Pomme de Pin kerfuffle and success!

So, if you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram, you’ll know that I had a kerfuffle with my Pomme de Pin sweater. I had finished the sleeves and everything was happy happy… it was time to start sewing things together.

I laid it out, to see it in all its glory.. to see this.

It was quite a devastating moment, haha! I tried it on, and it was really obvious the differences of the fronts, haha. One was way too big… one was way too small.

This was totally my fault, though I’m not sure where I went wrong… but I wasn’t paying close enough attention, haha!

So, after much chat with awesome people online, I embraced the fact that I had to frog it. Which included frogging the back as well. Frogged it up to the division, counted at least 15 times for each section, had everything laying nicely on the floor so *everything* was visible.

And now… I’m so glad I did all the extra work, despite the fact that frogging it was a bit painful, haha!

I re-knit the back during my brother’s New Student Conference for A&M (woot woot!) since there were several long sessions where we had to sit and listen. Then I worked on the fronts for a bit longer, since I was knitting both at the same time… it was a bit more tangly and hard to lug around. Finished everything last night, kitchenered it together and I’m SO HAPPY WITH IT.



I’m soooo excited to see what its going to look like with the sleeves and the button band. SO EXCITED!!


I love the length… I have a longish torso, so I was worried that it once the body was done that it might be too short. But this was not the case ^_^

The new worry is that I might not have enough yarn to finish the button band, haha! But I’m not going to worry about it right now… Just going to keep knitting it, and if I run out.. I shall order more!

In other news, I’m spinning away, happy days!


This is called The Candy Man by Two If by Hand from the Willy Wonka fiber club… that I couldn’t resist signing up for, haha! Super soft and squishy!

I’m spinning it thinner, so its taking longer. Makes sense, haha :-P But we’ll see what it ends up like before I decide what to make with it.. and my yardage, haha! But whatever it is… its going to be fun, squishy, colorful, and AWESOME. ^_^

Also, I’m going to be casting on Gyllis by Stephen West soon. Because in my extremely near future (as in like… 2 days) there is a lot of car time (one way = 9ish hours. Both ways = knitknitknitknitknit)
I shall be working on finishing my Pogona (ONLY 1.5″ LEFT. I SEE THE LIGHT) and then, if I finish Pogona (or maybe not, heehee ^_^) I shall be casting that on. With that Cascade 220 Superwash in that awesome TARDIS blue color..


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