Lots of Progress of All Sorts

Road trips are perfect for productive knitting. You can get such an insane amount done, its… amazing, haha! If you’re not the one driving, that is :-P

I’m like..98% done with my Pomme de Pin cardigan!!!


I blocked the sleeves before I set them in, because the sleeve cap was a bit tight. I’m super glad I did, because after the second blocking, it fits perfectly ^_^


I was able to set in both sleeves and complete the button band… woot woot!

The only sad thing was that the buttons I got when I got the yarn… they don’t fit *sadface* But, thats okay! I’m going to go Joann’s soon and pick out ones that will fit :-P

More knitting news…


I have a new project!

About two weeks ago, I was chatting with Mel of the Singlehanded Knits Podcast on twitter about her knitting the Long Sands cardigan, and she was so extremely sweet and gifted me the pattern!

Mel is so considerate and kind, and she has a super awesome podcast! You definitely need to had her to your podcast list d^_^b

So, I ordered the yarn and it came while we were on our trip to Oklahoma (for my sister’s post-wedding reception in Ponca, it was AMAZING) and so I was able to cast it on when we got home.. and was able to finish the entire back last night while my mom and I watched Project Runway. I plan to finish the back and cast on one of the fronts this evening ^_^

Spinning wise, since the Tour de Fleece finished while we were gone, I had something on my wheel and wasn’t able to finish on time with the tour…


I finished it yesterday! I’m so insanely happy with it – it’s 620yds (the most I’ve ever done ever!) of a lace/light fingering weight. The colorway is called “The Candy Man Can” from Two If by Hand from the Willy Wonka fiber club. It was a 4oz braid of Targhee .

I love the name, haha. The movie it comes from is one of my favorites, I watched it a ton growing up… And this is one of the best songs from the movie :-P


Once again, a fractal spun, heehee :-P But yes, I’m so so so happy with how it turned out… I have no clue what I’m going to do with it yet, haha. But I want to pick something that is really special ^_^ Any ideas?


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