Knits for Fall 2016

School starts on Monday for A&M, and its so weird not looking for textbooks, getting the right notebooks and binders, looking for scantrons, and dreading having to wake up for an 8:00am class. A friend described it to me as “going back into the washing machine of college”, haha! Which is pretty accurate… college can definitely feel like you’re in a washing machine!

Normally, I’d be thinking about the school ahead of me and how my knitting time would be cut in half… how I couldn’t knit all these new things that are being released for the fall!

Although I’m still busy with plans of my own, my knitting time is significantly bigger than it has been for the past four years! But I’m still constantly making a list of things that are being published for the fall that I want to knit! There is/will be a segment in my podcast about things that I want to knit, but I’m going to put together a list of a couple of things that I’m wanting to knit… then in the podcast, I’d go into them in greater detail of how I want to knit them!

Breathing Space by Veera Valimaki – I’m definitely late to the bandwagon on this one, but it keeps catching my eye! I love the simplicity of it!

Solace by Kristen Finlay  – I found this sweater recently on the malabrigo instagram account! It just looks so snuggly and comfy… And I love the basket weave stitch pattern!

Yoga Shawl by Andrea Mowry – One of the design elements of this massive wrap is that on one end it has buttonholes… and obviously, on the other end, buttons, haha! But I love that it makes it a really versatile wrap/shawl/scarf!

Honey Boot Liners by Pam Powers – I looooove boots. But its also hard to find socks that are just the right length. Most of the time I err on the long side, and then end up scrunching them down so they are the right length on top. But if I make these… it’ll be perfect!

Knox by Okanagan Knit Co.  – hats are hats are hats. I love hats. Also instant gratification projects!

KitKat Hat by Andre Sue  – again, I love hats. But also this is so adorable!

Contentment Cowl by Michelle Krause  – I love shawls and cowls equally… but a definite pro of cowls is that they don’t go anywhere! They won’t slide around and then possibly fall off. I love this one, it has such a unique pattern!

Lindgren by Karie Westermann – Colorwork knitting is so much fun! It reminds me of fall and winter and Christmas! I think this will be a good scrappy project… also instant gratification!

Arika Cowl by Jane Richmond – I’ve wanted to make this cowl for a long time! I love how bulky it is and the tassels are just so much fun!

Thats it for now! These are the patterns that I’m looking at as we begin the fall months… I can’t wait to get knitting on everything ^_^


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