The satisfactions of blocking


Theres something incredibly satisfying about blocking out a shawl. Especially one that you’ve had all smushed up on your needles for goodness knows how long.


By the time you get it cast off and you’ve posted a celebratory picture on Instagram, you become very aware of how big it actually is! You might not have known how big it was… or how much bigger it could get.


This was the case with my Buccaneer shawl, haha. I didn’t realize how massively huge it is… until I cast it off. But then when I blocked it, it grew. Of course, I realize thats what happens when you block shawls, thats the point. But it grew SO MUCH. That being said, I also enjoy stretching shawls so the lace opens up completely and I know I’m guaranteed a blanket, haha.

Thanks to the wonders of Madelinetosh Merino Light, it now drapes so beautifully and is so deliciously soft.


But thats okay, I love massive shawls. I’m currently all wrapped up in it, with my cup of coffee next to me enjoying the beginnings of our Texas fall weather. I just put a new wall plug scent in, so the living room smells like cinnamon and an apple orchard. Things are good.


And I have Pokemon socks, which you can never go wrong with those, haha.

Actual FO pictures are coming soon!

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