Fuzzy Socks and Big Cowls

Today is a day for fuzzy socks, long sleeves, big cowls…even around the house, heavy blankets, lots and lots of tea, warm cats, and most importantly…knitting.

And school too, but that’s a more unhappy thing, so I didn’t include it.

It is currently 25 degrees. And I am freezing. Really really freezing. *shivers*

(Knitted cowl: yarn from…a small little store in NYC…one that we went the last day we were there. *forgets the name*)

Sooooo, really really happy news. I finished the front of the store sample!! !!!! !!!!!!! Yeah, I’m really excited.

So to celebrate last night, after I finished, I worked about 20 minutes on one of my own projects :-P

And…I am able to work on other things while working on the store sample stuff, but since it’s a bigger project, small needles, small yarn…I don’t really want to waste time, haha.

Today I plan to cast on the sleeves. Yaaaay!

(Yes, those are cats. And yes, it does say “Purrr”. These are my most favorite non-knit socks EVER.)

I have ballet later today….I will most definitely be bundled up! haha :-P


CT Project: Central Park Hoodie and Traveling Woman from Creative Fibers!

Yaaaay for yarnnnn!!

And before I continue…I would like to say one thing.

Through out the whole New York/Connecticut/Washington trip and alllll the knitting stores we went to (which was a lot, as you can imagine) my mom and I were trying to figure out which one was our favorite.

Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t that tricky. So what did we decide?

*drumroll please*

Creative Fibers in Windsor, CT!

Seriously. I mean…the selection? was HUGE. It was like…as big, if not bigger than Yarns 2 Ewe in Houston. Plus, the staff was amazing :-) So, if you ever happen to be in CT, and are an avid knitter, you should go! It’s soooo amazing.

So what’d I get at Creative Fibers?

I got the above picture for the Central Park Hoodie. Once again, the color isn’t quite accurate. The color is more of that bright darker blue…that’s really popular. I adore the pattern, the yarn, and the color. With a passion. Oooh yes.

Ok, what else did I get…OH. I know.

Before we left, I was determined to get at least one skein of Koigu on our trip. It didn’t matter where, it just needed to be done. So, I was extremely happy to find that Creative Fibers carried *a lot* of Koigu!

I didn’t get all those colors at CF, just the navy. Which with that I will be making…the Traveling Woman. Which I’m so excited about! It’s like…Clapotis, or Fetching, or Citron…it’s one of those uber popular patterns that you see EVERYWHERE…so you HAVE to make it.

The green color, I will be making these Monkey Socks. Last time I did socks with a pattern, it didn’t turn out so well. So I asked around on Ravelry and got some new ideas. If it doesn’t work…I don’t know what I’ll do. Haha. Maybe another Traveling Woman :-P

The small ball on the end came from…Westport Yarns, in Westport, CT, where my mom grew up. I had made one fingerless glove with it, and when I cast off, it was too big for my hands, and not as long as I wanted. Plus, I don’t think I would have had enough yarn for both gloves.

*random and irrelevant picture* *cough*

The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery. One of the BEST BOOKS EVER. If you haven’t read it, read it. If you’ve read it, you’re awesome. If you don’t want to read it, you have problems. Haha, not really. But seriously, it’s a really good book.

And now, I will leave you all. I need to organize my desk. This is going to be painful. Bleh. >.<

NY Project: Calorimetry from the Yarn Girls!!

(Yeah, my hair looks really red. But it’s not. Don’t be deceived.)

I’m seriously loving it. It = Calorimetry. It’s just a headband, nothing fancy. Got a little button on the back….

I absolutely adore the button, SO ADORABLE. I got this button also in NY, but at…a different store that we went to on our last day. I forget…what it’s called. *5 minutes lapse* The Yarn Co! That’s it!! Yessss, score! I’m really not that old, really.

I think the only depressing thing about our trip to the Yarn Girls store, was that this was the place where I started feeling extreme ill. Yes, I did get sick on our trip. But it was at the *very* end, so it was all good.

Anyway, I did find this yarn and the yarn to make the Linen Tie Shrug there, and I’m so happy I was able to do that.

Currently…I’m SO PUMPED. Tonight? Is a BALL PRACTICE. Which, come to think of it….last ball practice I was in NY. Wow. Time flies….when…school is going…kinda? Maybe not. Hm. That was a fail.

Haha, but anyway. Ball practice! Tonight! SOOOO excited!!! Oooooh my goodness.

It’s a good thing that I’m REALLY happy right now, cause that smooths out my current feelings for the Bubble Top. Bleh. So, it’s a revised version, there’s no ribbing on the bottom, but the lace pattern.

