Packing for Travel…


I’m getting ready to leave on a week long trip in Florida, and then shortly after getting back on the 22nd, I’ll be overseas for 10 weeks.

Of course, packing can be an issue… For Florida, as I’m car-pooling with people and as there will be lots of musical instruments also involved, there won’t be as much room, therefore, squishy and light packing is imperative. For France for 10 weeks, with lots of traveling involved… That also has to be light, as I’ll be the one who has to lug around my suitcase and backpack/carry-on.

Packing can be a really stressful thing sometimes, haha. For some, its what clothes or shoes to bring. Others, its whether or not you can pack a hair dyer. Or maybe books! How many books can you manage on one trip without your bag being too heavy?

I realized that I don’t have those kinds of problems… But I do have a serious concern for how much yarn and/or projects I will be able to bring.

The idea of being some place for a long period of time, especially if I know I wouldn’t be doing anything with my hands otherwise, without any kind of knitting because I RAN OUT is absolutely terrifying.


Trying to get all the lists planned out this week as I prepared to go, my mom pointed out that I was more concerned with the yarn and projects I was bring than how many pairs of shoes I’d have.

I’m totally okay with this problem.. Yarn is squishy and relatively lightweight! Its so easy to pack more of ;-)


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