FO: Louis le Lapin


The semester is coming to a close. I have one more final on Tuesday, after which I will have finished my junior year at Texas A&M University (A-Whoop!) Which is crazy; it feels like I just got here as a sophomore… or even further back, graduating from highschool and starting my first college semester at our local community college.

This summer hold big things for me! In addition to going to Florida for a week with RUF to its Summer Conference, I’ll be leaving for France for 10 weeks! Which is another crazy thing. Spending 10 weeks in France (4 in Grenoble, 5 in Paris, and 1 of traveling) and taking classes over there is both a daunting idea and absolutely incredible opportunity.

In preparation (amongst many many things, haha), I’ve made one thing in particular to take with my on my adventures in France…


This is Louis (le lapin!) and he’ll be traveling along with me as I journey across France and wherever else I may end up.


I used the Beau the Bunny pattern by Little Woolens… and it was an incredibly brilliant knit. The way the body is constructed makes it a really quick (and very satisfying ;-P) project!

The yarn I used is also special because its local yarn to College Station (or Navasota, which is only 20 minutes away) from a near by alpaca farm. I got the yarn from WC Mercantile last time I visited there with my mom.

Its so squishy and soft and smells incredible! I held the yarn double as I needed an aran weight, but the yarn I got was a medium sport weight.

So, in a way… I’ll be taking a little bit of Texas (or the local alpaca!) with me around France.


Then he was given a maroon bow tie. That was a no brainer, of course. Being an Aggie, the only logical option was maroon ;-)


Then theres the little tail. Which is just too cute and poofy. It did take a couple tries to make it just the right size, but eventually, with enough trimming, the perfect size was obtained.

If you’re in the need of a stuffed animal pattern as a gift or just because you want to make something other than a garment… I highly highly highly recommend this pattern! Its so quick and easy… and the end product is super adorable! Can’t say no to that!


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