Travel story in pictures


After being gone for 12 days, I’m finally back at home in College Station, TX. Though the whole trip was so wonderfully fun, seeing friends and family that I hadn’t seen in years, I’m very happy to be back home in my own bed, drinking PG Tips out of my own mugs.


It was great though, we went to lots of places (4 states to be exact, and lots of places within those 4 states!) Above is the house I grew up in, in Ponca City, OK. Ever time we go back, the house drive by is always necessary… still looks the same <3


Braums was had by all, and it was wonderful. We don’t have Braums in Houston or College Station, so being have to have one of the limeades and milkshakes again was heaven. Always a treat <3


After being in Oklahoma, so began the trek to Kansas… which most of it looked like this, haha. Very flat… cloudy… windy… eerily beautiful.


Also made the stop twice in Manhattan, KS, home of Kansas State, which is where my parents went to. Its a fun little town, it reminded me a lot of my own college town!

Manhattan included cold temperatures and a yarn store – Unwind! Which blew my expectations far and away, the selection was insanely amazing! Next time I’m in Kansas, going back to Unwind is a MUST. I highly highly highly recommend it! And the owner is incredibly sweet and very welcoming!


After stops in Kansas, we headed to Kansas City, Missouri (confusing, right?) which resulted in a wonderful hotel room view and SO MANY AMAZING POKEMON. There were lots of fun things about Kansas City, don’t get me wrong… but the fact that I caught a poop ton of amazing pokemon also added to the awesomeness, haha.


We also sought out all the fun coffee shops along the way… I forget which one this was, but it was super fun. I believe it was called Just One More Cup, also in Kansas City. This was their gingerbread latte… if you couldn’t tell by the beautiful coffee art, it was amazing. I have a tendency to judge a coffee by its art… if it has any. Which I realize isn’t great, just like how you don’t judge a book by its cover. But all these places we went to lived up to my judgement of the coffee art, haha. Oddly Correct in Kansas City, MO was also an amazing coffee shop, I highly recommend it. Also Radina’s in Manhattan, KS!


This will come as no surprise to anyone… the yarn acquisitions were quite excessive. BUT, I’m justifying it by looking at it as if we had gone to Rhinebeck, which was happening this past week/weekend. I also was able to knit a lot and finished two things, and got really close to finishing another. Also made huge dents in other things. AND, most importantly, cast on and worked on the Westknits MKAL. Oh yeah.

There were just a couple pictures from our road trip… 12 days is a long time, but it was so much fun!

Time to get back into the swing of a regular schedule, working out and eating healthy food… and also dying all the yarn and getting closer to launching my online yarn shop <3

Thanks for hanging in there while I’ve been gone! The regular schedule of posting and podcasting will be back this week!!

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