked the sleeves before I set them in, because the sleeve cap was a bit tight. I’m super glad I did, because after the second blocking, it fits perfectly ^_^


I was able to set in both sleeves and complete the button band… woot woot!

The only sad thing was that the buttons I got when I got the yarn… they don’t fit *sadface* But, thats okay! I’m going to go Joann’s soon and pick out ones that will fit :-P

More knitting news…


I have a new project!

About two weeks ago, I was chatting with Mel of the Singlehanded Knits Podcast on twitter about her knitting the Long Sands cardigan, and she was so extremely sweet and gifted me the pattern!

Mel is so considerate and kind, and she has a super awesome podcast! You definitely need to had her to your podcast list d^_^b

So, I ordered the yarn and it came while we were on our trip to Oklahoma (for my sister’s post-wedding reception in Ponca, it was AMAZING) and so I was able to cast it on when we got home.. and was able to finish the entire back last night while my mom and I watched Project Runway. I plan to finish the back and cast on one of the fronts this evening ^_^

Spinning wise, since the Tour de Fleece finished while we were gone, I had something on my wheel and wasn’t able to finish on time with the tour…


I finished it yesterday! I’m so insanely happy with it – it’s 620yds (the most I’ve ever done ever!) of a lace/light fingering weight. The colorway is called “The Candy Man Can” from Two If by Hand from the Willy Wonka fiber club. It was a 4oz braid of Targhee .

I love the name, haha. The movie it comes from is one of my favorites, I watched it a ton growing up… And this is one of the best songs from the movie :-P


Once again, a fractal spun, heehee :-P But yes, I’m so so so happy with how it turned out… I have no clue what I’m going to do with it yet, haha. But I want to pick something that is really special ^_^ Any ideas?

Tour de Fleece 2013 Plans

Its that time of year again! Its time for the Tour de Fleece! d^_^b

The dates this year are June 29st, 2013 through July 21st, 2013. Plenty of time to spin spin spin!

So, in preparation for this almost-month-long-event-of-awesomeness, I’ve joined 3 different teams and started thinking about goals and what I’ll be spinning.

Team wise, I have joined (if you click on the images, it sends you to sign up for the teams ^_^)

~ Team Loop ~


~ Team Daybreak Dyeworks ~ (Dawn is SO sweet! You really need to check out her shop – her colors are absolutely gorgeous!)


~ Team Must Stash ~


I am so excited about Tour de Fleece this year… Its been about a year and a half since I got my wheel, and my spinning skills have definitely increased… making it even more fun and enjoyable to participate ^_^

So, out of the many many ideas that I have of what I want to spin, here are two that are recent fiber acquisitions


I joined the Two if By Hand fiber Willy Wonka fibre club… and this was the first shipment. This is called “Bean Feast” after the request made by Veruca Salt in the Golden Goose Room (which I love and adore that movie. Best version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory EVER. But thats personal preference, heehee :-P)

And! I also got the fiber from the SAL with the Knitabulls Podcast


This was inspired by this picture of Lavinia Swire from Downton Abbey

I think the colors are absolutely gorgeous… I’m not quite sure what I’m going to be doing with it yet. Probably Navajo ply, since thats what I’m most comfortable with. But I’m trying to branch out and get better that doing 2-plies.

Any tips on doing a 2-ply? The ones I’ve done in the past end up being over-twisted a fair amount because I’m worried the plies will come apart and not be twisted enough. Then I overcompensate, haha. Any advice will be appreciated v^_^v

What are your plans for Tdf 2013? What teams have you joined? I’m uber excited, I can’t wait for it to start!! ^_^

Complete body, start of a sleeve

Despite my huge plans of knitting on the beach, it didn’t really happen. I think I ended up knitting for about 10 minutes, haha.

I think this was because 1) due to the fineness of the sand on the beach, it was getting everywhere and in everything. As much as I loved the sand, I didn’t want it in my knitting. And 2) So many things to do, see, people to watch, family to talk to, sun to absorb… I was busy d^_^b

But, when we were in the airport for pretty much the entire day, for the journey homeward, I got a ton of knitting done.


Tada! The body of my Pomme de Pin Cardigan is now complete, and I have started on the sleeves…


The ribbing on this sleeve was a breeze, because I read the whole time, while knitting it, haha.

Knitting the lace in the round is kinda throwing me off… it’s getting a bit messed up. But it’ll be on underside of the sleeve, so its all good ^_^

Home again, home again, jiggty jig

Ahh, its so nice to come home and be able to sleep in your own bed, have your full stash available, endless supply of tea, kitty cuddles, the familiarness of your house… It is quite a nice feeling.

Though I do love going on vacation – it was an absolute blast and I cannot wait to get to go back to Marco Island. Its seriously one of the best places ever.

Won’t write much now, got lots of laundry to do ;-P

But in the meantime, here’s a picture for you guys…


We got to go parasailing on Thursday before the wedding. I’m on the left, my dad in the middle, and my sister-in-law on the right. We saw a dolphin when we were close the water. It was epic. It was amazing. Never thought I’d go parasailing, but ohhhh, I’m so glad I did. If you ever get the chance, DO IT. Do it, you won’t regret it v^_^v