Returning Home…

So, my blogging every week didn’t really work out that well… But I’m glad took the time that I was abroad and was able to submerge myself in the beautiful and magnificent historical monuments and pieces of art that was available to me.

Thats what pictures are for, right? ;)

Instead of bombarding you with ALL the pictures now, I’ll post a couple every so often. I’m also thinking about possibly putting them all online in a place where you can go see them easily. There were so many things that I was able to see and I was able to take so many pictures. Many times I wished my friends and family were with me to see all the incredible sights. But thats what pictures and story-telling are for :)

In other news! I’m starting my senior year this year, graduation is right around the corner (or a year away, haha). As you might have also noticed, there have been some changes around the blog!

Brand new… everything, haha. The About page hadn’t been updated in three years… so thats new and fresh, haha. The header and layout is brand new. Woohoo!

I have big knitting plans coming up – ideas, possibilities and inspirations. Hopefully they’ll all end up working out, but who knows. There are constantly new things being published… and all the knitters out there will know and sympathize with me, that its very easy to get distracted by all the new patterns and yarns being released :)

Being home has been wonderful. I’m so happy to be home – 10 weeks away from my bed, my friends, my family, and my cat was incredibly hard. But, of course, in the end, it was worth it. I’m definitely a better and wiser person because of my study abroad experience, and I wouldn’t change any of it.


Above is getting ready to  tearfully go through security on May 27th… and below is a tearful (but happy tearful, haha) reunion on August 8th.


Its amazing what being away for 10 weeks can do to a person <3

Première semaine à Grenoble!


Well, a full week in Grenoble, France as now been completed. Its crazy how fast its gone by!

Grenoble is such a beautiful place, its incredible to be surrounded by the mountains and trees.




I also get to take the trams to school, which means I get to see beautiful things on my way!


This is from walking around on campus…


Haha, I guess living in Houston, where there are practically no mountains… coming to a place like Grenoble, is mind-blowing, haha.

Classes are intense. As you would expect if you’re in class for 4 hours straight every day, haha. Which is really awesome! Even though I’ve only been here a week, with my classes, experiencing every day life in Grenoble, and living with my host family, my French has already gotten better! Who knows where my French will be at the end of my time here in Grenoble and then the 5 weeks in Paris.

When I first got here, my host mom and her two sons (so.. my host brothers?) took me to this amazing open market that is open only on Sundays here in Grenoble. We’d call it a farmer’s market in America, but this was different than any other farmers market I’d ever seen before, haha.

The quanitity and quality of the food and produce was absolutely stunning. There was so much and it was all so fresh. The colors were amazing, and just being completely engulfed in the Grenoblois culture.


As much as I do love it here… I miss home. I miss my cat, my family, my friends… My body is finally finishing up dealing with the affects of the wonderful jet lag, so this morning I accidentally slept through my alarms to go with my group on a bus ride to Chamonix (Which is about a 3 hour drive away). Which was a super big bummer because I really wanted to go, and I mean… a 3 hour bus ride, both ways? Thats 6 hours of knitting right there.

I texted my mom as soon as I realized what had happened, and began to express my feelings of how much I missed home, how I wanted to be home, and how all I really wanted right then was either a pizza or a huge cup of PG Tips (which.. is my favorite kind of tea. Seriously, nothing is better than a cup of it, haha)

Its really amazing how much words help. Also, technology. And also parents who are willing to wake up in the middle of the night for them, just so people (a.k.a. me, haha) are okay with life, haha. Then I went and talked to my host mom and me missing my alarms, and we laughed about how easy it is to do that.

Then I got one of my wishes, haha. A big cup of PG Tips, thanks to both my moms (host, and real, haha). Perfectly strong and sweet.

IMG_9675 Needless to say, that made me feel a lot better.


Also knitting. Though the action of knitting a single stitch is really small, its really cool how just a couple of them can really make one feel better. If you’re into knitting, that is ;-)


Its the little things.

All that being said, I’m really happy to be here. Being away for so long will only make being at home, and in America sweeter than it was before I left.

Begin: Study Abroad of Summer 2015


On May 27th, I hopped on a plane and flew across the Atlantic to begin an adventure that will be the adventure of a lifetime.

Having never flown internationally by myself (seeing as, before this trip, I’ve only done it one other time, haha), it was kind of like “WHOA WHOA WHOA, I’m… by myself. What in the world am I doing. What do I do if something bad happens. I don’t know anyone. I’m… wat…”

That being said, I had nothing to worry about. It was super easy, just like flying within the country, just with a couple (or a lot, haha) of hours added on to the flight time. It was nice that I had done it once before, so in the vague memories I had of getting off of the airplane in 2011 at Heathrow were definitely helpful.

