Moves and Changes

Moving is crazy stuff. Its overwhelming. Its tiring. But, in the end, its all worth it.

So, I’m all moved in in College Station. Just finished my third day of classes. And holy cow, am I ready for bed, haha!

Once I get my schedules/bus routes figured out (plus the normal stuff like cooking for myself, doing laundry on a regular basis, keeping chill…) figured out and things become more in a set pattern, I hope to have more time for blogging.

When we were looking for places to live, I was super excited when we saw the one we ended picking… because the room I liked has this huge (ish, its not ginormous, but is nice!) window… perfect for natural light and taking pictures for blog posts ;-P

My knitting time has been absolutely zilch the past couple of days. Running around campus in the Texas heat and humidity. Definitely not the most fun (or glamourous, haha!) thing to do… but hallelujah, all the buildings have the AC cranked down real low… so after being in the building for around 10 minutes, you’re shivering and wishing to go outside, haha. Oh, the joys of Texas d^_^b

Due to lack of knitting… I’ll show you bits of my new room :-)




Never fear, this is not all the yarn I brought. There are at least three bags and one soft-bucket-thing full of yarn ;-P



Also, I get to go home this weekend. Sadly, we don’t have Monday off. Why Texas A&M doesn’t do this, I have no clue… which is rather a bummer. But I don’t really care… I just can’t wait to be home and see my parents and my cat :-)

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