The Smell of Freshly Washed Wool

You know you’re a (procrastinating) spinner when your bathroom ends up looking like this occasionally…


The bathroom also smells very strongly of wet wool, which I’m totally okay with… I think it smells amazing. Freshly washed yarn with a scent of Unleashed Soak… ahhhh.

My brother, on the other hand, isn’t quite a big fan of it, haha. Good thing it dries relatively quickly ;-)


This is part of my Tour de Fleece prep (it starts in… 9 days, guys! Only 9 days!!), its part of my progress of Stash Dash 2014 (an event created by TheKnitGirllls, where we try and use up 5k of our stash. Yes, I did say 5k. Which is 3.1 miles, 5,468.07 yards. 16,404.2 feet. And I’m also working on collecting some of my handspun to be sold at my LYS, where I’m also interning this summer. (Though, not all the ones hanging are going to be sold. One is for my mom and two of them I just can’t part with!)

In regards to Stash Dash 2014, I’m quite sure where I stand currently. But Its not just spinning, its also knitting. Then if you knit with what you’ve spun, then it counts as double the amount.

I’m going to figure out where I am foot/yard/mile wise soon, so I can get that documented. My guess would be that I’m close to 2,500 yards.. maybe even 3,000 yards. I have quite a few little projects that add up yardage wise d^_^b


4 thoughts on “The Smell of Freshly Washed Wool

  1. mandarine's says:

    How exciting! But seriously…5K? :)

    I love that smell too. Well maybe too much actually.
    There’s one hat that I had made out of Fleece Peace worsted, and it had the most amazing, strongest sheepish smell that I’ve ever smelled. After a wash the whole flat smelled that way. And when my boyfriend came back home, his first words were “she did it. She bought a sheep”! (I wish I did!)

    • Grace says:

      haha, its true! I almost did it last year, but came up a couple hundred short.
      lol! Thats awesome! Yeah, my brother says the same thing… that its like I’m keeping a wet sheep in our bathroom or something ;-P

  2. Nika says:

    Wow, I love the sight of all those handspun skeins! I appreciate the woolish smell too but my family also tends to have different ideas of what the smell should be described as.

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