Knitting Plans… for when school is less hectic.


I wish you guys could smell this yarn. (Yes, non-knitters… I do wish that. It is a thing knitters do.) For it smells heavenly.

This was one of the skeins that my mom picked up for me from Loop in London while she and my dad were there back in January.

I’ve been thinking about what exactly to do with it… and couldn’t quite figure it out. So, it stayed in its skein. Just sitting there.

I’d occasionally (okay, quite often) pick it up to smell it and 1) wish I knew what to do with it and 2) wish I had the time to do something with it, haha! (Why, school, why?!)

I brought it with me when I went home for Spring Break, thinking maybe inspiration would strike and I’d cast something on.


Its now caked up, so I did end up thinking of something ^_^

I’ll be making another Perseverance Shawl by Lauren Weinhold (free pattern, woohoo!)

According to my Ravelry project page, I made my first one out of Noro Sekku back in 2010. Which is just crazy. It was that long ago? It still remains one of my most-worn/most-complimented items!
(Whats also crazy is that I had been blogging for awhile at that point.. Where has the time gone?!)

Handmaiden Casbah Sock (I think its Casbah Sock… I don’t have the ball band with me at the moment) has such amazing drape, its really soft, the colors will fit really well with the linen stitch, I think… It seemed like a perfect fit ^_^ I think this particular colorway name is Stormy Seas? Or something that has to do with stormy and water, haha!

Though the decision was made and all I have to do is cast on… I haven’t done that yet. Mainly because I’m trying to be good and finish some stuff before I cast on something new. I’m also in the process of preparing for two big tests next week, and just gearing up for finals (Which is in 4 WEEKS. 4 weeks, people. That is just mind blowing. And also extremely scary). So, knitting time = even more cut back.

It is going to happen though. I have another Daybreak on the needles right now (pictures coming soon! I have them! They are edited! All I have to do is post them!) and all I have left now is the edge. So, I gotta finish that then I’ll cast on Perseverance d^_^b

P.S. – Three words… Tour. De. Fleece. I’M SO EXCITED FOR IT!!


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