Up to my ears in Christmas knitting

Hello, again! I’m back! The month long hiatus was definitely not planned, it just kinda happened, haha. But while I was taking more pictures for this post (and future posts) and editing them I remembered how much I love doing this.

I have two weeks (ish) left of break before I head back to school. This coming semester is going to be crazy. So, I can’t make any promises in regards to blogging during the semester (curse you, school! Why must you take up so much time?!) But.. I’m still on break. And I want to get back into the swing of things!

Lots of stuff to show you… WIPs, FOs, lots of enabling (cause Christmas can do that to you ;-P) Heres just a little bit right now, because I don’t want to overload everything and everyone. That might be a bit much, haha.

Where to begin?! How about Christmas presents! (Though, sad day, I only have pictures of three of the 6ish I made. But I have more to make that didn’t have to be ready for Christmas. Definitely going to try and get pictures of those!)


This hat was for my younger brother! It’s Eno by Jared Flood out of Drops Alpaca in the… grey mix colorway, I believe.

Super fun knit! Went pretty quickly… and I think my brother will enjoy wearing it on campus to keep out the cold (it gets cooold! Walking across campus in the wind and wet and cold. Yay for knitwear d^_^b) This was my first finished Christmas present of the season, haha. Got it done back in November, I believe. Ohh yeah.


Note: This was finished late late on Christmas Eve. *cue victorious music* It was finished. Haha!

This was for my dad, it is the Antler Hat by tincanknits (which is a free pattern, btw! Yay!!) out of Drops Nepal in dark grey.

Hats as quick gifts… you really can’t go wrong there. (Unless the recipient doesn’t wear hats, but you still have millions of options, haha!) If I just worked on this, I’m sure I would have had it done in 2 days, 3 at the most. Or less, who knows. Its an amazing pattern, the cable pattern was really really easy to memorize and keep track of! Which I always have problems with when doing cables, haha. I didn’t need to carry around the pattern after one 6-row repeat.


Now this one… sadly, did not get finished in time. But this was for my mom (who is also an avid knitter!) So, she completely understood when she saw my project bag with a name tag taped on it, haha. Yay for gifting WIPs still on the needles in the project bag, haha.

This one is a little bit more special because its knit with some handspun!


I got the fiber and spun it up super duper quick, worried I wasn’t going to even get it spun up it time (once again, school. Why do you get in the way of so many things??) But I got that done! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my step-by-step progress, haha! I got the fiber from Three Waters Farm. Its a mixture of Merino, Silk, and Bamboo. In other words… insanely soft, haha! The colorway name is Frost.

I’m making the September Circle cowl by Melissa LaBarre, which from the ones I saw on ravelry, it looks amazing in handspun. Definitely a pattern I’ll be going back to! Plus, it goes pretty quickly.

I have plans to get pictures of various gifts on the various recipients, we’ll see if that works out :-P

In addition to those gifts, I made the Angles Shawl by Rose Jordan for my sister, Boyfriend by Lucinda Campbell for my brother-in-law, and my second Big Snowy Owl from the Purl Bee for my brother and sister-in-law. Then other things on my list that haven’t gotten started yet that are for non-related people. Phew!

Anyway, so thats it for now. I still have lots more pictures, and I’m sure I’ll have to take more tomorrow ;-P More stuff to come! Thanks to everyone who’s been waiting patiently for me to climb back out of my little hidey-hole. I know I don’t like it when my favorite bloggers disappear for no reason!


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