Moving forward with Betiko

School is crazy! And I haven’t been feeling super passionate about what I’ve been working on recently… but that is going to change! My knitting mojo will return soon, I’m sure :-)

I’ve also gotten really behind on my tv shows, haha. Project Runway being one of them… and I had heard that there was some crazy drama going on, and I really needed to see it. So, I finally caught up last night! Except for the one that aired this past Thursday, then I’ll be caught up :-P

So, while catching up, I decided to take a break from the MKAL project and work a little bit on my Betiko!


I brought this with me to campus on Friday to try and knock out those 22″ inches of the striped strip thing… haha! And booyah! I accomplished those 22″ inches. Therefore, I got to start on the body!


My goodness, it was confusing getting started. But! After about 10 minutes analyzing the instructions (or recipe thing) and slowly figured out what needed to be done, haha.

After figuring it out, it was perfectly simple, haha! My super confusion was probably due to the fact that it was 1:30am and watching super intense and dramatic Project Runway episodes and wasn’t giving 100% of my attention to what I was doing :-P

The pattern, once figured out, makes perfect sense and its such an awesome way to go!

Its extremely customizable! You could do pretty much anything you wanted to that fit in the stitch count, haha! I didn’t want to do a particular stitch pattern, I was really interested in making one that is like the top picture on Lee Meredith’s website. But I’m positive that whatever kind of pattern or striping put into this recipe would produce something absolutely amazing!

FO!: Handspun Norie

My goodness, things have been busy! But busy with good things! And lots of awesome things have happened as a result of being busy… so its all good d^_^b

One of these things, was that I had my NSC (New Student Conference) at A&M last Thursday+Friday… which is where we got kind of oriented and registered for my classes! Yessss!!!

And of course, I brought a long my knitting… I can’t bear to sit still for long periods of time (or any time at all, haha!) without knitting or doing anything with my hands. I had two goals for the two days.

1) I was going start and finish Norie (a hat pattern by Gudrun Johnston) the first day.

2) I was going to at least start, and get some progress on a pair of socks knit with some A&M yarn that my bosses (who are some of the sweetest people ever) gifted me.


Tada!! I got my first goal done! In one day! BAM! Haha, if you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram, you probably saw my progress through out the day :-P

I don’t think I’ve mentioned my yarn before… I finished it pretty shortly before we left, and I didn’t get the time to write a post about it :-P

But this was the last braid that I got from before the Tour de Fleece from Daybreak Dyeworks (which now I have to decide which of Dawn’s new colors I’m going to get… ohhh, the trials of a spinner ;-P)


(Bertie couldn’t restrain himself and just *had* to be in the picture… he just *had* to.)
The colorway name is Dance Fever, and its some of the softest most vibrant things *ever*!


When I started to spin it, I had a hat in mind.. so I was super excited to find out that I had gotten what I wanted/needed – a DK weight with a ton of yardage (404yds in total… I used about 200ish for the hat)

Once again, its a fractal spun 2 ply ;-P Haha, I don’t see the pattern of fractal spinning will be changing any time soon.. its so much fun!

So, as soon has I finished it and got it niddy-noddied up, I threw it in a bath so I could get it ready in time in order to knit Norie while walking around campus and sitting and listening to people talk about financial aid.

It actually didn’t dry in time.. but I set it in front of a fan, and that fixed things real quick d^_^b


I am super duper happy with how the hat turned out… I followed CatReading’s mods by excluding the Cat’s Paw lace sections and just putting in plain stockinette instead. Also, because I was using size US6s instead of US5s, I didn’t do as many repeats before starting the decreases.


In my rush to get everything ready to go, I forgot DPNs, haha! And my tape measure (which Sarah of Knit York City replied to my tweet of despair with a recommended measuring tape app, haha. Thanks, Sarah!) So that was a huge bummer… thankfully, I was able to squeak by at the end with two circulars (I have a 10″ circular I carry around in my notions bag… super handy, haha!)


