Finished Yarn: Rose Tyler


I am *this* close to finishing the second sleeve of my Long Sands Cardigan. I took that picture yesterday, but then knit on it all day… so, I’m actually just about to start the cap decreases.

I hope to finish it tonight, and get it blocking so I can start seaming it up… its so squishy and I just want to wear it d^_^b

Theres also been a lot of spinning going on, woooot!


I’m quite proud of this… I picked a random braid in my stash (this is quite old stash, haha. Probably almost two years) and started to spin it in the early evening. And finished all 4oz (singles + plying) by the time I went to bed (which was like 11:30).

This is from Woolen Mills St. Yarns, and the colorway name (which was Doctor Who inspired, which was probably why I got it… and the fact that I love purple, haha!) is called Rose Tyler.

Which I can totally see the connection! At the same time, I got another braid from Woolen Mills St. Yarns (which I haven’t spun yet) that was inspired by Alice and Wonderland… and its blue, black, a little grey, and white. I can’t wait to start that one!

In the mean time, I have something else on my wheel ;-P

I entered Diane of the Knitabulls podcast (seriously, one of the best video podcasts out there – Diane always makes my mom and I smile. She’s one of the sweetest people EVER) She was having a spin-along during the Tour of some Into the Whirled fiber, inspired by Lavinia from Downton Abbey. I finished that yarn (and I looooove it) and entered it… and got randomly drawn to win something! Waaaat!

So, my package arrived yesterday and I immediately started to spin it :-P I was silly and didn’t get a before picture… why I didn’t think to do that. I must have been too excited, haha!

Its one of her batts (which I’ve never spun from a batt like this before… yay for new experiences!) it’s 85/15 Polwarth/silk in the Rhinebeck colorway… Which I think is just super awesome… I’ve never been to Rhinebeck (hope to someday! :-P) and it was so nice of her and Diane to be giving away one of the special Rhinebeck colorways.


Heres what I have so far…


And theres what I have left to do!

I began spinning it, with the intention of doing a 2-ply… but I was looking at the gradient… and I couldn’t split it up! So, I’ll be Navajo plying it instead… once I finish with the yellow/green bit, I’ll start with the blue side of the other half, so when I get to the plying part… it’ll match up. Or, at least I hope it will, haha! I might end up making two skeins… we’ll see :-P

Pomme de Pin – Just Needs Buttons!


Although all the knitting is done on my Pomme de Pin cardigan… its still not finished. Buttons, thats all it needs!


But I had to take some pictures because its just to awesome – I love it so much!


(I spy a cat ^_^)

Once I sew on the buttons, I’ll get official FO pictures where you can see the whole thing, haha. Its hard to get the whole thing while sitting on a bed and using a mirror for pictures ;-P

Pomme de Pin kerfuffle and success!

So, if you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram, you’ll know that I had a kerfuffle with my Pomme de Pin sweater. I had finished the sleeves and everything was happy happy… it was time to start sewing things together.

I laid it out, to see it in all its glory.. to see this.

It was quite a devastating moment, haha! I tried it on, and it was really obvious the differences of the fronts, haha. One was way too big… one was way too small.

This was totally my fault, though I’m not sure where I went wrong… but I wasn’t paying close enough attention, haha!

So, after much chat with awesome people online, I embraced the fact that I had to frog it. Which included frogging the back as well. Frogged it up to the division, counted at least 15 times for each section, had everything laying nicely on the floor so *everything* was visible.

And now… I’m so glad I did all the extra work, despite the fact that frogging it was a bit painful, haha!

I re-knit the back during my brother’s New Student Conference for A&M (woot woot!) since there were several long sessions where we had to sit and listen. Then I worked on the fronts for a bit longer, since I was knitting both at the same time… it was a bit more tangly and hard to lug around. Finished everything last night, kitchenered it together and I’m SO HAPPY WITH IT.



I’m soooo excited to see what its going to look like with the sleeves and the button band. SO EXCITED!!


I love the length… I have a longish torso, so I was worried that it once the body was done that it might be too short. But this was not the case ^_^

The new worry is that I might not have enough yarn to finish the button band, haha! But I’m not going to worry about it right now… Just going to keep knitting it, and if I run out.. I shall order more!

In other news, I’m spinning away, happy days!


This is called The Candy Man by Two If by Hand from the Willy Wonka fiber club… that I couldn’t resist signing up for, haha! Super soft and squishy!

I’m spinning it thinner, so its taking longer. Makes sense, haha :-P But we’ll see what it ends up like before I decide what to make with it.. and my yardage, haha! But whatever it is… its going to be fun, squishy, colorful, and AWESOME. ^_^

Also, I’m going to be casting on Gyllis by Stephen West soon. Because in my extremely near future (as in like… 2 days) there is a lot of car time (one way = 9ish hours. Both ways = knitknitknitknitknit)
I shall be working on finishing my Pogona (ONLY 1.5″ LEFT. I SEE THE LIGHT) and then, if I finish Pogona (or maybe not, heehee ^_^) I shall be casting that on. With that Cascade 220 Superwash in that awesome TARDIS blue color..

