Episode 17: Birthday Cast Ons

Welcome back everyone! Thanks for joining me again this week for another episode of the Cat Knit Podcast!

As always you can find me on all the social medias, but I am most active on my Instagram (@littleminky93) // There is also a Cat Knit Podcast Ravelry group that isn’t super active, but it is there if you’d like to join!!


Episode 16: I’m back!

Important Information:
I am most active on my Instagram! @littleminky93
Ravelry Group for the podcast and for my yarn business:

Cat Knit Yarn Information

  • I have yarn and new dyes coming soon, as soon as I get stuff back up and running, I’ll update the store and let you guys know as soon as possible!


Things I want to knit

Knitting Goals for 2017

Episode 15: a pig, some cacti, and a special guest

Hey everyone! here’s this week’s episode! I hope you enjoy it!!


Episode 14 – When Thursday becomes Friday

Hey Everyone!! Here’s this week’s episode!! I hope you guys enjoy it!


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Episode 13: Post Thanksgiving Knitting

Hey Everyone! Here’s this week’s episode! Hope you enjoy it!!


Acquired yarn

  • Two skeins of Stranded Dyeworks yarn in the Naive Watercolor colorway and the Nougat colorway!  Both of them are on her Solo singles base!

Episode 12 – Tis the season of Christmas knitting

Here’s this week episode!! Hope you enjoy!


Cat Knit Yarn

  • New colorways!! Check out the shop to see what is there!
  • Candy Cane Lane, Stormy Cloud, Sweet Mint, Winter Berries, and Confetti Cake!

Episode 11: Appreciating the quick knits

Hey guys! Here’s this week’s episode! I hope you enjoy it!!


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