The hat can be worn so many different ways, and its really long… but not too long to look goofy, haha! And its the perfect pattern for handspun :-P

I’m definitely going to be making more of these… I foresee many Nories being made for Christmas presents d^_^b

A&M Knucks

So, I’m really excited about going to College Station this fall. Like, kinda really really excited. So excited that I may have an A&M blanket…


Which, in reality, it’s just a piece of polartec at the moment. It’ll eventually have a piece of white polartec on the back… but I was just so excited when we got it, that I had to start wrapping myself up in it. It’ll get done! Then it’ll be even more amazing ^_^

But, like I mentioned yesterday, because College Station is a bit more nippy than Houston is (music to a knitter’s ears – “It’s a bit nippy” or anything that has to do with it being cold, haha) I’m creating a list of knitterly accessories/sweaters that I must make at some point… so I can stay warm ^_^ These items may or may not require techniques that use more than one color (i.e. maroon and white)

So, to begin my adventure on knitting all the knitterly things that are awesome (which is basically everything, haha) I started with a pair of Knucks! (free pattern on Knitty, woot woot!)


This is a learning experience, as I have never done a pair of mitts with the fingers before. After typing that out, I just thought of knitting a pair of toe socks.

Anyway, so they’re light grey. It’s Imperial’s Columbia yarn, the sport weight. Then I plan on putting “Texas A&M” (cause it FITS. WOOT!) on the fingers, in maroon.. of some sort. I am quite excited.

Or, I might add some stripes… somewhere? Maybe? I don’t know. We shall see ^_^

Selbu Modern

I cast on something small. Something small, nothing big. Tests and papers have been coming back for school, and I’ve been extremely happy with my grades (a 95 on a big paper, a 99 on a math test…yes, a math test.) and lots of other happy stuff.

So I thought I’d reward myself with a little something :-)

I started the Selbu Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn for the Fibre Company (which is a free pattern, woot woot!) using KnitPicks Palette in Cayenne (color#:6460) and Cream (color#:10)

I ended up using US1s for the ribbing (partly because I couldn’t find US0s… okay, maybe thats the only reason why I used US1s. Eh hehe ^_~)

I’m headed on a trip to Joplin, Missouri for a family wedding this weekend. We leave pretty shortly after my classes on Friday. I’ll definitely be taking this little project along on the plane.

Chunky Indulgence

I have been indulging myself in a very chunky knit while I take breaks from school. It’s very therapeutic, and I’d totally recommend it. I don’t know what it is about the whole bulkiness of it all, but it’s so rewarding.. and makes you feel good about yourself. (Though, I guess it does make sense, because you can knit like 5 inches, in 5 minutes on big needles with big yarn :-P)

Recently when my parents went out shopping, my mom saw this big big knit blanket that was really squishy and just awesome.

Only problem? It was 129$. And of course, she thought “Psh, we can make that.” And If you’re a knitter, you’ll know what I’m talking about… whenever you see something knit in a store that’s ridiculously priced, you immediately analyze it, think of a pattern and yarn that would work for exactly the same result, but a lot less money.

So that’s what we did! She came home, showed me the picture online, and I came up with the yarn that I’d use. And the blanket was so simple, I’m just coming up with it as I go. Easy peasy.

I’m using Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick, so that’s amazing. And then I’m using US17 size needles. Even more amazing, haha :-P

And it will not be repossessed by the cats when I’m done with it. They can snuggle *with* me. But they cannot snuggle in it *without* me. Otherwise, I’ll never see it again :-P

Cuddly Cables, I loves them.

Oh my goodness, I LOVE the Rocky Coast Cardigan. I know I keep saying it, but OH MY GOODNESS.

(side note: I do apologize, it is not your computer screen that makes the sweater look dirty/funky/smudgy. The mirror I used to take these pictures was a bit smudgy, which I didn’t notice until after I took them and sat down to write this post. So sorry! >.<)

I'm just about to start the ribbing on the bottom of the sleeve, I think. I'm shortening the sleeves a little bit, because I didn't want sleeves that long.. (it would have hit me about 3" above my wrists)

I’m so happy with the length I went with (16″ instead of the 13.5″ the pattern called for)…I have a longish torso, so the I don’t think I would have been happy with the 13.5″. I *love* long sweaters, they just make me happy. Then you add the cables, then it’s just heaven.

My yarn color is absolutely brilliant. It’s one of my favorite dark neutral colors…. it reminds me of fall and snuggling up in it with either knitting or a book (plus a cat :-P) and enjoying a rainy afternoon.

I’m going to get so much use out of this cardigan, oh my goodness. If you are in the market for a sweater you can cuddle up in after enjoying the process of knitting it, this is the sweater for you. It’s absolutely perfect.

