Color Affection II


Back in March, during Spring Break, we took a trip to Austin for a couple days… and of course, we went to the Hill Country Weavers. Who, happen to have Brooklyn Tweed yarns in their store ^_^

I went in that time with plans of getting yarn for the Guernsey Wrap  but was too distracted with another idea that popped into my head when we walked in the door.

Plans were changed, and I decided to get the yarn to make another Color Affection by Veera Valimaki  with Brooklyn Tweed LOFT in the Snowbound, Cast Iron, and Soot colorways!


Then when I went to take pictures, Jeeves was very interested in helping me…


He was very keen on the idea of rolling around on the shawl and cleaning himself…


And have a nice stretch… oh, Jeeves, what a silly.


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