No blog fading, people

*crawls out of the cave that is called school, blinking into the sunlight wondering what happened while I was away*

Sadly, this is not the end of that. I have three weeks left of my 2013 Fall Semester here at Texas A&M. It may or may not be kicking my butt, but college does that to people. No getting around that.

That being said, I am most definitely NOT blog fading. That’s not happening, people!

I have lots of pictures and lots of stuff to talk about, its just finding the time to sit down and dedicate some time adding words to the pictures.

My knitting time hasn’t increased with my class time… but hasn’t decreased either. Though, I’ve now kicked into Christmas knitting full swing and thats all I’m working on at the moment, haha.

It was kind of a bummer this morning, in my 8:00am Shakespeare class, I pulled out my Christmas knitting bound and determined to figure out I was doing wrong with the pattern and why it wasn’t working.

That didn’t happen, haha. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the charts or whatever. I have no clue why… its just not clicking with my brain. So, I’m picking out something else, haha.

Which sounds terrible – I shouldn’t be giving up on a cabled scarf (yes. Its a scarf, haha) because its a scarf and its just cables and I could totally figure it out!

But my brain was completely dead this morning (like its been the past couple of weeks, haha) and I decided it probably wasn’t worth straining my mind even more to figure the pattern out. Its nothing wrong with the pattern though, its all my fault.

Life is too short to knit on things that frustrate you. Especially when you have to deal with lots of other frustrating things, like school, haha!

Got several BIG finished items that I can’t wait to show you guys! I just wanted to let everyone that I haven’t disappeared for forever, haha! I’m not sure how much I’ll get to blog over the next three weeks. But afterwards… hellooooo, Christmas break!

Happy Knitting, everyone!


5 thoughts on “No blog fading, people

  1. ellen says:

    “Life is too short to knit on things that frustrate you. Especially when you have to deal with lots of other frustrating things, like school, haha! ” You really nailed it there! This is SO true. I’m glad you are finding the time to get some knitting into your full schedule. Happy Knitting to You! We will be sure to check in on your progress in blogland ;)

  2. Caleb Lagan says:

    I don’t know if I believe you. Everything your talking about seems like classic Blog Fading Syndrome. I think you should stop school and just focus on what’s really important. :)

  3. Patricia says:

    I totally know how you feel! School is kicking my butt too! But I’m lucky in the fact that I am in grad school and my professors are finishing things up this week or the week following Thanksgiving. I also know how you feel about how working on a pattern that should be difficult but is because your brain is fried. That has happened to me all too frequently this semester.

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