Out with the old, in with the new…

So, my last post was on October 20th? Which I feel like doesn’t even count because it was a Musical Monday. After.. another Musical Monday.

Crazy things have happened.. My first semester of junior year began and ended; passed all my classes, even French, despite my worries; everything that has happened with my younger brother, Joey. These past couple weeks have been a whirlwind, haha. So many good things happened this past semester as well.. too many to list, haha.

Christmas is over! 2015 is here! Did I get all my Christmas knitting done in time? No. Did I get any of my Christmas knitting done in time? No. Thats okay, haha. The events of the past couple of weeks have caused knitting to fall lower on the priority list, and thats fine. There were more important things to be done!

In the mean time, while I get back on track with FO posts and such, here are a couple pictures, in no particular order, that I took during the semester with full intention of blogging about them, but never got around to it. Silly school! ;-)

















It was a full year. It was a full semester. Its a full life! I have no clue what 2015 holds for me, but I know that its going to be good. Christmas of 2014 held some of the worst moments of my life.. but also some of the absolute best. I also received the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten. We had a Christmas miracle this year… God showered not only His mercy and blessings on us, but also His peace and strength.

I hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas and end of 2014, I know I did.


Texas A&M News and Everlong

I have to get one thing out of the way before I continue on with this post.

This is quite big. And I’m so excited about it.

I officially got accepted into Texas A&M University. I’m kinda bouncing off the walls.

This might be a bit confusing, you might have thought I was already *in* A&M, because I’m going there in the fall… we have a place to live. Its all kind of set in stone. But actually, I hadn’t really been accepted yet. I was going either way… because if I didn’t, I would be going to the community college, Blinn, which is right next door to the A&M campus.

So why was it in question? Why the uncertainty? Because I’m going to be a transfer student, and all the grades they needed for that, I didn’t have.. quite yet. They needed my 2013 Spring semester grades, which I was working on.. but didn’t have.

We talked with lots of advisors, made sure we could do everything possible. Worked really hard to get good enough grades. Got my grades (which were above what I needed, that was a huge blessing) at the end of this semester, sent them in lickty-split… and all we could do then was wait. It was in God’s hands. If He wanted me to start my journey of being an Aggie this fall, He would make it happen.

We waited, and waited… it was only a *bit* suspenseful. (/sarcasm)

Then, this morning. I found out the good news. I had been officially accepted. I screamed, ran to the stairs… almost fell down the stairs and decided that I’d be better off standing at the top until I was done kind of and shaking and making every possible sound that expresses joy and happiness. Then I ran downstairs to give my mom a hug, haha.

It hasn’t really sunk in – its kind of like having a birthday. You don’t really like actually realize you’re older until later. I don’t really understand or realize that “Oh hey, I’m a fightin’ Texas Aggie, class of 2016 now. Waaaat?” Yeah, no that hasn’t sunk in yet.

SO. Now I can really REALLY embrace knitting ALL the A&M things with gusto. Ohhh boy.

Which leads nicely into a test knit I’m doing for Lisa of Northbound Knitting (so sweet, she has amazing patterns, yarn, *and* fiber – CHECK HER OUT!!) (sidenote: her yarn and fiber come on te updates, which you have to be watching for. So worth it – I absolutely love the stuff I’ve gotten from her!)


These are called Everlong, and they are… a pair of very long legwarmers, haha. They are awesomeness. And, if you didn’t notice… they’re in A&M colors ^_^

When I saw the picture on Instagram, I immediately though “OH… OH OH… Maroon.. and white. and OH MY GOODNESS.” So, I actually ordered Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in the right colors, because I absolutely *had* to do those colors.. how could I not? (Just as a btw, the maroon color is “Hollyberry”, which is the perfect maroon. Oh yeah. Then its White and Marble Heather for the grey)

I knit the cuff while walking around Ikea with my parents and aunt and uncle looking for various college-y items ^_^ Then knit the whole leg the next day while we went to College Station to get our flats/apartments/townhousethings inspected. And tada! All done!

Working on the second one at the moment – its total mindless knitting. Just knitting around and around.. but with the stripes and occasional decreases, its not boring. They’re super warm and snuggly. I can totally see these with a skirt or, if its really cold, underneath a pair of jeans or something. They’re so snuggly ^_^

I’d also love to make a pair out of like handspun or out of Harry Potter house cup colors. Which I’d probably go with either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor colors. But who knows what’ll happen ^_^

Day 8 of the 9 Days of Thankfulness!!

Today, I am thankful for my readers! The people who keep coming back to read my posts :-)

You guys mean quite a lot to me, without you guys, I would definitely not be where I am today.

Everyone gives such good advice. You give me feedback when I ask. You leave sweet comments, encouraging me in my knitterly adventures :-)

I’ve had the joy of gaining so many new friends through my blog, it’s such an amazing thing.