In the *real* pattern, after the ribbing you increase 33 stitches evenly across the row, which is easy. So, for the back, I did the lace pattern…and went to increase the 33 stitches just like the front.

Then I remembered that the back had that big lace panel. So, I increased, set the markers up, and continue on my merry way.

As you can imagine, I encountered a problem. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be blogging about it. But anyway. Since I increased, there were more stitches (obviously) than the lace bottom. ….>.<….

So the lace pattern of the bottom and the back lace panel don't line up correctly. Gar, I'm so stupid.

Needless to say, I'm kind of stuck…not sure what to do. To rip back to the…somewhere. Or, just kind of wing the lace pattern for the first rows till it all smoothed out. OR scrap the alignment and just continue knitting the way it turned out.

The last one will most likely not happen, but hey…at least I have a lot of options.

If you’ll be at the ball practice, see you there!! If not…you seriously need to come. They are MORE than AMAZINGLY AWESOME. Fo serious.

NY Project: Bubble Top from Purl Bee SoHo!

Wheeee!! I have PICTURES. And a KNITTING POST. Dude, I feel accomplished today.

Anyway, like normal, the colors in these pictures aren’t what they really are. This is more like a sea foam blue-greeny. Not..that. I’m not photo-savvy enough to get it right, but I try!

So what is this? This is…really called the Sage Remedy Top… But I’m fondly calling it the “Bubble Top” instead. Because it’s shorter and more cute.

Not to get confusing or anything, but this is what mine is actually going to look like…The Revised Bubble Top. Just changed the ribbing at the bottom to the lace pattern, and then I’ll make an uber long i-cord to thread through. Or, I could get some ribbon, which a lot of people have been doing as well.

What say you? Ribbon? Or a knitted cord?

So, my dear readers, without further ado….the front of the Bubble Top

Booyah! Once again, keep in mind that’s not the real color…but. yeah.

I’ve already cast on the other side, and am almost done with the bottom edging. And then I do the lace pattern for like…the whole thing, except the top of the back. And then…I block and seam together! Then the sleeves. And I’m SO excited about it!!

Wanna know what else I love??

Yeah, my little chicken. I love him sooo much. Plus, he helps me with math. And my knitting. He’s a good helper of a chicken :-)

NY Knitting Project: The Yarn Girls

Yay for pictures!!! I have two today. I am very proud of my success. Booyah.

Anyway, this is what I am making: Linen Tie Shrug, which can be worn multiple ways and be absolutely adorable in all of them.

I was so happy to find the yarn that I’m using. It is some of the most gorgeous yarn I have used.

It’s actually less brown, than the picture is showing. I can never get the lighting just right so it shows what the colors actually are. So if you see a picture of mine, the color is most likely a little darker or a little lighter. Bleh.

It’s so soft, it’s so light weight, perfect for Houston weather. I did make a modification, the sleeves aren’t long…they’re 3/4. Which I did by increasing every 5th and 10th row 7 times. Instead of increasing just on the 10th row 7 times.

So where’d I get this yarn? Yarn Girls? Who in the world are the Yarn Girls?

Well. Hm. You know…when you do something, let’s say like..YouTube. Or…Football. Or, maybe not *do* something, but you have this huge…love of it. Or passion or whatever. And there’s that one (or many) famous people in this whatever. When it’s like “DUDE. they’re so COOL”. Know what I mean?

Well, that’s what the Yarn Girls is. Along with the Purl Bee SoHo, which we also went to :-P But that’s a different post

Right now, it’s blocking….

But I should be able to start to put it together sometime this….middle-morning….early afternoon ish. So…I’m excited!!

Rather than overload all the non-knitting people (and the knitting people, heh heh) with all these random projects that I haven’t even started yet, so just pictures of balls of yarn is booooring, I’m going to spread these projects out.

Like….when I start them. And finish. And in the middle. And everywhere in between.

So, since I’m kind of behind on keeping that idea current, I’m working on this uberly easy, just-knit-the-whole-way, in the round (obviously) cowl. In all cashmere. And like….my hands? Are in heaaaaaven. Oooh my goodness, it’s going to be amazing to wear!! Pictures to come :-)

I’m thinking about a change. Should I change the layout of my blog? Or keep this one…and…not change at all? Opinions please and thank you :-)

School closes in…

While we were gone (we’re home now, just by the way :-) Been so busy un-packing, cleaning, organizing stuff for school, updating friends, knitting, etc. that blogging…has been tricky to fit in…heh heh.)…

Anyway, while we were gone, I began to see “Oh my goodness, I start school tomorrow” posts start to flood my newsfeed. Then they changed to “Oh my goodness, my homework load is soooo bad. I have so much. It’s 10:00 and I haven’t started yet. Gaaaah”

Of course, it wasn’t worded that way, haha. And of course, I’m wondering…”Whyyyy then are you on Facebook?” But that’s not the point.

