Louise Cardigan


Theres something so satisfying about a wet sweater laying on a towel, pinned to the floor.

Whats even more satisfying is being able to wear said sweater, haha. I’m not quite there… yet. But I’m close! So close!

Louise Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hodge

I blocked this about two weeks ago, after starting (and getting really close to finishing it!) during Spring Break I took it home with me with full intention to do the button bands and neck band. That didn’t happen. But, I had good intentions!

Its all ready to go. All I have to do is just knit maybe 40ish rows in total and sew on buttons. I even wove in all the ends already. But I have a feeling that I probably won’t work on this until after school is over(3ish weeks! WAT!?)… possibly. Who knows, I could totally be wrong! My knitting impulses have been kind of random lately, so it could happen. It might not.

If it does happen though, it’ll definitely be up on my Instagram! So, if you want to have more frequent updates about my knitting life, I suggest you follow me! I’m either posting stuff about yarn/knitting or adorable cat pictures my mom has sent me (which makes me miss our cats horribly… but I’m going home for Easter, so I’ll get to see them then ^_^) or my current tea and nom nom that I happen to have while I study, heehee.

I’ve also finished my Daybreak. I started the Perseverance, its going splendidly! I’ll take pictures soon, hopefully, and get those edited and posted. And I still need to block my Daybreak and get pictures of that…

and I have all the French homework to do, Astronomy homework, two big presentations, a huge final paper, and two cumulative finals to study for…

Despite all the crazy crazy school, I’ve made a point to knit at least a couple rows a day. Even if I’m no where near finishing my to-do list. Even if I technically don’t have the time… I make time. Knitting is my thing (or one of them, haha!) that keeps me calm. Sane. Okay (ish, haha!) with whats going on. Relaxed, even if its just for a couple minutes. If I cut that out completely… 1) that’ll be super sad. and 2) that won’t be good for me!

This makes any kind of progress extremely slow. But I’ll take what I can get! At this point, I don’t really care how long something takes me. I’m just happy to be able to knit whenever I can. And I enjoy every single row and every single stitch.

Now, I’m off to go throw that Daybreak in the sink and give it a little blocking love before watching the Blood Moon Eclipse (which gives away the fact that I wrote this a day before posted. But thats okay. Good intentions, right? Right d^_^b)

FO!!: Lady Marple

Dear everyone, I have a finished object!


This is the Lady Marple Cardigan by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne.


I used Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter in the Snowbound colorway.


No super big mods, just added an extra inch on the sleeves. Which happened totally on accident, haha! We went to see the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, to which I brought my sweater to work on. Starting with only an inch after the shoulder short rows (3″), I came out with an inch past what my goal was (18″). It was quite a triumphant moment, haha. Then next day I busted out the second sleeve in an evening… and a lot of football and Parks and Rec, haha.

I’m really happy with this accidental mod, haha. I love the fact that I can pull the sleeves down over my hands (which proved to be really handy while taking these pictures, because it was freeeeezing. But not really. For Houston/Texas, it was really cold outside.

^ Gig’em d^_^b

Anyway, this sweater has been in my queue for forever… and I’m so happy I finally got around to making it ^_^

(*SIDENOTE*: I got cowboy boots for Christmas! Never had a pair before. I’m super duper excited! Every time I put them on, I really want to go dancing. Two-stepping, yo!)


Started it on Christmas Day, while enjoying the wonderful family time. Then finished it on January 6th. Bam! The wonders of quick-knit sweaters on size US9 needles.


It was such a fun and mindless pattern to knit. If you’re looking for a classic sweater, thats also easy an quick… This is perfect! Plus, its also cozy and will keep you warm, if needed. I think it’ll become my go-to cardigan ^_^

Hat-A-Long Hat #3: Hertenvos

Hat #3! Thus comes to an end of my hat-run. But, more hats are going on the needles. Its only October 11th! Think of all the hats that can be made between now and the 31st! More hats are coming.

This hat… ever since it was published, I’ve been wanting to make it. Like, really really really. But didn’t know exactly where I’d wear it or how… or whatever.

My brother and I went home last weekend, and my mom asked me what I wanted to do… and I had a random need to go to Joann’s and get the yarn for this hat. So we did! (We also got buttons, because… knitters always need more buttons ;-P)

We got home, I cast on immediately. Worked on it all afternoon/evening. It was the project of the day.

The novelty of this hat is quite epic. Just the idea, and then the construction. Making it was a blast!

So, behold! The hat of awesomeness!


Yes, that is a deer hat. Or a fox hat. It could be either one! Whatever you want it to be!

