Episode 5: I have guests!

Here’s this week episode! I have a couple of guests with me ;)

We have FO’s!!!!

Works in Progress

  • Mine – Ennui (see above) also out of Malabrigo Silky Merino (see above)
  • My mom – The Wanderer Cowl by Sheryl Means (pattern from Yarntopia) out of Savvy Skeins in the Jekyll and Hyde colorway
  • Also my mom – Thessaly Cardigan by Hanna Maciejewska from PomPom Quarterly: Autumn 2016 out of Madelinetosh DK in the Cardinal colorway

Things we want to knit…

  • Katie wants to knit chunky cowls! Very instant gratification, and if you don’t finish them in a timely matter, its not like you’ve failed!
  • The new Brooklyn Tweed Fall 2016 Collection *heart eyes*
  • Tamarack by Jared Flood (this would be for my fiancé) // Mohar by Norah Gaughan // Auster by Michele Wang (my mom wants to knit this but isn’t sure about the turtleneck!) // Spearheads by Jared Flood (ahhh, that colorwork!!)
  • My mom – has questions about the pleats about Tavia by Ann Budd from Quince and Co. ! What do you guys think? Do you have any opinions about the pleats and how they would knit up?

What were we all here celebrating??

  • Aggie Ring Day!! Its a big tradition here at A&M as are our A&M Class rings. You can read about it here! And then read about the celebration afterwards (its called a Ring Dunk!) that is done many different ways, but this is the traditional way.

Also the sweater Katie is talking about…


Thank you guys so much for watching this week’s episode! I had a lot of fun having my mom and sister with me!

Sorry this is so late in uploading! I had major uploading issues this week… but I think I’ve smoothed it out and it should be fine next week!! <3 <3

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