It also helps that I have an awesome project bag ^_^ When these bags came out, my mom and I were like “OOOOO, must get NOW”. And I’m so glad we did, because the first shipment thing sold out really quickly! They have more now on the Quince and Co. website, but they might sell out again, so get yours soon!

I love this sweater. I love the Olympics. I love doing KALs.

I love being a knitter.

Spinning for the Westknits MKAL ^_^

So the Stephen West MKAL started yesterday ^_^

I hadn’t made my choice on what yarn and color combinations I would use, but finally… after a lot of trying to decide, haha. I came up with what I’m going to do…

I’m going to spin up the Loop batt (which is… 4.8oz, merino/corriedale/nylon/angelina. it’s name is Salty ^_^). I need 460 yards, so we’ll see how that turns out.

and pair it with two skeins of MountainTop Vail (by Classic Elite Yarns) that I’ve had stashed away for awhile…

It’s so so so soft, it’s 70% Alapca and 30% Bamboo.

I do have plan B, if I’m not able to get get what I want spinning wise. Which I love plan B just as much as I love plan A, haha. So either way… it’s a win win situation ^_^

Begin the Adventures of Sewing

Working on mah sewing skills! My mom is helping me sew a dress… and the minute I pulled out the pattern from the package…

I had a little helper, haha.

And he loved me taking pictures of him.

I think he should be in cat food commercials or something, he loves the camera…

Anyways, I got everything pinned and cut out yesterday… and we’ll begin the actual sewing part on Monday.

He’s such a cute little chicken ^_^

Manu and Poker

Okay, so remember the amazingly awesome vacation to Branson, Missouri… and all the knitting that got done and that was gotten and it was just AMAZING? Well, one of the nights, I cast on something that I’ve been wanting to do ever since I saw it… which was when I joined Ravelry (which was… a loooong time ago, haha)

And before I show you what it is, let me tell you that when I cast this on.. it was probably around 12:00 am, and half-ish of the kids were downstairs in the basement… watching poker. Why we were watching poker, I’m not sure, but it made for good memories… and so those memories are now attached to this sweater ^_^

I cast on… Manu by Kate Davies! The yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed.. SH157, and the lot is “20F6″.

Obviously, it’s been awhile since then. And for awhile.. it was kind of languishing. But over the past couple of weeks, my family and I have gone on family outings that are compatible with projects that I can work on and walk around on at the same time. I love family outings like that

(actually, one of those outings was going to go see the Rembrandt painting and sketches exhibit that was at the Houston Art Museum from London. It was kinda really epic.)

So now, I’m about 5 inches short of where I need to be to divide for the arm holes, I believe. My size, the smallest size, called for 16 inches…But that put the pockets at an uncomfortable place for my hands. So I’m going for 17 inches… which then makes the pockets comfortable for me, and it’s all happy ^_^

I love garter stitch boarders, they just make me happy for some reason. It was a provisional cast on (hence the blue. So the blue won’t be there in the end, btw, non-knitter people) and there’s an applied i-cord (or iCord, however you wanna look at it :-P) edging. Which I’ve only done once.. a long time ago. So it’ll be cool :-)

The whole sweater has a lot of different techniques that I haven’t really done a whole lot before, so I’ll really enjoy this, I think. Who doesn’t love learning stuff? Especially about knitting?

Almost done with Wispy ^_^

(this is actually a pre-posted post, I’m currently in Branson (though, when I’m actually writing it… I’m not. But when this is posted. I will be in Branson, haha) with some amazingly awesome friends for the week. So, this is my progress as of 6-22-2012. Hopefully by the time this post is posted, I’ll be done with it.

I absolutely adore it. Like, really. It’s amazing. Totally worth the heartache at the beginning of having to pretty much start over, but not really. I’m so so so so glad I took the time to get the fit just right.

I’m kinda mixing and matching numbers when it comes to the length of various things (like the sleeves, ribbing, and body). I was going for the 8″ before the ribbing on the body. But once I hit the 8″ we’ll see how I like it.

I love love adore it. Oh yes. Oh, and check out my awesome necklace. it was my graduation present from my parents from James Avery. The charms are a G (obviously, because of my name), my birthstone for February, which is Amethyst, and then a cross to symbolize my faith in our Savior. It’s perfect :-)