Tour de Fleece Training

During the past couple of evenings, I’ve really been focusing on my Tour de Fleece training… Spinning for longer spans of time, making sure my wheel is in good condition, making sure I have all the things I need (which isn’t much, but I’d hate to be unprepared, haha!) and working on that pesky 2-ply


This is some fiber I ordered from Lisa of Northbound Knitting (same one I mentioned yesterday! d^_^b) awhile ago and didn’t have the time at that particular moment to get it on my bobbins, though I was itching to get them going!

This colorway is called Wine and Debauch. It was a 4oz braid of a mixed BFL combed top. The colors are absolutely brilliant… so vibrant. And its soft. Its so soft.


So, I kind of split it in half, long ways… spun both halves and now I’m in the process of plying them. I think this might possibly make a really awesome pair of Easy Handspun Mitts by Vera Brosgol. But I’ll wait and see what my yardage is like when it’s all niddy-noddied up and had its bath ^_^

I overspin my singles a little bit, like a lot of you guys suggested (thank you SO much! That was so helpful!) and I’m really liking what I’m seeing as I ply it.

I did have a bit of a chuckle when I realized my big mistake in calling it “barbera pulling” when it’s actually “barber pole”… I had no clue, hahaha. I told my mom, and she was amused too. So thank you to everyone who led me to the correct path of terminology. What would I do without you guys, heehee :-P

I’m thinking about maybe getting some kind of spinning book before I leave home so I can have something like that thats really convenient. Do you guys have any suggestions for a good book that talks about like all the different plying and spinning techniques? Or would I be better off finding that stuff online whenever I needed it?

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