Handknit Socks

So, I recently got a pair of Sperry’s boater shoes. They are quite thebomb. com.

Besides being really adorable and comfy, they also look really amazing and work really well with hand knit socks. ^_^


I made these a year ago, in May. The yarn is from Ladybug Fiber (who I highly recommend, those yarns are absolutely amazing!) I love these colors, it reminds me of Doctor Who ^_^

This has inspired me to work on my sock abilities. Maybe expand to an actual pattern sock for once. See what its like.. and if it doesn’t suit, I’m totally okay with knitting plain vanilla socks. That’s what stripes are for ^_^

Do you have a simple sock pattern that you always go to? I’m thinking about Hermione’s Everyday Socks. I’ve had those in my queue, despite the fact I knew I probably wouldn’t make them. Its the thought that counts ^_^ But now, it’ll probably happen! I really want it to happen, anyway, haha!

One of the problems that I’ve found when I look at the patterns for these kinds of socks is that the size is always way too big for my foot. If theres one knitting pet peeve, it’s baggy socks, haha! I like mine to be tight and won’t slip around.

So, that’s always kind of detered me, because I knew the patterns were written for bigger feet. Though this doesn’t let me completely off the hook; I could have figured out the math, haha. But me and math have never been amazing friends, if you know what I mean ;-P

One of my high and lofty goals is to knit a pair of socks (vanilla or patterned, either one) out of handspun. That’s definitely not now, but in the future that’s what I hope to and plan on doing ^_^

In other news, I did finish the first sleeve of my Audrey in Unst cardigan, and knit the entire sleeve cap last night. It was a surprise, haha! I got a ton of homework done in the afternoon, took an amazing nap, then was ready to conqure the evening. it was quite a success, haha!

I did get pictures, but when I went to edit them my computer was like “Noooo, you can’t do that. No.” and I was like “…wat”. Which is major sad. So, I’ll be working on that trying to figure out whats wrong… this hasn’t happened before. But until then, I might have to use my Instagram pictures, thowwie thowwie. But Instagram pictures are better than no pictures, right? I shall preval, my computer’s reluctance shall be figured out ^_^

I’m also heading to Dallas this weekend for my sister’s wedding shower that my sister-in-law and I are hosting. It’ll be awesomeeee! I was in charge of making the gift bags, and they turned out so well. I made pompoms to go on with the tags. I’m uber happy with them ^_^ picture definitely will be posted.

Lots of knitting time, though. We leave from school tomorrow, fun stuff! So, I have to have everything ready to go on Thursday night, ready to just throw in the car.

I’m usually okay with packing, doesn’t worry me.. but what does worry me?

What if I don’t bring enough knitting? *shudders at the thought*

Good thing I know there’s an awesome yarn store (or several, haha!) near my sister ^_^


Special Footwear

Sooo, I got these really awesome shoes. They’re adorable. They’re uber comfy. They’re legit moccasins. They’ll be the shoes I wear all the time. Awesome walking-around-campus footwear.

But they do something funny… which I don’t mind at all. But I always have a little laugh when it happens…

They dye my feet, haha. Which I find amusing. Cause it obviously doesn’t dye every part of my feet. Why I’m amused by this, I’m not entirely sure, haha. But yes. Funny shoes are funny ^_^

FO!!: Le Judith

Someone has a finished objectttttt. And that someone might be meeee. ^_^

This may have been one of those projects that I just felt the need to start, even though I knew I shouldn’t… but I did anyway (heehee ^_^) so, it doesn’t *quite* count towards my “Demolish that UFO bin” cause. Because that totally became a thing with a name. About 2 seconds ago :-P

Pattern: Judith Shrug from Quince and Co. but Cecily Glowik MacDonald
Yarn: Sublime Yarns Extra Fine Merino Wool DK (about 3.2 skeins)
Colorway: 0251 (dye lot: 60372)
Needles: US5 and US6 (3.75mm and 4.0mm)
Mods: none :-)

It really is a beautiful shrug, the lace pattern is so extremely easy… but it’s one of those ones that people look at and go “OH MY GOODNESS. You made *that*?!?? That looks so complicated!”

When it’s actually not ^_^

Yep, yep. I’m really really happy with it ^_^


I got lace Toms for Easter, and that’s kinda really really happy as well, heehee.

(AND I also have a more than amazing brother who takes pictures of whatever I ask whenever I ask, and the pictures are awesome. Yep, he’s pretty much thebomb. com)

FO!!: Puss in Boots ^_^

Don’t you love those random and really amazing urges to do something?

Me too. Especially when it has to do with knitting. And knitting something really fast.

So, we went to Dallas for the weekendish. Thursday night to Saturday early afternoonish. And on… Wednesday night, I was browsing Pinterest (*cough* spending way too much time on there *cough*) and something caught my eye.

These huge chunky amazing looking slipper socks.

Free pattern on the Lion brand website, epiccccc! Though, the pattern is really simple. I made some mods to make the foot more fitting and the gusset more nice looking. But it was really easy to do, just take your basic sock principles and use them on this :-P

So, Thursday afternoon, before Ballet, my mom and I headed to Joann’s (cause we needed the buttons) and I got two balls of Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick in the Eggplant color. (which you can get on their website as well) and I had both socks done in about… a day and a half. Pretty epic sweet, if you ask me.