So today, I am thank for you, reader. You are quite amazing :-)

Day 7 of the 9 Days of Thankfulness!

Today, I am thankful for not only my family and friends.

Though this may be one of those cliche Thanksgiving things, it’s so true. I have the best family, I have the bestest of friends. And I couldn’t be happier with them.

My family loves me and puts up with me when I’m cranky for whatever reason (stupid or not, haha). They support my passions, they encrouage me, and they willingly wait while I try and decide what color of yarn I should get. Plus many many other amazing things. They are the best and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

My friends? Could they get any better? I don’t think so. They are pretty stinking amazing the way they are, and I’m so blessed to have them. Like my family, they love me despite my shortcomings. They laugh at my stupid jokes (whether it’s “AAAAHHHHH! *stretches arms*” or “Be pure. Like a lightbulb!”) and faces(and at me when I laugh at myself, haha :-P). They are so extremely amazing, holy cow. Though many of them may live way way wayyyyy too far away for my liking, when I do see them, I can’t even begin to tell you how sweet the fellowship is.

So today, I’m thankful for my family and friends.

In other news!

Man, school is really hectic, trying to keep on top of things, preparing for finals, getting enough done, so I can have a relaxing Thanksgiving break. Phew, do pardon my slowness for posting the past couple of days.

I’ve gotten a ton of knitting done, it’s quite amazing, haha, considering the school I have to do. But I’m steadily working on the NaKniMo/NaKniSweMo, and it’s going along beautifully. I finished the left front today, so all that’s left is the back and two sleeves. I doubt I’ll get it done before Thanksgiving, but who knows! Optimism, right?

Christmas present yarn was gotten, and gifts are started. Yes, I am insane for starting them *this* late, on top of me being in college. But without that kind of adventure, life would be not quite as exciting. I like to live life on the edge. Really really really close to the edge, apparently, haha. *crosses fingers*

Days 3 and 4 of the 9 Days of Thankfulness

Today (and yesterday too :-P) I’m thankful for long sleeves!

I love taking advantage of the cold weather – not only do I get to wear my knits, I get to wear long sleeves and colorful tights.

Day 2 of the 9 Days of Thankfulness!

Today, I’m thankful for Ravelry.

It’s a portal to not only creativity and inspiration, but also amazingly awesome people!

If you don’t have a Ravelry, and you knit and/or crochet and/or craft with anything fiber, you really need one.

I’d call it kind of like a Facebook for knitters… minus the newsfeed of statuses. It’s a fiber-related social networking site. I didn’t know this, but it even has it’s own Ravelry Wikipedia page…How cool is that?

It hit a huge mile-marker on February 29th, 2012; they got 2 million members. Sooo many people!

I really recommend getting an account (it’s free, woot woot!) if you’re on the lookout for knit/crochet patterns, free and paid. The selection of patterns and amazing designers is absolutely endless, I find new things every day!

Also, I’m making huge progress on my Audrey in Unst cardigan, that I’m doing for NaKniMo and NaKniSweMo. Moving along very quickly ^_^ Will I make it before Thanksgiving? Will it get finished? Agh, we’ll just have to wait and find out, haha :-P

Day 1 out of 9 Days of Thankfulness

Woo, time sure does fly, doesn’t it? I had no idea that Thanksgiving was so soon!

For the past 2 years, I’ve done the “14 Days of Thankfulness”, which is where you post every day, leading up to Thanksgiving, about something you’re thankful for. It could be anything! Family, friends, even the little things like fun teapots. Or things like happiness, or hope.

Haha, and because I lost track of time, this year it’ll only be the 9 days of Thankfulness, haha. But thankfulness is thankfulness :-P

So today, I am thankful for laughter.

It’s one of those uberly contagious things. And so it should be! It’s such a happy thing.

“Laughter is a timeless thing.” ~ Walt Disney

“The most wasted of all days, is one without laughter.” ~ E.E. Cummings

And upon further investigation, laughter also has major health benefits.

Laughter relaxes the whole body. A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.

Laughter boots your immune system. And thus helps fights off sicknesses.

Laughter can help relieve pain. It sends off endorphins that send off an over-all sense of well-being.

Laughter protects the heart. It aids the function of blood vessels, increases blood flow, and in general can protect you from heart attacks.

And if it wasn’t already good enough, it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, you work our your diaphragm, abdominal, facial, back, and leg muscles (yep, leg muscles. Who knew, right? *Brownie points to who can guess the movie quote! Semi out of context, haha*)

There was a study done at Vanderbilt University’s medical center, that proves that laughing 10-15 minutes every day can burn up to 10-40 calories. Over all? That comes up to four whole pounds in one year. How awesome is that?? Weight loss, thanks to laughter!

See? It really is the best thing!

Then you have videos like this one, where you can’t help but smile and give a little giggle yourself.

Today, I am thankful for laughter.

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures for anything.” ~ An Irish Proverb