Pumpkin-esque colors and coffee

The PSL… its back.


Theres no shame in rushing into starbucks, fingers crossed that they’ll have the pumpkin spice lattes back and wanting one so badly. Yes, it is the stereotypical fall starbucks drink. Who cares… it reminds me fall and that means that winter is coming and that means starbucks’ WINTER DRINKS ARE COMING (which are more my favorite, but the PSL is a nice pre-winter drink. I definitely won’t say no, haha). I was super happy to find that I could in fact get a PSL and have one while working on some stuff at the starbucks

I talked about this in my most recent podcast episode, but this hat that I cast on… the color reminds me of the perfect pumpkin color. A beautifully warm orange with a tinge of red. Granted, the color is called “Glazed Carrot”, very far from pumpkins, haha.

But to me it reads “Hello, I’m a pumpkin”


Fitting nicely into the beginning of the fall season (how much can I talk about fall, right. Don’t worry, I’ll try to tone it back, haha. Heh heh…) I have this very summery project bag from JessaLu! Its got adorable flipflops for the inner lining. She still has this bag listed in her shop, but its not currently in stock! It’ll be back soon, I’m sure!

Also, going to go find that link to her shop made me want to buy more of her bags…  Especially the Playful Kitties, Summer Berries, and Calico Foxes… ugh, want all the project bags!


As I mentioned in the podcast, I’m knitting the Pondhopper Hat by Alicia Plummer! This is Malabrigo Rios in the Glazed Carrot colorway. The pattern calls for US6 and 7s, but I was unable to find US7s when I needed them… so I’m actually knitting the hat on US8s. Which I’m really happy with how the fabric is turning out!

The brim has options for a folded or a plain brim – I went with the plain brim because the Malabrigo Rios skeins are slightly short yardage wise. But thats okay! I wasn’t looking for a folded brim anyway.

I just started the cabled part, or the body of the hat, last night… I think it’ll be a quick knit!!


Are you guys excited about the pumpkin spice latte being back? Or is it too soon… Its never too soon in my opinion ;)

What colors scream fall to you? This orange is definitely one of them for me! That, dark greens and browns as well!


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