Tour de Fleece – Day 10 and 11


More yarn finished, woot woot!

This is Nest Fiber Studio in the Aughra colorway. Which, I just now looked up “Aughra” and I was both amused and somewhat weirded out. But, haha, the colors do match the character’s personality, I think. Who knew, haha!


I got around 350yds of a heavy fingering weight. Another 2-ply, another fractal spun yarn… anyone surprised? Haha :-P

I’m super happy with it! This was braid of fiber that my mom picked out :-) When I showed her the fiber update that Nest Fiber Studios was having, she couldn’t resist :-P

Tour time is always so much fun.. its so amazing to see how much your spinning gets if you spin every day, for however long. My singles are becoming more and more consistant. My ability to get a good 2-ply is increasing every time I ply. Its so cool to see that kind of progress :-)

Tour de Fleece catch up!

Its been crazyyyyy busy! Like, holy cow. What is going on?!

Not really, but it seems that way, haha.

This past weekend, my family and I went over to College Station to start all the prep and painting of our apartments/flats/whatever. Mainly mine… right now. We’ll eventually to my brother’s place, haha.

All the woodwork and baseboards and all the walls are done downstairs. All the woodwork is done upstairs… annnd.. thats it, haha.

We were extremely sore and tired when we got home. And the first night staying there, we had an unfortunate mishap with the fire alarms in my place. Which… was just bad bad bad. No fire, or anything. It was the paint fumes… not fun. We got things fixed, hallelujah. But, yes. We were extremely tired.

But we’re home now! For a couple days, we go back on Wednesday to continue the work and painting, and my brother has his New Student Conference – woot woot! Unfortunately, that means not very much spinning and/or knitting. So, I’m getting in as much as I can before we leave again.

So yeah, I’m behind on posting about Tour de Fleece stuff. Here are some pictures ^_^


Here’s Neon and Neutral by Daybreak Dyeworks (can’t say this enough – go check her store out, it’s the BEST!) I got around 230yds of a heavy DK/light worsted weight.

(Sidenote: Dawn, from Daybreak Dyeworks, just started a Farmers Market series in her shop, and I want to buy all the things. The Eggplant is just… aaaghhh, haha! Back to the post, heehee :-P)

I’m not sure what I’m going to be making with this.. I want something that’ll be fun and funky. Maybe I’ll make a plain hat, but add some stripes or something. Or use this as the stripes. Oooor… maybe a Stephen West pattern? Or something? I don’t know, haha.


This was quite amazing, actually. We got home on Sunday afternoon (and the AC wasn’t working. Fellow Houstonians, you’ll understand how bad that was, haha. Its fixed now, hallelujah) so, we got home… and unloaded, then I came up to spin. And, I spun and plied the entire 4oz braid in an evening, finishing at around a little past midnight. Which, I’m pretty happy with.

Second yarn! Woot woot!


I’m insanely happy with how this turned out. Like, oh my goodness… So happy, haha! This is the Lavinia color from Into the Whirled (from the Knitabulls SAL d^_^b) (which, I now realize that I’ve been posting “Into the Whorl”, and thats not right, haha. Its “Whirled” :-P) and I got 270yds of a worsted weight. The barber pole (ha! Got it right this time, haha! Not barbera pulling :-P)


Anyways, the whole fractal spinning… so addictive. Can’t stop, haha!


Before I had spun it up, I had thought I was going to be making these mittens… but after its bath (its drying now ^_^), it sooo much more softer. Which is amazing, because it was already really soft to begin with, haha. But who knows, haha. We’ll see what happens ^_^


Bertie was not happy that we were gone over the weekend. This does not bode well for when I actually leave for college. *sadface*

Finished Yarn: Fruit Salad!


Oooooh, I finished my Fruit Salad!

So, yesterday’s post, I hadn’t spun up the last two little balls of fiber and I hadn’t even begun to ply yet. Well, I got that all done yesterday evening. Though, I spun for about 4+ hours. It felt so good (I was kind of stiff when I got up though, haha, despite the breaks I took) and when I knew I was going to finish the yarn that night, it was more motivation to power through it ^_^


Its 338yds of about a fingering/light sport weight of superwash merino. The fiber came from Northbound Knitting… a long time ago, haha!


I’m so glad I waited to spin this braid up though… Though navajo-plying would have been amazing with these colors, I absolutely adore how the the affects of the 2-ply is really setting off the individual colors and letting them shine. When I got the braid, I was just learning how to navajo-ply, I think. So… I’m ver ver glad I waited.

