Buffalo Ranch Slow-Cooker Snack Mix

If you saw the first episode of my podcast (!!!) you heard me mention a cookbook that I was given for graduation from my sister and brother-in-law!

This cookbook is the most fun cookbook of all time.

It is called The Cookies and Cups Cookbook by Shelly Jaronsky  (who actually also has a really wonderful blog also called Cookies and Cups!) The little preview/tagline on the front of the book is very inspiring – “125+ sweet and savory recipes reminding you to *always eat dessert first*”

Can’t go wrong with that, haha!

And! Its not just desserts in the book, there are two sections in the back… one for actual dinner meals (the pizza in there looks amazinggggg) and one for snacky foods, both sweet and savory!

Judging by the title… you could probably tell I went with one of the more savory options, haha! This snack mix was so so so easy to make – my fiancé and I made it together, he was in charge of the seasoning and I was in charge of all the dry ingredients and taking care of the crock pot.


The fact that its made in the crock pot is super wonderful! You can just leave it (for 3 hours!), stirring every 30mins and then you let it cool to crisp up a little bit… then its time for nom nom noms!

Its got various Chex cereals, pretzels, cheezits and peanuts covered in this delicious ranch-y, worcestershire-y sauce.


In the end, we did make note of some changes that we might want to change for the next time (because there will definitely be a next time!)

  1. lessen the cook time – some of the pieces ended up being a little burnt (but thats okay in the end, it just added extra flavor, haha!)
  2. Add more peanuts! You can never have too many peanuts, haha
  3. We’re thinking about maybe adding more seasoning to make it more punchy – it was delicious, but it could definitely hold some more kick to it! Whether that’s making it more spicy, or adding things like garlic powder or onion powder.. who knows! It’ll be fun to experiment :P



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