Tour de Fleece 2014 Progress

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been spinning up a storm. I have high goals. Or ideas of goals, that it would be really cool to be able to say that I did accomplish them.

I have quite a bit of stashed fiber that I’d like to clear out. Not because I want to get rid of it, but because the colors are so pretty and I want to use it! Agh!

Ultimately, I’d like to spin a skein a day. Its ending up that I can crank out one in an evening and the first half of the next day. So, about a day? Just not within the outline of one day ;-P

As of today, I’ve spun 6 skeins and 1,174 yards for the 2014 Tour de Fleece. And these are all plied numbers, so I’ve spun more than double that in singles. Whoop!


The one on the left is some fiber that I’m not sure where I got… but its pretty fun! Thats 160yds of a 2-ply and it is being sold at Yarntopia (my LYS and also where I’m interning this summer!) On the right is a Loop Bullseye Bump in the Forest Nymph colorway. I got 148yds of an N-ply. Another one that is being sold at Yarntopia!



Probably my favorite so far! This is Malabrigo Nube in the Arco Iris colorway. I got 254yds of an N-ply. Haha, not selling this one… its too pretty and soft!!


This is Two if By Hand in the Bean Feast colorway. I got 224yds of a 2-ply! I finished it on Friday, brought it to work with me on Monday, and it was snatched up (Hi Loretta! :-P)! It was a gorgeous skein and I’m glad it went to a good home!

I’ve also spun up two other skeins that I haven’t had time to photograph yet.. both need baths. One will be coming to be sold at Yarntopia, the other one, I spun for my mom! But I got 194yds for each one of those skeins. Both are a 2-ply.

Now I’m about to go put a braid of Three Waters Farm on the wheel! I’m so excited about this one! I got this one for Christmas and have been saving it! Now the time has come!

I love it when the Tour comes around. In addition to National Knit a Sweater in a Month time and the knitting goals that go along with the Olympics (so much drama about the name, my goodness… you guys know what I’m talking about!) the Tour de Fleece is the best. No question!

Currently Knitting!

I’m working on lots of things right now. Things for Yarntopia, as shop samples. Things for myself. Things that I’ve just cast on. Things that have been on the needles for almost a year and I’m getting super passionate about them again.

Here are a couple of those things ;-)


This is for Yarntopia! I’m making Piper’s Journey by Paula Emons-Fuessle as a shop sample! I’m making it out of Bergèr’s Origins Merinos. Its a beautiful yarn, super super soft, great stitch definition, Its going to have a beautiful drape once blocked. And we have lots of fun colors at Yarntopia! So, if you’re near by the Katy, TX area and are looking for some fun yarn… stop by! Check out our facebook page for more information! d^_^b


This could be for Yarntopia, but I’ll be keeping it when its all done ^_^ We recently got a shipment of Malabrigo Rastita.. which I had never seen or touched before. Needless to say, the Malabrigo buttery-soft quality was there, and I wanted to leave with a skein in every color (Oh, the trials of interning at a yarn store ;-P)

I picked out a color for myself, and picked out a colorway to take home and surprise my mom! I had a pattern in mind, and she decided she wanted to do the same thing! So, by the end we’ll have matching FOs in different colorways of Malabrigo Rastita! d^_^b We are both doing Of the Moon by Caitlin Ffrench (free pattern alert! Whoop!) Which was actually originally done in Rastita, so that worked out really well! I’ve been working on this along with Harry Potter himself (and some other of my favorite stitch markers) The Harry Potter set came from Slipped Stitches and the three other ones came from OwlPrintPanda!


This is a shop sample for Yarntopia, that after awhile I’ll take it back to use. Its going to be so adorable! This is the Loch hat from tincanknit’s book “Handmade in the UK”. I’m using a really nice yarn that we have in the shop. I’m making it out of Manos del Uruguay Serena, which is a 60% Baby Alpaca, 40% Pima Cotton. I love how slouchy it is. I don’t have many lacy hats like this, so I think it’ll be a good addition to my (extensive) hat collection!


This. has been on my needles since September 2013, according to my Ravelry project page, haha! I love big knits. I love knitting them. I love getting to wear them. Which makes the fact that College Station gets significantly colder (or so it seems, haha!) than Houston is handy. Therefore, I can knit these big knits and wear them and enjoy every second of it!

I believe I’m using one skein of Imperial Yarn Columbia, and one skein of Noro Kureyon. I’m not sure if one of each will be enough. But I know where to get more, so it’ll great!


Then lastly (but not really, theres a lot more, but this is what I’m inspired by right now!) is my Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig! I’m knitting it with Quince and Co. Chickadee! I started this cutie back on May 11th (according to my Ravelry page, haha!) and its been on the back burner a wee bit. But its back in the front! We went to go hear the Houston Symphony perform some of Gershwin, Prokofiev, and Saint-Saens at the Miller Outdoor Theater in the Museum District near downtown Houston (which is one of my favorite areas of Houston!)

The music was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was amazing. We brought a picnic to have before the concert started, which was a blast. The weather was perfect! Then while the music was going on, there were beautiful clouds rolling by and the stars were out as well. Plus, there was knitting on the featherweight cardigan ^_^

So, these are a couple of the projects that I’m working on right now! I’m really excited about all of them and I wish I had more hands and more hours in the day to be able to work on all of them d^_^b And! If I get these all finished before the end of Stash Dash, the yardage will count towards my numbers!

The Smell of Freshly Washed Wool

You know you’re a (procrastinating) spinner when your bathroom ends up looking like this occasionally…


The bathroom also smells very strongly of wet wool, which I’m totally okay with… I think it smells amazing. Freshly washed yarn with a scent of Unleashed Soak… ahhhh.

My brother, on the other hand, isn’t quite a big fan of it, haha. Good thing it dries relatively quickly ;-)


This is part of my Tour de Fleece prep (it starts in… 9 days, guys! Only 9 days!!), its part of my progress of Stash Dash 2014 (an event created by TheKnitGirllls, where we try and use up 5k of our stash. Yes, I did say 5k. Which is 3.1 miles, 5,468.07 yards. 16,404.2 feet. And I’m also working on collecting some of my handspun to be sold at my LYS, where I’m also interning this summer. (Though, not all the ones hanging are going to be sold. One is for my mom and two of them I just can’t part with!)

In regards to Stash Dash 2014, I’m quite sure where I stand currently. But Its not just spinning, its also knitting. Then if you knit with what you’ve spun, then it counts as double the amount.

I’m going to figure out where I am foot/yard/mile wise soon, so I can get that documented. My guess would be that I’m close to 2,500 yards.. maybe even 3,000 yards. I have quite a few little projects that add up yardage wise d^_^b