When I niddy-noddied it up, it was really really over spun (still working on that perfect balance, haha!) but I threw it in its bath right away, let it soak for about 30 minutes then hung it up to dry overnight with a hanger on the bottom to weight it down. Its still a bit damp now, but I couldn’t wait to show you guys. I couldn’t resist!

I’m still leaning towards those Easy Handspun Mitts by Vera Brosgol . I really want the yarn to speak for itself, because I know it can, haha! Something simple, most definitely.


Thank you so much for all your helpful tips for spinning a 2-ply… all your advice was so extremely helpful! Figuring something out but reading an article is one thing, but getting tips from someone who has a lot of personal experience is another d^_^b

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to put something new on my wheel ^_^

Tour de Fleece Training

During the past couple of evenings, I’ve really been focusing on my Tour de Fleece training… Spinning for longer spans of time, making sure my wheel is in good condition, making sure I have all the things I need (which isn’t much, but I’d hate to be unprepared, haha!) and working on that pesky 2-ply


This is some fiber I ordered from Lisa of Northbound Knitting (same one I mentioned yesterday! d^_^b) awhile ago and didn’t have the time at that particular moment to get it on my bobbins, though I was itching to get them going!

This colorway is called Wine and Debauch. It was a 4oz braid of a mixed BFL combed top. The colors are absolutely brilliant… so vibrant. And its soft. Its so soft.


So, I kind of split it in half, long ways… spun both halves and now I’m in the process of plying them. I think this might possibly make a really awesome pair of Easy Handspun Mitts by Vera Brosgol. But I’ll wait and see what my yardage is like when it’s all niddy-noddied up and had its bath ^_^

I overspin my singles a little bit, like a lot of you guys suggested (thank you SO much! That was so helpful!) and I’m really liking what I’m seeing as I ply it.

I did have a bit of a chuckle when I realized my big mistake in calling it “barbera pulling” when it’s actually “barber pole”… I had no clue, hahaha. I told my mom, and she was amused too. So thank you to everyone who led me to the correct path of terminology. What would I do without you guys, heehee :-P

I’m thinking about maybe getting some kind of spinning book before I leave home so I can have something like that thats really convenient. Do you guys have any suggestions for a good book that talks about like all the different plying and spinning techniques? Or would I be better off finding that stuff online whenever I needed it?

Texas A&M News and Everlong

I have to get one thing out of the way before I continue on with this post.

This is quite big. And I’m so excited about it.

I officially got accepted into Texas A&M University. I’m kinda bouncing off the walls.

This might be a bit confusing, you might have thought I was already *in* A&M, because I’m going there in the fall… we have a place to live. Its all kind of set in stone. But actually, I hadn’t really been accepted yet. I was going either way… because if I didn’t, I would be going to the community college, Blinn, which is right next door to the A&M campus.

So why was it in question? Why the uncertainty? Because I’m going to be a transfer student, and all the grades they needed for that, I didn’t have.. quite yet. They needed my 2013 Spring semester grades, which I was working on.. but didn’t have.

We talked with lots of advisors, made sure we could do everything possible. Worked really hard to get good enough grades. Got my grades (which were above what I needed, that was a huge blessing) at the end of this semester, sent them in lickty-split… and all we could do then was wait. It was in God’s hands. If He wanted me to start my journey of being an Aggie this fall, He would make it happen.

We waited, and waited… it was only a *bit* suspenseful. (/sarcasm)

Then, this morning. I found out the good news. I had been officially accepted. I screamed, ran to the stairs… almost fell down the stairs and decided that I’d be better off standing at the top until I was done kind of and shaking and making every possible sound that expresses joy and happiness. Then I ran downstairs to give my mom a hug, haha.

It hasn’t really sunk in – its kind of like having a birthday. You don’t really like actually realize you’re older until later. I don’t really understand or realize that “Oh hey, I’m a fightin’ Texas Aggie, class of 2016 now. Waaaat?” Yeah, no that hasn’t sunk in yet.

SO. Now I can really REALLY embrace knitting ALL the A&M things with gusto. Ohhh boy.

Which leads nicely into a test knit I’m doing for Lisa of Northbound Knitting (so sweet, she has amazing patterns, yarn, *and* fiber – CHECK HER OUT!!) (sidenote: her yarn and fiber come on te updates, which you have to be watching for. So worth it – I absolutely love the stuff I’ve gotten from her!)


These are called Everlong, and they are… a pair of very long legwarmers, haha. They are awesomeness. And, if you didn’t notice… they’re in A&M colors ^_^

When I saw the picture on Instagram, I immediately though “OH… OH OH… Maroon.. and white. and OH MY GOODNESS.” So, I actually ordered Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in the right colors, because I absolutely *had* to do those colors.. how could I not? (Just as a btw, the maroon color is “Hollyberry”, which is the perfect maroon. Oh yeah. Then its White and Marble Heather for the grey)

I knit the cuff while walking around Ikea with my parents and aunt and uncle looking for various college-y items ^_^ Then knit the whole leg the next day while we went to College Station to get our flats/apartments/townhousethings inspected. And tada! All done!

