Another Finished Yarn!


I finished this a couple days ago, got busy, and forgot to take pictures, eh heh d^_^b

But here it is!


I’m uber happy with it… another fractal spin, which I know believe is my favorite. Step aside, navajo-ply! The 2-ply has taken your spot!

It was actually kind of funny, because I randomly grabbed this braid from my stash, not knowing what it was… and it ended up being another Northbound Knitting braid, haha!

This is a Norwegian Combed Top, 4oz braid. The colorway is called Hunting Season. I got around 340 yards of a sport weight.

As I was spinning up the singles, I really wasn’t a big fan of the combination of the colors. In the braid, I loved the colors.. then as it going on to the bobbin, it was slowly losing its novelty. But when I plied it? Ohhhh boy, did my opinion change, haha! It totally changed, and it’s become one of my favorite yarns.

My plan is to do Pei by Michele Wang from the LOFT Collection

Spinning as slowed down for me – I’m on a huge knitting kick right now. Finished a sleeve and got a huge dent in the body of my Reverb cardigan. That progress will be posted soon :-P


One thought on “Another Finished Yarn!

  1. introvertedknitter says:

    Gorgeous colors, the copper and blue play so well together, they will look great in that pattern. I definitely know what you mean about the awesomeness of fractal spinning. Congrats on another awesome yarn.

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