IMG_9405 IMG_9403 So since then, I’ve gotten to meet and spend a lot of time sightseeing with my fellow AIFS classmates! Which has been incredible and a wonderful experience. Even though I’ve seen things like Big Ben and the London Eye before… I don’t think I could ever get tired of seeing them and things similar, haha.

Also, during all this sightseeing that we’ve done within the past day and a half, as you can imagine…


I’ve been knitting, haha. Is anyone surprised by that? Coming from the girl who loves museums partly because she loves to walk around and knit at the same time, this should be absolutely no surprise, haha.


Yesterday evening (…which was Thursday, the 28th. I’m so messed up, the days are so confusing now! #timechanges #jetlag) we did the Hop On – Hop Off bus tour around London, just to get an idea of things we might have wanted to do today (…which is Friday, the 29th. So, we just got on, and rode the entire thing through. Which is probably one of my favorite tourist things to do in London, or cities like London.

Its so great, you can just sit there looking around and listening to people tell you about all the things that you’re going by! The weather was a wee bit chilly, but I did have my FRESHLY FINISHED COLOR AFFECTION


(*cue applause and cheers*) (yes, I did manage to finish it before leaving, and I’m so glad I did. I may or may not have cheated a wee bit on the boarder, but who cares… it turned out exactly how I wanted it, and I love it sooo much)

Anyways, so I continued to knit during said bus ride, and also today…

IMG_9546 IMG_9544 IMG_9520


IMG_9444 True, they’re a bit out of order, seeing as they start off with the brim of the hat (which I’m about to tell you about!) being a lot longer than it is at the end, at St. Pauls, haha.

I just started (in the Heathrow airport, haha) the Barnraiser hat by Julia Trice (which every single time I either write it out or type it out, I always said “Bairnraiser”… which I guess works?.. but a little different, haha)

I’m also using super super old stash… I don’t even remember when I got it, its that old! But its been in my stash forever (perfect for Stash Dash 2015! I signed up to do 10k.. I think I can do it, haha), its Rowan Felted Tweed DK. In some dark purple colorway, haha. I’m really excited about this hat, love me some cables, haha. I’m not sure what color of pompom to do though! Either go super drastic, and do something really contrasting. Or, maybe stick with a white or light grey… Who knows!

IMG_9486 IMG_9540

I’m so glad I had my Color Affection (there will be an FO post soon, I promise! Joey kindly took pictures for me literally right before I left, haha.


So, this is the last bit of the Roman wall that is still alive and well. Seeing this awaked the Scholite in me, and reminded me of reading and learning about everything Roman and Greek. Knowing all that stuff made seeing the wall that more special.

This is literally just the beginning of my 10 week long summer adventure, and its already been so incredible! I cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer holds… besides school, of course :-)


This is such a beautiful city, and I’m sad we have to leave tomorrow. But I know I’ll be back in August!

We’re flying to Lyon, France tomorrow, then off to Grenoble for 4 weeks! School is about to start! The summer is going to fly by…


I’ll be back soon!

“little by little, one travels far”

~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Color Affection II


Back in March, during Spring Break, we took a trip to Austin for a couple days… and of course, we went to the Hill Country Weavers. Who, happen to have Brooklyn Tweed yarns in their store ^_^

I went in that time with plans of getting yarn for the Guernsey Wrap  but was too distracted with another idea that popped into my head when we walked in the door.

Plans were changed, and I decided to get the yarn to make another Color Affection by Veera Valimaki  with Brooklyn Tweed LOFT in the Snowbound, Cast Iron, and Soot colorways!


Then when I went to take pictures, Jeeves was very interested in helping me…


He was very keen on the idea of rolling around on the shawl and cleaning himself…


And have a nice stretch… oh, Jeeves, what a silly.

Packing for Travel…


I’m getting ready to leave on a week long trip in Florida, and then shortly after getting back on the 22nd, I’ll be overseas for 10 weeks.

Of course, packing can be an issue… For Florida, as I’m car-pooling with people and as there will be lots of musical instruments also involved, there won’t be as much room, therefore, squishy and light packing is imperative. For France for 10 weeks, with lots of traveling involved… That also has to be light, as I’ll be the one who has to lug around my suitcase and backpack/carry-on.

Packing can be a really stressful thing sometimes, haha. For some, its what clothes or shoes to bring. Others, its whether or not you can pack a hair dyer. Or maybe books! How many books can you manage on one trip without your bag being too heavy?

