Moves and Changes

Moving is crazy stuff. Its overwhelming. Its tiring. But, in the end, its all worth it.

So, I’m all moved in in College Station. Just finished my third day of classes. And holy cow, am I ready for bed, haha!

Once I get my schedules/bus routes figured out (plus the normal stuff like cooking for myself, doing laundry on a regular basis, keeping chill…) figured out and things become more in a set pattern, I hope to have more time for blogging.

When we were looking for places to live, I was super excited when we saw the one we ended picking… because the room I liked has this huge (ish, its not ginormous, but is nice!) window… perfect for natural light and taking pictures for blog posts ;-P

My knitting time has been absolutely zilch the past couple of days. Running around campus in the Texas heat and humidity. Definitely not the most fun (or glamourous, haha!) thing to do… but hallelujah, all the buildings have the AC cranked down real low… so after being in the building for around 10 minutes, you’re shivering and wishing to go outside, haha. Oh, the joys of Texas d^_^b

Due to lack of knitting… I’ll show you bits of my new room :-)




Never fear, this is not all the yarn I brought. There are at least three bags and one soft-bucket-thing full of yarn ;-P



Also, I get to go home this weekend. Sadly, we don’t have Monday off. Why Texas A&M doesn’t do this, I have no clue… which is rather a bummer. But I don’t really care… I just can’t wait to be home and see my parents and my cat :-)


FO!: Handspun Norie

My goodness, things have been busy! But busy with good things! And lots of awesome things have happened as a result of being busy… so its all good d^_^b

One of these things, was that I had my NSC (New Student Conference) at A&M last Thursday+Friday… which is where we got kind of oriented and registered for my classes! Yessss!!!

And of course, I brought a long my knitting… I can’t bear to sit still for long periods of time (or any time at all, haha!) without knitting or doing anything with my hands. I had two goals for the two days.

1) I was going start and finish Norie (a hat pattern by Gudrun Johnston) the first day.

2) I was going to at least start, and get some progress on a pair of socks knit with some A&M yarn that my bosses (who are some of the sweetest people ever) gifted me.


Tada!! I got my first goal done! In one day! BAM! Haha, if you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram, you probably saw my progress through out the day :-P

I don’t think I’ve mentioned my yarn before… I finished it pretty shortly before we left, and I didn’t get the time to write a post about it :-P

But this was the last braid that I got from before the Tour de Fleece from Daybreak Dyeworks (which now I have to decide which of Dawn’s new colors I’m going to get… ohhh, the trials of a spinner ;-P)


(Bertie couldn’t restrain himself and just *had* to be in the picture… he just *had* to.)
The colorway name is Dance Fever, and its some of the softest most vibrant things *ever*!


When I started to spin it, I had a hat in mind.. so I was super excited to find out that I had gotten what I wanted/needed – a DK weight with a ton of yardage (404yds in total… I used about 200ish for the hat)

Once again, its a fractal spun 2 ply ;-P Haha, I don’t see the pattern of fractal spinning will be changing any time soon.. its so much fun!

So, as soon has I finished it and got it niddy-noddied up, I threw it in a bath so I could get it ready in time in order to knit Norie while walking around campus and sitting and listening to people talk about financial aid.

It actually didn’t dry in time.. but I set it in front of a fan, and that fixed things real quick d^_^b


I am super duper happy with how the hat turned out… I followed CatReading’s mods by excluding the Cat’s Paw lace sections and just putting in plain stockinette instead. Also, because I was using size US6s instead of US5s, I didn’t do as many repeats before starting the decreases.


In my rush to get everything ready to go, I forgot DPNs, haha! And my tape measure (which Sarah of Knit York City replied to my tweet of despair with a recommended measuring tape app, haha. Thanks, Sarah!) So that was a huge bummer… thankfully, I was able to squeak by at the end with two circulars (I have a 10″ circular I carry around in my notions bag… super handy, haha!)


The hat can be worn so many different ways, and its really long… but not too long to look goofy, haha! And its the perfect pattern for handspun :-P

I’m definitely going to be making more of these… I foresee many Nories being made for Christmas presents d^_^b

Finished Yarn: Fruit Salad!


Oooooh, I finished my Fruit Salad!

