Knitting life lessons and adventures…

the WEB’s facebook shared this the other day, and I thought it was so wonderful I wanted to share it with you guys…

Its from a blog called Wonder & Wool written by the lovely Rebecca, and the blog post is titled “6 Life Lessons I have Learned because of Knitting“. I thought 6 of these lessons are spot on! First glance, I was thinking “Oh yeah, thats totally true of knitting”. But then thinking about applying the same things to life, its also true!

All of them hit home, but more so on 1, 2, 3, and 6.

For me, #1 and #3 kind of go hand in hand a little bit… Putting yourself out there can be hard sometimes, especially when you don’t know the other person so well or at all! Not for everyone, of course, but it can be scary!


So while I was in Paris, France studying French at the University of Sorbonne (yes, my arms look kind of like chicken wings, haha) I made it a point to find a yarn store if I could, and if they had a knit night, I would go. Even though I didn’t know if there were any English speakers of any level or anything that would make it comfortable for me the first time.

Did some Googling, found both L’Oisive Thé and La Bien Aimée, and had gotten a comment on Instagram that L’Oisive Thé had a knit night and I should try it out!

So, thats already achieving #1 on the list… thanks to knitting! Going out in Paris trying to find a place I had googled and hardly knew anything about it… That was a challenge!



(La Bien Aimée had just opened up and were still in the process of getting the sign up.. but its super noticeable because of it’s bright yellow color!)

I visited it the first time before knit night, and met some incredible people (who were American!) and were so welcoming. Made me feel right at home! And that was just the first time visiting! Bam, theres #3.

I continued to go the 5 weeks I was there, and enjoyed myself immensely! L’Oisive Thé is also a tea room, so there was delicious food and tea and cake involved d^_^b And yarn!




The owners (they’re both run by the same people!) were so so sweet (also originally American, and spoke English) and I had so much fun. The knit nights resulted in a room full of fun people, multiple languages being spoken, good food and drink, and of course, yarn.


I love how yarn or knitting, or anything that involves fiber crafts, can so easily bring people together. I met people from all over the world in this one yarn shop! All of them had fascinating stories and I had so much fun listening to them!

Being a knitter in that kind of environment makes it really easy to make friends, I think. Which was wonderful, because I was in a foreign city where I didn’t speak the language very well… but there were English speakers and also some incredibly nice and understanding Parisians who helped me with my French, haha.

If you’re ever in Paris… I cannot recommend enough L’Oisive Thé and La Bien Aimée. You MUST go there… they’re within walking distance of each other, so you can easily visit both ;-)

What kinds of things have you learned from knitting? I could go on for awhile the things I’ve learned from it, but I want to hear from you guys!


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