I realized that I don’t have those kinds of problems… But I do have a serious concern for how much yarn and/or projects I will be able to bring.

The idea of being some place for a long period of time, especially if I know I wouldn’t be doing anything with my hands otherwise, without any kind of knitting because I RAN OUT is absolutely terrifying.


Trying to get all the lists planned out this week as I prepared to go, my mom pointed out that I was more concerned with the yarn and projects I was bring than how many pairs of shoes I’d have.

I’m totally okay with this problem.. Yarn is squishy and relatively lightweight! Its so easy to pack more of ;-)

FO: Noro Striped Scarf

Through out the semester, I’ve collected various small projects and just worked on them slowly.. or not slowly, and gotten distracted by new projects. Which shouldn’t be an surprise, haha.

I mean, amidst the craziness of school and tests and just life.. yarn has just got to happen, haha.


Then you add a cup of tea and either a book or a wonderful tv show (thats probably British *cough* Jeeves and Wooster *cough*) into the equation, and you have the perfect remedy for a stressful school week.

Sometime during the middle of the semester, we took a couple trips to Austin, which of course included visits to The Hill Country Weavers! If you ever are in Austin you absolutely HAVE to go there… it is probably the best yarn store I’ve ever been in of all times.

And, I had plans when went in.. wonderful plans, they were completed, projects were obtained. Hallelujah! I have fun things in mind.

But, other knitters will know this, its very easy to be distracted by other projects or yarn around that has absolutely nothing to do with the plans that you had coming in originally, haha.


I saw their wall of Noro. I could not resist. In past times, I’ve been pretty good about just walking by… but this time wasn’t quite as successful. But thats okay!


and so, I got yarn to make Jared Flood’s Noro Scarf, which I’ve had in my queue since I joined Ravelry… which is crazy to think about since that was in 2009 (now that really is a crazy thought…)


I also got this super adorable project bag for it to live in while we were on said trip. I couldn’t pass that up at all. I believe this one, and others like it were made by someone local to the Hill Country Weavers.


and now its done!


After I got mine, my mom decided to make one, so she got some yarn at the closest yarn store to College Station, WC Mercantile in Navasota, and hers is finished too!


Then a cold front blew through, so I could actually wear it! Woohoo! Which was quite lovely, I cannot wait till it gets more consistently cold again, so all the knitwear can be worn all the time ^_^ (I say this, and its the middle of May in Texas, and I’m getting ready to go to Florida and France and I’m busy thinking about winter weather, haha. #knittersbrain)

(also, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen these last two pictures, so I apologize for the double dipping ^_^)

FO: Louis le Lapin


The semester is coming to a close. I have one more final on Tuesday, after which I will have finished my junior year at Texas A&M University (A-Whoop!) Which is crazy; it feels like I just got here as a sophomore… or even further back, graduating from highschool and starting my first college semester at our local community college.

This summer hold big things for me! In addition to going to Florida for a week with RUF to its Summer Conference, I’ll be leaving for France for 10 weeks! Which is another crazy thing. Spending 10 weeks in France (4 in Grenoble, 5 in Paris, and 1 of traveling) and taking classes over there is both a daunting idea and absolutely incredible opportunity.

In preparation (amongst many many things, haha), I’ve made one thing in particular to take with my on my adventures in France…


This is Louis (le lapin!) and he’ll be traveling along with me as I journey across France and wherever else I may end up.


I used the Beau the Bunny pattern by Little Woolens… and it was an incredibly brilliant knit. The way the body is constructed makes it a really quick (and very satisfying ;-P) project!

The yarn I used is also special because its local yarn to College Station (or Navasota, which is only 20 minutes away) from a near by alpaca farm. I got the yarn from WC Mercantile last time I visited there with my mom.

Its so squishy and soft and smells incredible! I held the yarn double as I needed an aran weight, but the yarn I got was a medium sport weight.

So, in a way… I’ll be taking a little bit of Texas (or the local alpaca!) with me around France.


Then he was given a maroon bow tie. That was a no brainer, of course. Being an Aggie, the only logical option was maroon ;-)


Then theres the little tail. Which is just too cute and poofy. It did take a couple tries to make it just the right size, but eventually, with enough trimming, the perfect size was obtained.

If you’re in the need of a stuffed animal pattern as a gift or just because you want to make something other than a garment… I highly highly highly recommend this pattern! Its so quick and easy… and the end product is super adorable! Can’t say no to that!