FO: Noro Striped Scarf

Through out the semester, I’ve collected various small projects and just worked on them slowly.. or not slowly, and gotten distracted by new projects. Which shouldn’t be an surprise, haha.

I mean, amidst the craziness of school and tests and just life.. yarn has just got to happen, haha.


Then you add a cup of tea and either a book or a wonderful tv show (thats probably British *cough* Jeeves and Wooster *cough*) into the equation, and you have the perfect remedy for a stressful school week.

Sometime during the middle of the semester, we took a couple trips to Austin, which of course included visits to The Hill Country Weavers! If you ever are in Austin you absolutely HAVE to go there… it is probably the best yarn store I’ve ever been in of all times.

And, I had plans when went in.. wonderful plans, they were completed, projects were obtained. Hallelujah! I have fun things in mind.

But, other knitters will know this, its very easy to be distracted by other projects or yarn around that has absolutely nothing to do with the plans that you had coming in originally, haha.


I saw their wall of Noro. I could not resist. In past times, I’ve been pretty good about just walking by… but this time wasn’t quite as successful. But thats okay!


and so, I got yarn to make Jared Flood’s Noro Scarf, which I’ve had in my queue since I joined Ravelry… which is crazy to think about since that was in 2009 (now that really is a crazy thought…)


I also got this super adorable project bag for it to live in while we were on said trip. I couldn’t pass that up at all. I believe this one, and others like it were made by someone local to the Hill Country Weavers.


and now its done!


After I got mine, my mom decided to make one, so she got some yarn at the closest yarn store to College Station, WC Mercantile in Navasota, and hers is finished too!


Then a cold front blew through, so I could actually wear it! Woohoo! Which was quite lovely, I cannot wait till it gets more consistently cold again, so all the knitwear can be worn all the time ^_^ (I say this, and its the middle of May in Texas, and I’m getting ready to go to Florida and France and I’m busy thinking about winter weather, haha. #knittersbrain)

(also, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen these last two pictures, so I apologize for the double dipping ^_^)


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