This is Hertenvos by Stephen West out of his Dear Amsterdam collection. On Stephen West’s project page, he said that the word “Hertenvos” in Dutch means “deerfox”. Which I think is super cool and very suiting ;-P

I used Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick and Quick. Super soft, bulkiest yarn ever, haha. Makes things go extremely fast d^_^b

I did use different needles, the US11 and US13 were making the hat too big. So, I used a US11 and US10.5. The ears are heavy enough that they don’t stand up, but I love it when they hang down. Plus, when it gets colder (yes, because its cold now! Yayyy!!) they’ll be amazing ear warmers; thanks to the super cool construction!

And its got a floppy pompom. I love those big, thick, puffy kind.. but the floppy ones are so cool too.


So yes. If you need some kind of really not-your-ordinary hat, this goes lickity-split!

Hat-A-Long Hat #2: Bad Wolf

Heres my next hat! I cast this on on October 1st, took it with me to school, then finished it on October 2nd. So, technically, this was my first hat ;-P


This is the Sugar Maple Hat by Katie Mack, which is a free pattern (wooo!). Its such a great pattern – its just a basic hat, with all the math done for you, haha! It also has so much room for modifying it and making it your own. Maybe a cable, a couple rows of lace or colorwork. You can use crazy colorful yarn and let it do all the work! Or you can use handspun (which is what I did) and bask in the glory of knitting with your own handspun.


This fiber I spun right before school started back up, and I spun it in about day, haha. The colorway name is Rose Tyler from Woolen Mills St. Yarns. Heres the blog post I wrote about it! . So, because of the colorway name, this is my Bad Wolf hat.

This was kind of a spontaneous project, haha! I was headed to my girl’s small group with the A&M RUF group, and didn’t have anything small that I really wanted to knit on. So, I grabbed this skein, caked it up in about 5 minutes (hallelujah for swifts!), grabbed the needles read the pattern, and left!

Its super simple, but that way the random striping can shine.

Another really amazing “cast on, knit a couple hours, bam! You’re done!” hat… Perfect for Christmas knitting!

Hat-A-Long Hat #1: Snowdrift

Its October! What?! That means that Christmas knitting is well underway… or it *should* be, haha!

I haven’t started.

Which is kind of setting myself to frantically race against the clock (like always. I always seem to do that, haha!) to get something done before midnight of December 24th. That not working out, so I stay up till the wee hours of the morning of December 25th finishing and wrapping items. Then often times giving gifts still on the needles.

But its the thought that counts, right? Right!

What I’m hoping will help me is the Hat-A-Long KAL that Diane of the Knitabulls Podcast is doing (I know I’ve said this before, but her podcast is one of the bestest out there! Go watch it!!)

As of today, I’ve knit four hats. One of them is secret knitting, so I can’t show you guys just yet. But this is something to make knocking out Christmas knitting a little easier ;-P

Here’s hat #1! (these aren’t in any particular order, haha!)


This is Snowdrift by Alex Tinsley ! I’ve had this pattern for about 2 years, but never got around to knitting it. Why, I don’t know… its one of the best patterns ever! And I’m about to tell you why…

1) It uses up stash yarn super easily. Bam, there goes that languishing 100yds you had lying around. Bye bye!

2) its knit on size 10.5 needles. And on a 16″ cable, it goes even more quickly.

3) the yarn is pretty adaptable… but using the bulky like it recommends. it’s just the best.

4) if you put reasons 2 and 3 together, you get some pretty speedy knitting! I knit this hat in about 3.5 hours. Yep, that’s it. Cast it on during a class, left it… worked on it the whole car ride back to Houston (which is about an hour and 45 minutes ish) then did the last two decrease rows later that night. BAM!


If you’re looking for super quick knit… you need to knit this.

I used a little bit of my left over cake from my Long Sands cardigan. Its Cascade Eco Wool in the Gun Metal color.

More of my finished hats coming d^_^b

Moving forward with Betiko

School is crazy! And I haven’t been feeling super passionate about what I’ve been working on recently… but that is going to change! My knitting mojo will return soon, I’m sure :-)

I’ve also gotten really behind on my tv shows, haha. Project Runway being one of them… and I had heard that there was some crazy drama going on, and I really needed to see it. So, I finally caught up last night! Except for the one that aired this past Thursday, then I’ll be caught up :-P

So, while catching up, I decided to take a break from the MKAL project and work a little bit on my Betiko!


I brought this with me to campus on Friday to try and knock out those 22″ inches of the striped strip thing… haha! And booyah! I accomplished those 22″ inches. Therefore, I got to start on the body!


My goodness, it was confusing getting started. But! After about 10 minutes analyzing the instructions (or recipe thing) and slowly figured out what needed to be done, haha.

After figuring it out, it was perfectly simple, haha! My super confusion was probably due to the fact that it was 1:30am and watching super intense and dramatic Project Runway episodes and wasn’t giving 100% of my attention to what I was doing :-P

The pattern, once figured out, makes perfect sense and its such an awesome way to go!

