Yarn acquisitions and a Brown Betty

Two things happened yesterday.

(well, in actual fact, lots of things happened yesterday, but I’m about to tell you about two of them v^_^v)

I got a Brown Betty teapot.


Which you may recognize from many different places. One of which, that I remember from my childhood is the one that Wallace and Gromit used all the time. I always wanted to have tea with them, haha.

This is for my flat (because thats what it is most like – a friend reminded me of that at church today, haha) in College Station.. because tea is important and definitely a necessity in life. It cannot be done without!

So, I’m making plans on knitting a tea cozy. I am quite excited about this. Because… the possibilities are endless.

I am quite enamored with Churchmouse Yarns and Tea’s two patterns… X x X Anniversary Tea Cozy and their Ribbed and Ruffled Tea Cozies. Both would be gorgeous in handspun, I think. Or anything, haha.

Second thing…


Yarn acquisitions! Waaaaat! I couldn’t help myself… My mom ordered a copy of Botanical Knits when it came out, and the book recently arrived… full of all it’s Fall-ish goodness. Full of inspiration and tantalizing knits calling to be cast on immediately.

Sooooo, I got some yarn with some of those new patterns in mind ^_^

The blue on the right is Madtosh Sock, and its destiny shall be the Ivy Trellis Mittens… which I think are absolutely gorgeous.

The stuff in the middle is Madtosh Chunky will be made into the Twin Leaf Loop. I realized that my inventory of cowls is significantly smaller than my shawls… And I don’t have any dark cowls either. When I saw it, a lightbulb went off and it had to be gotten, haha. Plus, the pattern only takes 2 skeins and is knit on size 11s. Can’t go wrong there ^_^

The TARDIS colored stuff on the left is Cascade 220 Superwash… and I’m not quite decided as to what that’ll be. I’m leaning towards Gyllis by Stephen West, which I’ve wanted to make ever since it came out. The time has come!


4 thoughts on “Yarn acquisitions and a Brown Betty

  1. proudawkwardgiraffe says:

    oh heavens, please make the gyllis thing with the TARDIS blue. It belongs.
    I seriously want to take up knitting because of you! goose.
    I’ll just stick with my crocheting and see where that takes me…

    I do have one question for you…what do you do with all the hundreds of things you make?

    • Grace says:

      Haha, I think so too. The shape of it kinda reminds me of like a swooshing TARDIS or something.
      You could so do it! It’s super easy :-) a lot of the crocheters that I’ve taught picked up knitting more quickly than others. Which is kinda cool. So, you’ve already got a head start :-P

      Haha, I do wear them. Its kind of hard right now, since its so hot. But I do have some lightweight shawls that I can wear. But for the most part, I do use the things I make, and rotate them every so often :-P

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