Returning Home…

So, my blogging every week didn’t really work out that well… But I’m glad took the time that I was abroad and was able to submerge myself in the beautiful and magnificent historical monuments and pieces of art that was available to me.

Thats what pictures are for, right? ;)

Instead of bombarding you with ALL the pictures now, I’ll post a couple every so often. I’m also thinking about possibly putting them all online in a place where you can go see them easily. There were so many things that I was able to see and I was able to take so many pictures. Many times I wished my friends and family were with me to see all the incredible sights. But thats what pictures and story-telling are for :)

In other news! I’m starting my senior year this year, graduation is right around the corner (or a year away, haha). As you might have also noticed, there have been some changes around the blog!

Brand new… everything, haha. The About page hadn’t been updated in three years… so thats new and fresh, haha. The header and layout is brand new. Woohoo!

I have big knitting plans coming up – ideas, possibilities and inspirations. Hopefully they’ll all end up working out, but who knows. There are constantly new things being published… and all the knitters out there will know and sympathize with me, that its very easy to get distracted by all the new patterns and yarns being released :)

Being home has been wonderful. I’m so happy to be home – 10 weeks away from my bed, my friends, my family, and my cat was incredibly hard. But, of course, in the end, it was worth it. I’m definitely a better and wiser person because of my study abroad experience, and I wouldn’t change any of it.


Above is getting ready to  tearfully go through security on May 27th… and below is a tearful (but happy tearful, haha) reunion on August 8th.


Its amazing what being away for 10 weeks can do to a person <3


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