Mystery Shawl KAL with Stephen West: Color Craving!

So, I’m sure I’m not the only knitter, who when they walk into a yarn store, their mind just goes bonkers and the mentality of making-all-the-things and casting-on-all-the-things sets in hard.

I think its safe to say that every knitter has experienced this at least once. Some, more than others. To me, it happens pretty much every single time I go into a yarn store, haha.

You can probably see where I’m going with this :-P Random impulse buy! But awhile ago… before school started. So, its kinda late. But thats okay! Its the thought that counts ^_^


What am I going to do with these? These beautiful colors that were so nicely grouped together for me on the front table at Yarntopia (my yarn home and LYS) are going to be used for the upcoming Mystery Shawl KAL with Stephen West: Color Craving. It starts on the 13th of September… and I am quite excited!

This is true, last year, I was really gung-ho about doing it, got the pattern, and ideas for the yarn… ended up not doing it. I don’t know why, haha. Rockefeller is a super cool pattern. Oh well, haha! Point is, I’m determined to do it this time. I did the Earth and Sky as the MKAL (Mystery Knit A Long ^_^) while I was at camp… my mom had to call me on the clue days and read me the pattern, so I could write it out. Yay limited/no internet access!


I’m READY TO GO. I’m planning on winding these soon. Since it starts in.. 6 days, woot woot!

Anyone else planning on doing the MKAL? What colors are you using? Are you super pumped? Ready to do this thing?

No, this is not a football pep-talk, haha.

Side note!


There are bun-and-bow days. When they come along, you must seize them with gusto and enjoy every minute of it. Which comes in handy, especially when the “It feels like” temperature is 107 and you have a heavy backpack to carry across campus.

Yes, embrace the updo. Random side note, but its an important one :-P


6 thoughts on “Mystery Shawl KAL with Stephen West: Color Craving!

  1. stitchesandwines says:

    Yes!!! I walk to a train to get to campus, then have to walk around. Even 80 Degree days get warm. Love the up-do! Cute bow.

    I am excited for your KAL. Can’t wait to see your progress. :) I love my train knitting time.

  2. Erin says:

    That KAL sounds fun. I think I might sign up for it.
    I love your bun and bow! too cute. yesterday I wore a big bow to church. the day before I found that my hair was long enough to pull back into a pollyanna. so that made me happy that I can now pull my hair back and that I can wear bows!

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