So, yesterday’s post, I hadn’t spun up the last two little balls of fiber and I hadn’t even begun to ply yet. Well, I got that all done yesterday evening. Though, I spun for about 4+ hours. It felt so good (I was kind of stiff when I got up though, haha, despite the breaks I took) and when I knew I was going to finish the yarn that night, it was more motivation to power through it ^_^


Its 338yds of about a fingering/light sport weight of superwash merino. The fiber came from Northbound Knitting… a long time ago, haha!


I’m so glad I waited to spin this braid up though… Though navajo-plying would have been amazing with these colors, I absolutely adore how the the affects of the 2-ply is really setting off the individual colors and letting them shine. When I got the braid, I was just learning how to navajo-ply, I think. So… I’m ver ver glad I waited.

When I niddy-noddied it up, it was really really over spun (still working on that perfect balance, haha!) but I threw it in its bath right away, let it soak for about 30 minutes then hung it up to dry overnight with a hanger on the bottom to weight it down. Its still a bit damp now, but I couldn’t wait to show you guys. I couldn’t resist!

I’m still leaning towards those Easy Handspun Mitts by Vera Brosgol . I really want the yarn to speak for itself, because I know it can, haha! Something simple, most definitely.


Thank you so much for all your helpful tips for spinning a 2-ply… all your advice was so extremely helpful! Figuring something out but reading an article is one thing, but getting tips from someone who has a lot of personal experience is another d^_^b

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to put something new on my wheel ^_^

Texas A&M News and Everlong

I have to get one thing out of the way before I continue on with this post.

This is quite big. And I’m so excited about it.

I officially got accepted into Texas A&M University. I’m kinda bouncing off the walls.

This might be a bit confusing, you might have thought I was already *in* A&M, because I’m going there in the fall… we have a place to live. Its all kind of set in stone. But actually, I hadn’t really been accepted yet. I was going either way… because if I didn’t, I would be going to the community college, Blinn, which is right next door to the A&M campus.

So why was it in question? Why the uncertainty? Because I’m going to be a transfer student, and all the grades they needed for that, I didn’t have.. quite yet. They needed my 2013 Spring semester grades, which I was working on.. but didn’t have.

We talked with lots of advisors, made sure we could do everything possible. Worked really hard to get good enough grades. Got my grades (which were above what I needed, that was a huge blessing) at the end of this semester, sent them in lickty-split… and all we could do then was wait. It was in God’s hands. If He wanted me to start my journey of being an Aggie this fall, He would make it happen.

We waited, and waited… it was only a *bit* suspenseful. (/sarcasm)

Then, this morning. I found out the good news. I had been officially accepted. I screamed, ran to the stairs… almost fell down the stairs and decided that I’d be better off standing at the top until I was done kind of and shaking and making every possible sound that expresses joy and happiness. Then I ran downstairs to give my mom a hug, haha.

It hasn’t really sunk in – its kind of like having a birthday. You don’t really like actually realize you’re older until later. I don’t really understand or realize that “Oh hey, I’m a fightin’ Texas Aggie, class of 2016 now. Waaaat?” Yeah, no that hasn’t sunk in yet.

SO. Now I can really REALLY embrace knitting ALL the A&M things with gusto. Ohhh boy.

Which leads nicely into a test knit I’m doing for Lisa of Northbound Knitting (so sweet, she has amazing patterns, yarn, *and* fiber – CHECK HER OUT!!) (sidenote: her yarn and fiber come on te updates, which you have to be watching for. So worth it – I absolutely love the stuff I’ve gotten from her!)


These are called Everlong, and they are… a pair of very long legwarmers, haha. They are awesomeness. And, if you didn’t notice… they’re in A&M colors ^_^

When I saw the picture on Instagram, I immediately though “OH… OH OH… Maroon.. and white. and OH MY GOODNESS.” So, I actually ordered Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in the right colors, because I absolutely *had* to do those colors.. how could I not? (Just as a btw, the maroon color is “Hollyberry”, which is the perfect maroon. Oh yeah. Then its White and Marble Heather for the grey)

I knit the cuff while walking around Ikea with my parents and aunt and uncle looking for various college-y items ^_^ Then knit the whole leg the next day while we went to College Station to get our flats/apartments/townhousethings inspected. And tada! All done!

Working on the second one at the moment – its total mindless knitting. Just knitting around and around.. but with the stripes and occasional decreases, its not boring. They’re super warm and snuggly. I can totally see these with a skirt or, if its really cold, underneath a pair of jeans or something. They’re so snuggly ^_^

I’d also love to make a pair out of like handspun or out of Harry Potter house cup colors. Which I’d probably go with either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor colors. But who knows what’ll happen ^_^

FO!!: Audrey in Unst

I have an FO, everyone! A sweater FO, at that… which hasn't happened in forever.



