Bolt and the summer


So, I said that if I didn’t post after my finals were over, I had probably been eaten or something. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case! Two big-o trips happened very shortly after school ended, which did result in much knitting time… but not the best for taking pictures/editing/blogging, haha.

I am home now. And will be for awhile. I have summer plans, it’ll be a busy summer. But I am back ^_^

But to slip back into the flow of things, just like old times… Heres *one* of the things I’m working on right now d^_^b


I’m doing a KAL with Marie from the Frogged Designs! We’re knitting the Bolt shawl by Veera Välimäki! We cast on on May 19th, and its been so much fun to knit! Its completely garter stitch, which makes it perfect for school knitting (in Marie’s case ;-P) or travel knitting or Bluegrass competition watching/cheering on friends who are competing (in my case :-P) (more on that later!) We don’t really have a time frame, so feel free to join in! #boltKAL


The yarn I’m using is Brooklyn Tweed’s LOFT in Old World (the navy) and Woodsmoke (the cream/super light brown). The first wedge and first stripe was done while I was somewhat distracted by something (I can’t remember what, but it must have been important, haha!) and consequently, put the one stripe on the wrong side. Except I like the way that looks, actually, so I didn’t worry too much about going back and changing it, heehee. I’m not sure if I’ll the rest like that, but I’ll figure it out when I get there. Theres a chance I might make the same mistake again, and end up doing it on accident, haha!

This will also be put towards my Stash Dash 2014 count. Which I don’t have anything uploaded or photographed yet, but I’m getting there! I have a pile of things that need to be washed, ends woven in, buttons sewn on, a couple rows left to be knit… I’m super excited about getting things done and being able to use the items ^_^


So yes, I’m back. I’m knitting. I’m blogging. I’m working. I’ll be taking some online classes (both for actual school and for fun ^_^). And I’m excited for everything that summer holds for me.



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