Its been so busy! Lots of school stuff, figuring things out, all that jazz. Its complicated!

But, I’ve figured out when I can knit and when I can’t, in regards to my classes. Which is basically all of them, except my French 3 class (too busy writing and listening, haha!) and my Oceanography lab.

In my Geography, Shakespeare, and Oceanography lecture.. I can knit ^_^

So, heres what I’ve been working on!


This is Betiko by Lee Meredith of leethalknits

When I saw the top picture, the light brown, the noro, and the dark brown.. it was so inspiring! Since then, I had been studying it every so often, showed it to my mom, and she got hooked too :-P

It looks so snuggly… when mine is finished, I can’t wait to be able to bundle up in it, when it gets cold, while walking across campus :-P


I actually haven’t brought this to school yet to work on.. because I’m not 100% sure I’m doing it right… plus I have two colors. But I’m hoping it becomes more obvious what I’m supposed to be doing.. or something, haha!

Has anyone made one? If you have, and have any tips or just what you did, I’d be really interested to know! I think I’m doing it right, haha! But this is more of “Its okay, just do what the pattern says, though you may not understand it… and it’ll end up perfectly. The pattern knows what its doing” than knowing whats going on and whats going to happen next, haha!

Oh well… I’ll get there, eventually, haha!


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