People started school, in Houston, on the 23rd. While Joey and I were hanging out on the East coast doing awesome things. We were extremely joyful.

Now, it is our turn, and we start school on Monday. Along with 2 out of 3 of our online classes, Great Books 3 (Great Books 2, for Joey) and Greek 1. I dunno about Joey, but I’m soooo excited.

One thing that I am sad about, is that I don’t have a Music History class this year…:-( It did the impossible, and passed Great Books on the “The most AWESOME class of ALL TIME” of the year list. Great Books people will understand :-P It’s pretty tough to do that.

Needless to say, our school room was full of new notebooks, folders, 3-ring binders, pencils, dividers, you name it. That was all sorted out, and put away.

Now, some of my school stuff has migrated into my room, to be put away. So now on top of my post-trip clutter memorabilia, school books have been added.

Oh well, it makes my room feel….happy. I’m surrounded by yarn, books, pictures of friends, more yarn, welcoming blankets, my awesome chair, school stuff, and more yarn…what more could I want?

And this? It’s the first page of half of the full orchestral score for the Nutcracker. And where did I lay my hands on this, you ask? At this run-down, hole-in-the-wall, stuffed-to-the-brim (I feel like Christopher Paolini, haaaahaa.) bookstore in Washington D.C. For like 8$.

I also got this sheet music, that’s ready to disintegrate, of some of Schumann’s music. BUT, it was published in like 1830, or something.

Maybe not then, BUT, when he wrote the actual music and when this copy was published, there was only like a 10 year gap. For only *3 dollars*. When the guy was like “Yeaaah, sure. 3$. It’s so old, and ratty. Looks like 3$”, I was like ‘OH MY goodness. Seriously??” And yeah.

Ooook, where was I going with this? I forget. Heh heh.

Oh, I remember. the music? It reminds me of..the Nutcracker, obviously….which reminds me of Christmas! And the (cooler, hopefully) weather of Houston…and how much I’m looking forward to it. I LOVE the Nutcracker. and Christmas. and cold weather.

The end :-)

I Need *YOU*!!

First off, YAY for another pre-posted post! Woot!

But yeah.

Today, or tomorrow…(I’m not sure which, but I’ll find out soon…heh heh.) we are heading to our last knitting store stop. Which is sad, but I’m SO stinking excited to start all the new projects I got. Fo serious.

…We are going to the Yarn Girls, which will be awesome. Another famous knitting store that almost every knitter knows about. Numero uno is the Purl Bee, but numero secundo is the Yarn Girls.

I am either going to get the yarn to make the following…

Dipped Infinity Scarf, which in actual fact, is a cowl…why it’s got “scarf” in the title, beats me.

Modern Garden, which I’m pretty much sold on. And so is my mom. It’s super bulky, on size 15 needle. Who could pass this up??


Linesplitter, which is a lot of Noro. Which I, of course, would ADORE. My only problem would be trying to decide on which color way :-P

So yes. My dilemma is set before you, and I ask your honest opinion.

Another fun thing, is along the way, where it is to be had, I’ve been collecting Koigu. Which is pretty cool. I finally get to do Traveling Woman, which I think…I’m going to use the navy I got from Creative Fibers (I <3 that store!!)

But not sure what else I'm going to do with the rest of it. Probably not going to do socks every time, because…they are awesome, but in Houston, not every pair of socks gets worn…heh heh.

Yesterday, when walking to the Plaza, we spied a movie theater that was playing Mao’s Last Dancer, which after reading the book, I want to see SOOOO bad….so yeah! When I saw the poster, it was like “OH my goodness. There it is!!!”

Because apparently…it’s not going to be in regular theaters. It’s one of those special movies that you can see only if you have connections, or are able to go to weird, hole-in-the-wall places.

But I think my mom and I are going to go see it today! I’m SOooooo excited. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I really recommend either reading the book (if you’re a dancer (mostly ballet, but whatever kind too), you’ll LOVE it.) or just reading about it on Wiki.

I loved it. Plus, the copy I got from the library was big enough that it could lay open by itself, and I was free to knit :-)

and currently?

My nails are this color.