Rosemary Cardigan ups and downs

Before leaving home, one of the things that was really sad for my mom and I was that we couldn’t knit together anymore! That was one of the things we both really loved doing together (haha, which is why we both learned together 7 years ago.. crazy how time flies!) whether we’re watching/listening podcasts, listening to audiobooks, watching a movie or a tv show or just chatting… that time would be gone!

So, we decided to have our own little KAL ^_^ Haha, and I’m sure this is the first one of what will be many :-P

We picked the Rosemary Cardigan by Cassie Castillo from the Fall 2013 issue of Knitscene. Both of us want to make almost everything out of that issue, haha. Absolutely adorable items, with really popular styles, colors, and textiles!


Both of us have gotten pretty far, my mom is actually ahead of me, haha! She’s had a bit more knitting time than I have ;-P Both of us loved the one in the magazine that we got the same color and yarn that was in the pictures. Its Cascade 220 Heathers in the Liberty Heather color ^_^

But, I have a sad story with a really happy ending about this cardigan, haha!

So, this is what I’ve been taking with me to school to knit on during lectures, since its just back and forth with a couple decreases and increases. No problem! After about a week of working on the body, I was finally ready to divide for the fronts and the back, wooo! I did that early this morning (like 6:45, haha) while waiting for the bus. Got to school, found out my French class had been canceled (which doesn’t have any affect on the knitting, haha. But it was part of my day yesterday ;-P) headed to my Shakespeare class with the goal of finishing one of the fronts and maybe starting the second one.

That goal was totally accomplished! Almost smashed out of the park! When I finished the first front, with about 30 minutes of the lecture left, I thought “Hm… this seems a bit big… oh well. No worries. On to the second front!” Picked up the live stitches, went on my merry way. Got about halfway through the second front before class ended.

Stuck around on campus for a little bit, then headed home! Since I’ve been on top of all my assignments, I decided to dedicate my afternoon to blogging/knitting/reading/napping/happy things. So, I lay out my Rosemary cardigan on the floor to take pictures. Annnnd noticed something funny about it.

One side *was* a bit bigger than the other. Counted the stitched I had cast on. Looked at what the pattern said. And for some really stupid reason, I cast on *10 more stitches* than the pattern called for. I must have been really zoned out, haha. Anyway, I freaked out, texted my mom a picture and was like “I have to frog it *weeps*”

Then I tweeted about it… and Amanda of the OwlPrintPanda blog and etsy shop (her stitch markers are the best, I love mine!!) tweeted back and was like “Couldn’t it be a slightly baggy sweater?”

I got this tweet while I was taking a nap (which ended up being one of the best naps ever. I’m always amused by how naps and sleep become especially more precious during school, haha!), and when I read it.. I thought “You know.. I actually haven’t liked tried it on yet… Lets do that. Maybe it would be cute slightly baggy!”


After trying to figure out a way to pin/clip it to myself, I found (to my great delight!) That Amanda’s suggestion was brilliant and it was adorable the way it was! Though it looks a little balloony right now, the ribbing keeps folding up. A little blocking will fix that :-)


I ended up using three hair clips and one bobby pin (yep, I was quite surprised it worked, haha!) to attach it in order to take the pictures.

That was a bit long story, haha! But its now a part of the sweater, haha!

So, moral of the story: when you find out you have to frog something or re-do something drastic… consult your knitterly friends first! They’ll see it with a different eye and might be able to come up with a way to get around your problem without having to do the painful process of frogging ;-P


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