Its extremely customizable! You could do pretty much anything you wanted to that fit in the stitch count, haha! I didn’t want to do a particular stitch pattern, I was really interested in making one that is like the top picture on Lee Meredith’s website. But I’m positive that whatever kind of pattern or striping put into this recipe would produce something absolutely amazing!

Pop of Color


I have a couple different projects that I have to bring with me to class… mainly ones that aren’t *too* complicated (Though, last week, I did worked on fair isle during my classes, and ended up finishing the mitten… thats another post though, haha!) and projects that require a lot of back-and-forth.

Awhile ago, I cast on Thendara by Stephen West on a random whim. I think Diane of the Knitabulls Podcast had just cast it on, and that inspired me to make one too, haha!

This has become my mindless-back-and-forth project that I can just throw into my backpack. It’s super adorable home is a bag I won from a Daybreak Dyeworks contest during the Tour de Fleece.. I love it! Its got a lot of room in the bottom, which is nice since I have to tote around two balls of yarn and a relatively large, and still growing, shawl, haha!


At this point, I’ve already got all the little.. pointy section things, haha! Its just plugging away to get the 14″. Last time I measured, I had almost 10″, which was a super happy moment, haha!

My yarn is Madelinetosh Merino Light in the Composition Book colorway (the grey) and Pop Rocks colorway (the bright amazing pink, haha!). I got these two skeins after a visit to the Hill Country Weavers in Austin, TX

I love the pink… normally, if its too much pink, I won’t like it. But I think because this is a neon and neutral (there it is again ;-P those neons and neutrals!) its more attractive. I can’t wait till it gets colder and I get to wear my black pea-coat, various knit hats, and this ;-P Gotta have a pop of color!

FO!: The Bubbles Slouch Hat

I finished a hat last week, but haven’t had time to sit down and take nice FO pictures :-P


The Slouchy Bubbles Hat by knitshep

I saw one that Julie (Phoebejeebes99 on twitter :-P) posted on Instagram, and I decided that I HAD to make it, at some point… didn’t matter when. Just had to be made, haha.


So, I did! Later, when we visited my sister and brother-in-law in Dallas for the weekend and we stopped by her LYS (The Shabby Sheep) and I got two skeins of Berroco’s Flicker in the Siegfried colorway.


The yarn is super super soft – I really want to get more and make a cowl. Cause its gorgeous! And its got some sparkle d^_^b

The pattern was a bit fiddly though – if you’re new to cables, I wouldn’t suggest this as a beginning pattern. It can be a bit tricky keeping track of.


It can be worn lots of different ways, haha. Its fun to experiment :-P

I’m thinking about putting a pompom on the end… but I haven’t quite decided yet :-P


My wooly preparations for the cold continue on… and they shall continue to continue on. Because its just too much fun ^_^

Also, Diane of the Knitabulls podcast is doing a “Hatalong” during October. Which of course, I’m going to do, haha! So, I’m saving up the hats I want to now for later… d^_^b

Mystery Shawl KAL with Stephen West: Color Craving!

So, I’m sure I’m not the only knitter, who when they walk into a yarn store, their mind just goes bonkers and the mentality of making-all-the-things and casting-on-all-the-things sets in hard.

I think its safe to say that every knitter has experienced this at least once. Some, more than others. To me, it happens pretty much every single time I go into a yarn store, haha.

You can probably see where I’m going with this :-P Random impulse buy! But awhile ago… before school started. So, its kinda late. But thats okay! Its the thought that counts ^_^


What am I going to do with these? These beautiful colors that were so nicely grouped together for me on the front table at Yarntopia (my yarn home and LYS) are going to be used for the upcoming Mystery Shawl KAL with Stephen West: Color Craving. It starts on the 13th of September… and I am quite excited!

This is true, last year, I was really gung-ho about doing it, got the pattern, and ideas for the yarn… ended up not doing it. I don’t know why, haha. Rockefeller is a super cool pattern. Oh well, haha! Point is, I’m determined to do it this time. I did the Earth and Sky as the MKAL (Mystery Knit A Long ^_^) while I was at camp… my mom had to call me on the clue days and read me the pattern, so I could write it out. Yay limited/no internet access!


I’m READY TO GO. I’m planning on winding these soon. Since it starts in.. 6 days, woot woot!

Anyone else planning on doing the MKAL? What colors are you using? Are you super pumped? Ready to do this thing?

No, this is not a football pep-talk, haha.

Side note!


There are bun-and-bow days. When they come along, you must seize them with gusto and enjoy every minute of it. Which comes in handy, especially when the “It feels like” temperature is 107 and you have a heavy backpack to carry across campus.

Yes, embrace the updo. Random side note, but its an important one :-P