Première semaine à Grenoble!


Well, a full week in Grenoble, France as now been completed. Its crazy how fast its gone by!

Grenoble is such a beautiful place, its incredible to be surrounded by the mountains and trees.




I also get to take the trams to school, which means I get to see beautiful things on my way!


This is from walking around on campus…


Haha, I guess living in Houston, where there are practically no mountains… coming to a place like Grenoble, is mind-blowing, haha.

Classes are intense. As you would expect if you’re in class for 4 hours straight every day, haha. Which is really awesome! Even though I’ve only been here a week, with my classes, experiencing every day life in Grenoble, and living with my host family, my French has already gotten better! Who knows where my French will be at the end of my time here in Grenoble and then the 5 weeks in Paris.

When I first got here, my host mom and her two sons (so.. my host brothers?) took me to this amazing open market that is open only on Sundays here in Grenoble. We’d call it a farmer’s market in America, but this was different than any other farmers market I’d ever seen before, haha.

The quanitity and quality of the food and produce was absolutely stunning. There was so much and it was all so fresh. The colors were amazing, and just being completely engulfed in the Grenoblois culture.


As much as I do love it here… I miss home. I miss my cat, my family, my friends… My body is finally finishing up dealing with the affects of the wonderful jet lag, so this morning I accidentally slept through my alarms to go with my group on a bus ride to Chamonix (Which is about a 3 hour drive away). Which was a super big bummer because I really wanted to go, and I mean… a 3 hour bus ride, both ways? Thats 6 hours of knitting right there.

I texted my mom as soon as I realized what had happened, and began to express my feelings of how much I missed home, how I wanted to be home, and how all I really wanted right then was either a pizza or a huge cup of PG Tips (which.. is my favorite kind of tea. Seriously, nothing is better than a cup of it, haha)

Its really amazing how much words help. Also, technology. And also parents who are willing to wake up in the middle of the night for them, just so people (a.k.a. me, haha) are okay with life, haha. Then I went and talked to my host mom and me missing my alarms, and we laughed about how easy it is to do that.

Then I got one of my wishes, haha. A big cup of PG Tips, thanks to both my moms (host, and real, haha). Perfectly strong and sweet.

IMG_9675 Needless to say, that made me feel a lot better.


Also knitting. Though the action of knitting a single stitch is really small, its really cool how just a couple of them can really make one feel better. If you’re into knitting, that is ;-)


Its the little things.

All that being said, I’m really happy to be here. Being away for so long will only make being at home, and in America sweeter than it was before I left.

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