FO!: Long Sands Cardigan!


I love finishing something. Its one of the best feelings ever!

This is my Long Sands Cardigan by Amy Christoffers (Who is one of my favoritest designers ever!)


I was gifted this pattern by the extremely sweet Mel of the Single-Handed Knits podcast a couple weeks ago… and I so excited to cast it on ^_^


(lets just ignore the fact that my head is kind of chopped off, haha!)
My yarn is Cascade’s Ecological Wool in the Tarnish colorway.


And for serious… this is my new favorite cardigan. Its one of the most snuggliest things ever, and I can’t wait till it gets colder when I get to wear it all the time ^_^

Plus, it went super quickly… I’d definitely knit another one! Maybe in cream or a light grey…


10 thoughts on “FO!: Long Sands Cardigan!

    • Grace says:

      thank you so much! I used one and a half, I think. Maybe one and 3/4s. I want to make Adiez so bad! I have plans for that in the future… and will be using the eco wool :-P

  1. melissa says:

    I need to make one of these. It’s my favorite shape of cardigan and I have a cheap one I bought for the office that is a similar shape in that same color.

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