Took me long enough, haha. I cast this on as my NaKniSweMo. Christmas kntiting got in the way, other knitting got in the way, I started my second semester of college… Life happened, haha!

But now that I’ve gotten it done, I’m thinking I should have gotten it done earlier… cause there was hardly any left on it. Just the sleeves and edgings.

_DSC0992. Such a delightful pattern, it was a joy to knit. So quick and simple, yet there was enough to keep me completely interested the entire time.


So, this is the Audrey in Unst Cardigan by Gundrun Johnson

The yarn that I used, I got in London while we were there last year… it’s Patricia Roberts Lambswool No. 2. It’s a really amazing yarn, it reminded me a lot of knitting with Brookylyn Tweed’s LOFT. Its very airy and has a really nice looking drape. It was a little scratchy while it was in balls, but its definitely gotten softer during the knitting process.


Definitely is at the top of my favorite sweaters list, haha!


If you’re looking for a really simple sweater that you can easily modify to fit you – this is the sweater for you!

Hello, 2013

Haha, my New Years post is a little belated, but oh well. Better late than never ;-P

I’m really looking forward to what 2013 holds for me, I have a feeling it’ll be an exciting year. It’s already started off with a bang ^_^ I got to spend a couple days before and after New Years with some of the bestest people *ever*, and I had so much fun… which is totally an understatement :-P

As much as I’d love to say 2012 was the best year ever, it wasn’t. It really had it’s hard moments. But I’m a better person because of those hard times. I learned so many lessons about myself and about other people. Everything that happened enabled me to trust God even more with His plan, and rest in His kind protection and grace.

During 2012, lots of good things happened too :-) I got to visit so many friends who live far away. I graduated from highschool… twice. I got to knit and spin a ton of amazing things. I got to spend lots of time with friends where I live. I got my driver license. I finished my first semester of college. I got an A in college algebra (totally didn’t expect that, haha!) And I ended up getting a job at my LYS, (local yarn store :-P) which I’ll actually start tomorrow.

So yes, 2013 definitely holds things that I know are going to happen… and it also holds lots of things that I have no clue are going to happen. Surprises are quite awesome, and it’s fun to see what ends up coming about :-p

I know it won’t be easy, especially with school. I have some hard classes. But God enabled me to get through, not only through school, but everything that happened last year. So I know, that whatever happens, He’ll guide me through whatever happens :-)

Happy 2013, everyone!

FO! – Cabled Bookmarks

Ah, my first semester of college is over. I can’t believe it… it feels like just yesterday I woke up at 5:00am in order to go to my first class. (Which was at 7:00am, hence getting up at 5:00, haha)

I don’t know if college was what I was expecting, only because I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew it would probably be challenging at times, I knew that I would be able to do it. I knew that I would meet lots of interesting people. I knew that I could get some bad teachers and some good teachers. And in that respect, college was exactly that.

It was an uber amazing experience, and despite all the hard work and lack of sleep, I know next semester will be just as cool as this one. I hope, haha.

I had amazing support while I was slogging my way through, haha. My family and my friends. My knitting and the Doctor, Sherlock, and Inspector Detective Foyle (if you have not seen Foyle’s War, and love and adore mysteries, I HIGHLY recommend Foyle’s War. Some of the best mysteries I have ever seen. Plus, series 1-6, all of them, are on Netflix Instant, woot woot! Go give it a looksie :-P)

So, the semester has come to an end, my finals are over. I needed something little to give a couple of my teachers as a thank you for being so awesome. Upon looking through the amazing selection of Ravelry, I found this Cabled Bookmark by Lesley Raymond


And I am extremely happy with how they turned out. I ended up making three – all of them out of stash! Woot woot, haha! Two of them were out of Knit Picks Palette in the heather grey and Eggplant colorway (sadly, I didn’t get a picture of the eggplant one :-/) and the last one was made out of Koigu Painters Palette…


They blocked so nicely, it was quite amazing. I was able to knit one up in about 3 hours. Upon which, I’d give it a little bath in some Soak, then pin it to a towel, and hang it in front of a fan, so it’d dry in time for my class the next day, haha.


(woot woot for the Hobbit!! I cannot WAIT to see it, wheeheeeee ^_^)

They’re not too thick, and you can make them as long as you want.

These are definitely a perfect Christmas gift!