Tour de Fleece – Day 10 and 11


More yarn finished, woot woot!

This is Nest Fiber Studio in the Aughra colorway. Which, I just now looked up “Aughra” and I was both amused and somewhat weirded out. But, haha, the colors do match the character’s personality, I think. Who knew, haha!


I got around 350yds of a heavy fingering weight. Another 2-ply, another fractal spun yarn… anyone surprised? Haha :-P

I’m super happy with it! This was braid of fiber that my mom picked out :-) When I showed her the fiber update that Nest Fiber Studios was having, she couldn’t resist :-P

Tour time is always so much fun.. its so amazing to see how much your spinning gets if you spin every day, for however long. My singles are becoming more and more consistant. My ability to get a good 2-ply is increasing every time I ply. Its so cool to see that kind of progress :-)


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