Working on the second one at the moment – its total mindless knitting. Just knitting around and around.. but with the stripes and occasional decreases, its not boring. They’re super warm and snuggly. I can totally see these with a skirt or, if its really cold, underneath a pair of jeans or something. They’re so snuggly ^_^

I’d also love to make a pair out of like handspun or out of Harry Potter house cup colors. Which I’d probably go with either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor colors. But who knows what’ll happen ^_^

Finished Yarn! ~ Mocha

So, like I said yesterday, I’ve been trying to get better at doing a 2-ply..

in preparation for the Tour de Fleece, I’m practicing now… so during the Tour, I won’t be stumbling around in the dark as much, heehee :-P

Anyways, I got this braid back in July 2012… heehee, long time ago. This is from the WildHare Etsy store. There are some fun braids of fiber there :-P I have one more her store that I’ll be spinning up at some point.. it’s a rainbow gradient. So that’ll be fun :-)

This one was called Lithos, and it was 4oz of a superwash wool top. Not the softest thing in the world, but it’s not horribly scratchy :-)


Part of this braid was an accident, haha. I split it down the middle then split the halves in half.. so I’d try to get some kind of barbera-pulling (is that the right term? I’m not sure, haha). I spun one bobbin, it turned out great! Went on to the second bobbin, spun one of the halves of the half and for some reason didn’t spin the second half of the half before starting to ply. I have no idea why I forgot, haha. But I did, so that kinda messed up the color sequence I had in my mind.


I’m pretty happy with it though… the plies aren’t too loose. It is in some places, but overall it seems pretty tight. It was pretty over twisted when I took it off the niddy-noddy.. but after it’s bath, it evened out a bit and hangs pretty straight now. I hung a hanger on the bottom of the skein while it was drying just to make sure it’d get rid of the extra twisty, heehee :-P

What do you guys think? Does it look okay? As far as 2-plies go, I’m a bit clueless, haha :-P but I’m working on it! I plan on mastering the 2-ply (maybe during the Tour, maybe not, haha :-P) and then moving on to 3-ply… which I might need another bobbin for. I only have 3, heehee. But that’s way in the future v^_^v

On a scholarly note – I started my French 1 online college class!! I’m SO EXCITED about it!! There was big drama about the French 1 class at Lone Star college (where I took classes the past two semesters, and finished my freshman year at. Our local community college) and that didn’t end up working.


But I’m so glad this online class worked out – I started last night around 8:00 and stayed up till like 12:30 because I was having so much fun (and there was a lot that was due the next day/today). I did take breaks though, haha :-P My teacher is extremely awesome – she’s so sweet. If this class ends up well, I plan on taking French 2 from her as well.

Tour de Fleece 2013 Plans

Its that time of year again! Its time for the Tour de Fleece! d^_^b

The dates this year are June 29st, 2013 through July 21st, 2013. Plenty of time to spin spin spin!

So, in preparation for this almost-month-long-event-of-awesomeness, I’ve joined 3 different teams and started thinking about goals and what I’ll be spinning.

Team wise, I have joined (if you click on the images, it sends you to sign up for the teams ^_^)

~ Team Loop ~


~ Team Daybreak Dyeworks ~ (Dawn is SO sweet! You really need to check out her shop – her colors are absolutely gorgeous!)


~ Team Must Stash ~


I am so excited about Tour de Fleece this year… Its been about a year and a half since I got my wheel, and my spinning skills have definitely increased… making it even more fun and enjoyable to participate ^_^

So, out of the many many ideas that I have of what I want to spin, here are two that are recent fiber acquisitions


I joined the Two if By Hand fiber Willy Wonka fibre club… and this was the first shipment. This is called “Bean Feast” after the request made by Veruca Salt in the Golden Goose Room (which I love and adore that movie. Best version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory EVER. But thats personal preference, heehee :-P)

And! I also got the fiber from the SAL with the Knitabulls Podcast


This was inspired by this picture of Lavinia Swire from Downton Abbey

I think the colors are absolutely gorgeous… I’m not quite sure what I’m going to be doing with it yet. Probably Navajo ply, since thats what I’m most comfortable with. But I’m trying to branch out and get better that doing 2-plies.

Any tips on doing a 2-ply? The ones I’ve done in the past end up being over-twisted a fair amount because I’m worried the plies will come apart and not be twisted enough. Then I overcompensate, haha. Any advice will be appreciated v^_^v

What are your plans for Tdf 2013? What teams have you joined? I’m uber excited, I can’t wait for it to start!! ^_^