Fruit Salad… Fiber!

I’m really getting a lot of spinning done, haha! Though this does mean my knitting time has gone down – it’s a worthy cause! Its spinning! Can’t resist!

So, I finished my Wine and Debauch yarn yesterday. That was all cool beans v^_^v

My wheel looked kind of sad without anything on it, haha. Soooo, I had to put something fresh on it ^_^

It was a challenge deciding what I wanted to spin next because of this..


Yes, the column on the right is my fiber stash. And theres some on the bottom that you can’t see, eh heh ^_^ In other words – I had a lot of choices! (Then on the left is finished yarn, my hat cubby, and ends of balls of yarn. Then theres three more of those. Ehhhh heh ^_^)

But in the end, I went with some more of Northbound Knitting’s fiber that I had got a long long time ago and was saving up.


This colorway is called “Fruit Salad”. 4oz of superwash merino.

This time, I’m trying fractal spinning. Which.. I’m not sure how its different from other ways of spinning – but from what I’m seeing… it should end up pretty cool!

I was able to find several very helpful walk-throughs of how to divide the braid up for fractal spinning. The Knitty Article – “Fractal Spinning” by Alex Tinsley and then this blog post by Slipstream Fiberarts. Both were extremely clear, and it was nice to have both of them to have the examples of what your braid’s color might be dyed like and then actual pictures of the different balls of fiber after the dividing.


I was able to spin up the thicker half of the braid last night and start on the smaller sections on a different bobbin. I thought about doing a center-pull ball, but read that it’s a little tricky to get it consistant… so I’ll try with the two bobbins, work on that, and eventually get to a center-pull ball ^_^

I plan on finishing the last two mini balls this evening, and start the plying process! I’m spinning it a bit thicker (I seem to always spin thin, and I wanted to do something different, haha) so it’s definitely going more quickly.


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