Cranberry Muffins

A couple weeks ago, I was gifted a cook book of muffins from an extremely sweet friend (Hi, Erin! ^_^)! Haha, upon opening it, I was super excited, there were multiple ones I wanted to try out right then and there. I narrowed it down to one… went downstairs, determined I was going to make some muffins. And realized we didn’t have any flour at the time, haha.

Which is kind of imperative for muffins. And a lot of things, haha.

But, I eventually got flour, so the muffins could be made!


I chose the cranberry muffins… which the recipe had you sprinkle parmesan on top before sticking them in the oven, for a more savory muffin; but you could switch it would with sugar. So, I went with sugar (because we didn’t have any parmesan ;-P) and hooooly cow, they were so tasty!

I also threw in some nutmeg and cinnamon, and it gave it a really nice fall-ish flavor (because fall can be a flavor? haha!) Also, I didn’t have the kind of cranberries it called for, so I just used craisins ^_^


Super easy, super fast and super tasty! The book is called “Muffins: Tantalizing recipes for delicious muffins” from the Love Food series.

If you ever feel the need to just stop whatever you’re doing and make something (particularly muffins, cookies, or brownies) seize the moment! Stop, if you can, and just make something tasty. It makes things super happy ^_^


2 thoughts on “Cranberry Muffins

  1. Erin says:

    I am SO glad you like the book! I thought of you when I saw it! Love all your knitting posts! it makes me want to improve mine. :) have a great week!

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