I loved the yarn though, it’s so so soft and squishy… it made a really dense fabric, which is good for house slippers. Plus, you can wash it *and* dry it.. win! And it’s really cheap, haha :-P

The pattern calls for a size US13 needle for a shoe size of 9-11. I have itty bitty feet, haha. So I went down to a US10, and they’re still a bit big for my taste in socks, haha, I like my socks pretty tight and not floppy. Though it’s not really floppy, haha.

I’ll definitely be making these again.. I think these would be really cool to make in like Harry Potter house cup colors. But next time, I might go down another needle size and make the leg longer..

Haha, first time I put them on they reminded me of Puss in Boots… in some weird way :-P You can check out my Ravelry project page here, if you so desire :-P (thowwie, Ravelry account required :-P)

Fall arrives, and so do pies and pumpkins.

It’s time to welcome fall in, since it’s finally getting cooler. it’s finally starting to rain more and more (slowly, but rain is rain. and I’m thankful for it, haha) Fall shoes and socks can be worn now. And that’s just happiness.

Fall-ish food items are being made. Fall candles are being gotten (like, the candle in my room? It’s cinnamon sugar donut. And it makes my room smell heavenly.) Fall… ness is starting to surround everything and everyone. Annnnd, I’m so happy about that ^_^

So, I just pulled this out of the oven, and sadly, my camera ran out of batteries. But I did make a pie. And it’s called the Vermont Maple Oatmeal Pie.

And right now… the house smells amazing, haha, if I do say so myself.

So yep, this is before-the-entering-of-the-oven. Now, it’s all delicious looking, brown, and the coconut on the top is nice and crunchy ^_^.

I’m happy with how it turned out :-P

I also meant to get picture of Hermione’s cabled hat, but I could not get said pictures before camera battery died. *headdesk* Tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow. I’ve definitely made progress, finished the first set of eyelets, and completed the first cable round. And I can’t wait till it’s done, cause it’ll be adorable :-P

Bertie is happy that the fall has arrived as well ^_^

FO: Sockies ^_^


I SO GOT THAT SOCK DONE. In a day plus a little itty bitty bit. BOOYYYYYAH. *feels accomplished* ^_^

I kinda like wearing socks with high heels. Especially… fun socks like that. Bright colors.. Yep. I think it’s pretty awesome. (*hinthinthint for fall weather to finally come and *stay*)

Bertie. Has a sock. Not just any sock, though. it’s full… of catnip. Hence.. the greenness on the end, haha. It’s some old sock that was found, and I guess didn’t have a match. Sooo it became a very… popular cat toy, haha.

It also causes Bertie to play with little pieces of fuzz on the carpet.

Though… He does that even when he’s not under the influence of catnip :-P

For today’s Quotable Friday, just gotta scroll on down a bit :-)

Musical Monday!! + Europe + Polka Dot Shoes


I really like this song, haha.

Haley shared this on Twitter, and said that it played on the Joshua Radin station. Which I immediately went and turned on…and the whole station is ammmmazing. Just sayin’ :-P

I may or may not have cast on something new on Saturday night. *cough cough* *shifty eyes*

Ok, fine! I did, I did.

But I had a totally logical reason. Or if it doesn’t seem logical to you when I explain why, it made sense in my head, haha.

So, if you don’t know…we (my parents, my brother, and myself) are planning a trip over the Europe…sometime in the very near future.

And that “near future” is like really really near. Like maybe a month away (Ok, so maybe not *that* near. But it’s pretty stinking close, if you ask me.)

And…while we’re going to be over there, it’s going to be cool. Cooler…chilly. Cold. For…Houston people, anyways.

*cough* Like..mid 70’s. *cough*

Yeah, ok, I know…that sounds pathetic. But…the point is, it’s going to be cold for us.

So, I thought to myself… “I should make a shawl..in an aran or worsted..or DK weight, whatever weight. And it’ll keep me warm.”

Not that the shawls I have no don’t, it’s just that they’re lace weight.

And before hand, my mom needed some size 6s to start her own Daybreak (she’s using DK yarn, so she went up a couple needle sizes) And the size 6s that I knew of were being used…

So I found them, and then thought about what was on them…and decided that I didn’t think it was *that* cute. And I had only knit like…7 inches or something, nothing big.

So I frogged it :-P And then decided what I wanted to do with the yarn! Whee hee!!

Pattern: Textured Shawl Recipe by Orlane
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden
Color: 272
Lot: 1
Needle: 5.5mm (US 9)
Mods: None :-)

So yep :-) Started it Saturday evening, while watching Dr. Who (which…my mom and I have become addicted to, haha. We finished season 1, and are a couple episodes into season 2 :-P) And got a ton of progress done over the past two days :-P

Yaaaaay for bigish needles :-P

On a totally non-related note: I drove all the way home from church yesterday. 45 minutes. I didn’t die. Bam.


Those are probably some of the cutest shoes in the entire world. Plus, they’re comfy. Can’t get much better than that, haha.